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  1. Bullet

    coilovers collapsed

    Driftworks have been amasing. The trouble was that i'm also running air cups, so with the cup and the slack needed for it plus the bump stock there was no travel left. I had a few coversations with driftworks and we talked through alternative dampers, After taking some measurements i ended up with some e36 rear dampers which work perfectly.
  2. Sorry posted in the wrong place, pm sent


  3. Bullet

    Ashtray unit for 2005 NISSAN 350Z COUPE 3499CC 2DR

    I've got one if you're still looking
  4. It looks like my grandad wearing jeans and trainers.
  5. Bullet

    Headlight modification diy -black + halos

    Who knew Lex Griffin did cars
  6. Bullet

    Rear light, spoiler, cubby

    Yes it is
  7. Bullet

    coilovers collapsed

    Yeah they were brand new (delivered this week) and both fronts have collapsed like that.
  8. Bullet

    coilovers collapsed

    I've spent the last 2 days fitting hsd coilovers to my zed. I got it all fitted and took it for a test drive, I decided to take it down a road with speed bumps to make sure it still cleared them........after 2 speed bumps the car hit the floor. When i got home i found this I've never had this in 20 years of using coilovers.
  9. Bullet

    Bling that Plenum

    Thanks Mark Before After
  10. Bullet

    Nismo wheel valves

    Yep black Ray's ones
  11. Bullet

    Nismo wheel valves

    Yep they are the screw in ones, i bought them for my LMGT4's but didn't get wrong to fitting them.
  12. Bullet

    Nismo wheel valves

    Set of 4 Nismo wheel valves (black) new and unopened £50 posted
  13. Bullet

    My veilside 350z

    I've had a really busy weekend on the zed, I've been gathering parts for a while but got it all done this weekend. Fitted 2006> centre console with a built in nexus 7 tablet engine bay bling from mopedmark and a rocket bunny rear spoiler before After Before After Before After
  14. Bullet

    My dream come true

    Welcome where abouts in cambs are you ?