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  1. No worries, I don’t mind waiting about?
  2. 1pm sounds good! Let’s meet at 1pm at portsdown hill!
  3. Was thinking portsdown hill again but traffic as you said is pretty bad just because of Christmas. You know when you have that urge to take your car out! Lol
  4. Anyone wanna meet tomorrow morning again? Weather looks to be good! :)
  5. The Zeds look awesome guys! So gutted the weather was like this today as just couldn’t bring her out but really look forward to definitely meeting up again!
  6. I know! Just looked! Typical when it gets to the weekend! I can’t bring the z out in the rain which sucks! she’s too old so I will have to see what the weather is like in the morning and if dry, I will be up there!
  7. Yeah that’s it where the burger van is. Arh guys we should do something more regular moving forward so we all catch up. So 11am next Saturday morning at portsdown hill where micks burger van is then?
  8. Yeah that would be good! How about next Saturday morning on Portsdown hill around 11am?
  9. Yeah sounds good! Shall we booka day To meet? When’s good for everyone? The only problem I will have is if the weather is rainy, I won’t be able to bring the Z out as she’s an old girl now lol but can take the risk to get something booked
  10. I am also Portsmouth based and definitely up for meeting up!!
  11. _BR1TT0N_

    My 240z Project

    Thanks for the kind comments guys so still didnt work on the front bumper yet however I got the wheels! So now the wheels are fitted! It took a while for the order to come in and then to fit them but finally fitted..... [/quote]
  12. _BR1TT0N_

    My 240z Project

    October 2018 Right so I found the problem! Took a little while though lol so she idled fine every time but as soon as she was under any load, about 30 seconds later she would die on me. So this meant 4 nights of pushing her back down my road to home after not making it out anywhere lol lucky shes light! I did a compression test and compression is good which is great news! I then checked fuel pressure and well there..... wasnt any!! just to be safe I pulled the fuel pipe off and yeah it was just dribbling out so either the fuel pump had gone or what ever makes it work in the block. I decided on an upgrade and bought a HUCO electric fuel pump along with a Filter King regulator. Installed it on a Saturday afternoon and boom.. she was running again and running well! Took her to Goodwood breakfast club Japanese Sunday last week and drove great. Next is to fit new seats. I got hold of some Cobra CS Classic Seats for it. Wheels turn up next week! Which is cant wait to fit! Then be packed up for winter but need to do some work on the engine to get her running really smooth. Camshaft needs sorting as a lobe is worn and also stem seals, timing chain and few other bits and bobs! Any one else at goodwood last weekend? There was some really nice Zs there!![/quote]
  13. _BR1TT0N_

    My 240z Project

    So Saturday night I took her out for the first time for a proper run. She did really well and drove great! I have one issue which happened on way home and it seems the car is getting to much fuel. The accelerator feels like it loses power and is very hesitant when accelerating (sometimes) not always. Also a really strong smell of petrol and some black up the back of the bumper makes me think its overfueling. Thinking its the carbs but dont know where to start at this point. Will be another learning curve for me and any suggestions are appreciated :)[/quote]
  14. _BR1TT0N_

    My 240z Project

    So this evening, I spent some time changing the gear box oil and the diff oil. Put some nice fresh oil in as I havent got round to that since owning her. And also, until I make up my mind what exhaust I want, I chopped the silly can off the back to make it more subtle for now [/quote]





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