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  1. we need to be parked for 9am so this could be an early one... I propose we meet somewhere near the M6 and allow for half hour to an hour for travelling over and parking up. more details to follow but if anyone can recommend a good place to meet i'm all ears. thinking A580 and then onto the A570 to Southport. I know a few good roads around there but i dont want to over-complicate things Matt
  2. Rob, got postcode stuff for our meeting point? are we still on for 10am? I've got a few coming along from Sunday Drivers should be an awesome day if this snow goes away Matt
  3. I'll whatsapp you bro unless you want me to send a pigeon? haha
  4. You the man! cheers - just to let you know, i have interest from about 3 other cars - a C63, an M5 and a 370 bhp tuned S3 should be a fun morning! haha
  5. Rob if your undecided on a day can we pencil Sunday as the preferred day?
  6. Cheers Rob... let us know which day you want to play out Matt
  7. awesome for a first drive that mate.... i had 12 at one point in Wales that was fun haha!! Looking forward to it but that first weekend is no good for me (be many more opportunities though i'm sure) Matt
  8. Hi Rob, thanks for posting and congratulations on the REO I cant make the 3rd or the 4th but i'm cool with the 10th and 11th
  9. SCOTNW the event organizers will marshal us to a parking spot. The event seems a relaxed affair but i want to be organised and i need to know who is coming for numbers. I no longer have any connection with the FB page for 350z owners "north west" or much to do with the facebook page for 350z owners. I'm going to make a reasonable request that anyone wanting to join our convoy and park with myself joins the forum and registers interest below. there will be none Z cars joining us from another club Any questions please ask Matt
  10. Do we have a rough number of cars for the stand before i contact the event organizers?
  11. Am I missing something here ?

    I dont know for sure and someone may be able to correct me... there was a black nismo that was completely trashed at the back end on FB, maybe they repaired it and want rid?
  12. Hi Folks Firstly, happy new year to you all! Please direct your attention to the following link.. could be a good excuse to dust of the cars... Matt