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  1. Hub-centric wheel spacers

    1 pair of eibachs left
  2. The month before and after christmas are notoriously hard to sell anything, I'd say wait rather than lower your price.
  3. Rear light, spoiler, cubby

    Cubby is sold
  4. Hub-centric wheel spacers

    PM sent
  5. Passenger side rear light in good condition £20 posted Red rear spoiler £20 posted Centre cubby, usual wear marks £20 posted
  6. Hub-centric wheel spacers

    I've 3 pairs of 30mm (60mm per axle) hub-centric wheel spacers. 1, Eibach 30mm spacers £60 posted 2, Eibach 30mm spacers £60 posted 3, Driftworks 30mm spacers £50 posted
  7. Hatchback Weight Removal

    I've done it and it helps https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/65248-how-to-weight-reduction-fix-boot-pop-up/
  8. That's really good news, i like seeing businesses expend especially ones that help us out
  9. Body kits in general

    Have you got any specs on those wheels ?
  10. NHS

    You really don't see it ??? This is being done on purpose so they can do exactly that...and then privatise it so that they can bring in an american style healthcare system where you have to pay for everything.
  11. After 2 months with Berks + Cobra

    From my experience most of the drones doesn't come through boot, Its the false floor behind the rear compartments.
  12. 350z aftermarket seats

    WOW...they are beautiful
  13. Veilside 350z

    PM sent
  14. Veilside 350z

    Absolutely serious, exactly what I am looking for and if I had the money now it would be yours. Needless to say i will do everything i can to get the money in the mean time but march is bonus time so if its still there i'll definitely have it. It won't go to a more caring home
  15. Veilside 350z

    This weather is getting worse i think you should tuck this up over winter and then sell it to me in march