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  1. ben_8971

    370z Exhaust

    I currently have resonated short tails and Berk HFCs and the drone and noise is too way too much! Looking for a custom back box of some sort to just take the edge off it for my V1 Nismo. Happy to buy used, as I don’t want to break the bank just for an exhaust 👍🏼
  2. I’m after a customised back box for a 370z Nismo mk1 to replace my Tarmac resonated tips as there a little too loud with the Berk HFCs I have on at the moment.
  3. Gutted I can’t come, il be on my road trip through Europe, hopefully make the next one! Have fun!
  4. Shame about the weather but still a great day, so thanks for organising, was good to see so many Zs in one place. Look forward to the next one!
  5. 1) davey_83 - Farmers Breakfast 2) Andy_Muxlow 3) Tinyflier - 2 poached eggs on Harvester Toast 4) zzIncubus - Farmers Breakfast 5) Valy 6) Shunter8 7) AntelopeSam 8) Dania350z 9) T4uvp 10) ben_8971 - Farmers Breakfast x2 11) Justthejedi 12) StormtrooperZ - Veggie Breakfast 13) Lewis Schwier - Veggie Breakfast 14) Killick.z 15) robman23
  6. A white 370z Nismo on a 67 plate parked up on a grass verge the outskirts of Stafford, looked really nice.
  7. Thanks for your feedback, looks like I might have to suck it up and pay the extra dollar!
  8. I’m getting the the ECUTEK remap done on my 370z in the next couple of weeks and I’ve had look at getting the Bluetooth dongle as well but it seems a VERY steep price For something that basically just plugs into the car so you can use your phone... Is there, or does anyone know of aftermarket Bluetooth dongles that you would be able to use in conjunction with the Ecutek? Thanks in advance
  9. Will have my Z out of hibernation by then, looking forward to it! 1) davey_83 2) Andy_Muxlow 3) Tinyflier 4) zzIncubus 5) Valy 6) Shunter8 7) AntelopeSam 8) Dania350z 9) T4uvp 10) ben_8971
  10. Would love too, but she’s all tucked up for the winter now, currently driving a W reg fiesta as my daily hahaha
  11. Very interesting that, as you say it does give it a lot more bark! Well I’ve bought the HFCs not, just waiting for the time to get them fitted.
  12. Yeah I thought that but not many with a set up like that near me
  13. I’m thinking of buying berk HFC to put on my Nismo. I have Tarmac’s resonated short tails already fitted, was wondering if anyone had the same set up and has any videos of the sound? Also looking at getting the EcuTek remap in the spring as well when it comes out of hibernation after the bad weather thanks, Ben
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