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  1. Are those silver centre air vents for sale ?
  2. Bullet

    My 240z Project

    This is awesome, 240z's are probably my favourite car in the whole world.
  3. Bullet

    Cheap 22 inch rim mod WITH COMFORT

  4. Bullet

    Lots of 350z Parts for Sale

    How much would postage be on the brake pads ?
  5. Bullet

    Replacing The Cubby on the Centre Console

    yeah i just ran a lead from the headphone socket to the aux input. Steering wheel control still works on my aftermarket head unit, you'll just need an interface that suits your head unit.
  6. Bullet

    Replacing The Cubby on the Centre Console

    Yep that's how i did mine. I fitted a nav cubby and a nexus 7 tablet https://postimg.cc/image/h7gz5x2mj/
  7. Bullet

    Purple 370z show standard!

    I still love those wheels
  8. Bullet

    DIY Air Ride Suspension

    This is awesome, love the workmanship
  9. Bullet

    GT4 LM Wheels

    19" LMGT4'S are: 19x8.5 ET25 front 19x9.5 ET30 rear
  10. Bullet

    Best motoring 350z documentary

    Fantastic video espeically because i own a zed and an mr-s
  11. Bullet

    DE Centre Console and windows switch plastics

    Ok i've got everything you need, I'll get it all together and get some pics
  12. Bullet

    DE Centre Console and windows switch plastics

    whereabouts are you ?
  13. Bullet

    coilovers collapsed

    Driftworks have been amasing. The trouble was that i'm also running air cups, so with the cup and the slack needed for it plus the bump stock there was no travel left. I had a few coversations with driftworks and we talked through alternative dampers, After taking some measurements i ended up with some e36 rear dampers which work perfectly.
  14. Sorry posted in the wrong place, pm sent