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  1. I did mine myself this weekend. I bought an old stock kit of ebay, I think they turned out great.
  2. No but you do need an induction kit to use this one.
  3. Bullet

    Invidia Flexi pipe

    Exactly the same on my HKS exhaust, you could get new flexi's welded in.
  4. You do realise that its a true dual system and wont fit a normal Y pipe ?
  5. 350Z DE True dual exhaust, not sure if its original HKS or not. One of the fleix joints has worn through but doesn't leak. £250 collected Core brace £100 posted Polished induction kit (takeda) £75 posted Carbon engine cover £55 posted
  6. Bullet

    Stock cloth seats

    Anyone got any they are willing to ship ?
  7. Bullet

    Stock cloth seats

    Has anyone got a pair of stock cloths seats they want to sell ? not fussed on condition as they are going to be retrimmed. Must be close to cambridgeshire
  8. How much do you want for them, any pics ?
  9. Wanted genuine veilside badge
  10. Sorry Harleycol was in before you, If it falls through i'll let you know
  11. Yeah right someone tells you that family members died....Your reaction...."smiling", i hope i get to return the favor. Tony (ex torqen customer)
  12. "After UK goes to the gutter for a decade"....You'd better get out while you can then mate Not rocket science mate
  13. Oh hahahah , Had many of your family die fighting for this country ??? I'm glad you think its such a laughing matter.



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