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  1. Parking Protection From Dings Inside Car Parks

    Exactly what i did, I bought a little mk3 mr2 for £700 and good to drive too.
  2. Spring rates

    I'm looking for a suspension set with the flexibility of height adjustment but without ruining ride quality. I'm planing on going with hsd coilovers and they selling pretty much any spring rate you could want, I've looked at other coilover set ups and tein comfort coilovers are 7kgmm front and rear so i was thinking of going for a similar set up. Anyone have any experience as i want to get it right first time ?
  3. Does anyone have any idea how to remove the telephone mic panel near the rear view mirror ?
  4. Air cups

    What size damper shaft are these for ?
  5. [SOLD]Veilside 350z

    It sold to me months ago mate, sorry
  6. Rare jdm harness cover

    I'm looking for a polished Rare jdm harness cover, anyone got one for sale ?
  7. Russia out of Europe?

    Its called problem, reaction, solution. Oh look Iraq has wmd's (problem) the population reacts in fear, please keep us safe (reaction) lets bomb the crap out of Iraq (solution) The wmd's never existed and there is as much evidence to show novichok exists. Lets put it this way: Novichok, the most deadly toxin known to man but hasn't actually killed anyone in salisbury. So toxic all you need is one partical on your skin and it will kill you but then look at the photos of the scene, there are people in hazmat suits talking to firemen in day uniform with open face helmets and bare hands while in the long shots there are people sat waiting at a bus stop. So toxic that the public were having to destroy there clothes but they remove the contaminated car from the scene on a faltbed truck through the town centre.
  8. JapShop

    I've used them numerous times, mainly for wheels and i can't fault them. What exactly looks dodgy ? are we talking about the same site ? http://www.japshop.co.uk/

    My thought exactly, There were more zeds than gtr's there last year anyway. It just shows how "My bat, my ball" the gtr lot are.
  10. Back in to the world of Zed...

    I look forward to seeing you around
  11. Sorry yes they are sold
  12. wheel nuts are sold and the D1 is pending payment
  13. Ebay scammers

    That's not so cut and dry either. Last year i sold some headlights and it turned out that i was going past his on the way to a weekend away, so i delivered them myself but a few days later the buyer said he hadn't received them and put in a complaint with ebay who then wanted tracking info to prove i'd sent them ....so back in the car for another 3 hour drive to....Cough....remind him the i'd hand delivered them.
  14. D1 Spec 7 drive throttle controller £65 posted Blox gold extended wheel nuts/spikes £20 posted
  15. Ebay scammers

    Is it me or is ebay no longer a viable place to sell things these days. There are so many scammers these days, If you don't get tracking on an item you can guaranty it strangely won't arrive. One of the things i sold was a front wing, i put tracking on it but the buyer took a picture of his damaged wing and said that the one i sent him was damaged in the post so i asked him to return it as i'd marked my part on the inside to prove it was mine, low and behold the one he sent back wasn't marked but the wasn't good enough for ebay and i still had to refund him.