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  1. Yeah I thought that but not many with a set up like that near me
  2. I’m thinking of buying berk HFC to put on my Nismo. I have Tarmac’s resonated short tails already fitted, was wondering if anyone had the same set up and has any videos of the sound? Also looking at getting the EcuTek remap in the spring as well when it comes out of hibernation after the bad weather thanks, Ben
  3. Well unfortunately I don’t have a spare £200 upwards for just a cover
  4. I’m garaging my 370z Nismo for the winter soon, and I’m after a decent but cheap indoor car cover. Does anyone have one for sale or no where I could get decent one from? Thanks in advance
  5. I will be attending. First one that I’ve been able to make it too!
  6. A maybe from me just need to check il be off work as il be coming from Stafford
  7. Have we got a club stand here?
  8. 14N thanks for that mate, see you at the show
  9. For normal general admission tickets can you buy them on the door? Just saw this event last minute and thinking of taking a drive down to it in my Zed. Thanks in advance Ben
  10. Any of you guys still out and about over the next few weeks fancy a drive out?
  11. Where are you having this meet? I might be able to make it..
  12. Just in Cochrane at the moment
  13. Only been out in Canada a day and spotted a new white 370z
  14. I’m Sheffield based, so il have a look and get it priced up then, better to go with a Specialist with this kind of car then. cheers mate
  15. Has anyone had a full service done at Halfords auto centre? Just been quoted £300 including parts??
  16. I’ve got the Tarmac Resonated ones on my nismo with the burnt tips, they sound and look awesome! Definitely worth giving them a look at mate.
  17. I’d be up for going to this, I’m only at Sheffield.
  18. I haven’t had time to get my car done due to work, is there anyone around the Stafford area who’s reasonably priced to do it? Thank
  19. At how many miles, and what type of servicing needs to be done at them?  Can seem to find it on here..  thanks in advance
  20. Apologies wrong section
  21. No it wasn’t mate, but I keep seeing another white 370z around the Mosborough area.
  22. Spotted a lovely 370z GT at Drakehouse retail park in Sheffield. I was in my 370z Nismo
  23. Has anyone updated there sat nav? I have a 2014 370z Nismo and already the Satnav is pretty out of dates with roads etc? How do I go about getting it updated prices etc? many thanks Ben



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