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  1. Stubaru BRZ

    Great write up Stu, good job on spotting that loose nut. That could have all gone horribly wrong.
  2. Euro Trip for the first time

    One thing ive noticed looking into this you cant "drop the yellow man" on google maps to show you street view..... I wonder why that is?
  3. Euro Trip for the first time

    thank Stu, I didn't know where this place was, ive seen it in one of Joe Achillies videos and its a popular stop on any of the big euro drives.. definantly on the "to do" list
  4. Euro Trip for the first time

    whats the best way from Stuttgart to Switzerland and what are the "must drive" roads on the way? Apparently the 500 from Baden-baden is a beautiful road to drive so wanted to pick that up since its heading south? might stay another night somewhere near the boarder of Switzerland? or try and make it to Internlaken in Switzerland? i guess the susten pass would be next up from there?
  5. Euro Trip for the first time

    cheeers man thats handy, its still so all up in the air and i dont know where to start if im honest... I think we're going to Stuttgart for two nights thats all i can say for sure haha
  6. Euro Trip for the first time

    not sure, anywhere between May and August really, just looking for ideas on what to look out for and what to avoid really. Also places to stop that might be nice to spend a night or a couple of nights
  7. Euro Trip for the first time

    This looks incredible! I think the plan is to hit Switzerland for sure, there are six of us going as i said but our partners aren't going to want to sit in a car for two weeks being thrown around. One idea we had was to 'base' ourselves somewhere nice and let the ladies sit and drink wine while we go for a drive... not sure how this will pan out though haha! the Euro tunnel is looking the cheaper option for sure but factor in cost of fuel and its a tough choice. the fact is i dont fancy sitting on the M1 and spending my first day of my holiday driving UK motorways. that being said if we are going direct to Switzerland i would take the tunnel staying over in the uk as suggested above. this would mean missing Germany and the museums. I'm not remotely interested in going to the ring but i know one of the lads wants to visit (not to drive it) i think i'm trying to cram too much into one trip so maybe i need to keep it simple. Tunnel, Switzerland for a couple of days do some sightseeing, walking and alpine roads... Then drop down to the south of France and get a villa for a few nights...
  8. I wondered if anyone could give some advice on driving on the continent the AA have a helpful guide for what to bring (such as the triangle and high vis vest) they also specify documents you need which is handy. I live in the northwest and my plan was to drive to Hull to get an overnight ferry to Rotterdam. from there a long drive to Stuttgart staying for a couple of nights. the ferry means that i can sleep and wake up fresh in Rotterdam however this is expensive! looking around £230 for the car and two adults and a cabin. Alternatively i could take the channel tunnel from Folkestone but this is around £80 and it would take a full day out of my journey to get there. it also means that i would have very little sleep and arrive in Europe tired which i dont think it a good idea considering its my first time Can anyone give me advice on crossing into mainland Europe, whats the best value for me? I also want advice on a route, the plan was to hit Germany, black forest, Switzerland (as many passes as possible staying in Zermatt for at least one night. heading on down to Italy but i have no idea where to stay or what to see. theres 6 of us going so a nice villa would be ideal in somewhere quiet. would be grateful to gain some advice from some of those who have experienced such a trip. Matt
  9. Looks like it was a fantastic day! Great work Rob
  10. "M lights" or M235i / M240i

    ive digested some of the comments regarding more "prestige" models and though i can understand the points raised regarding the AMG range for example. yes, one could buy a C63 and it would be lovely and much joy would be had from it..... my friend has one i should know... the point we're missing here is running cost. The reason i feel the M lights have a strong (very strong) selling point in my opinion. Is running cost. looks at fuel, sure and we'll see its 'reasonable' but that't not the end of it. start looking into brakes, tyres and servicing and you could argue they are in fact one of the best value for money cars right now? as a box ticker i cant think of anything else
  11. "M lights" or M235i / M240i

    I dont understand HP and PCP fully if i'm honest. A guy at nissan told me i could drive away a 370 nismo brand new for about £150 a month but i'd need to find like 18k at the end of three years.. I saved hard for my zed and i intend to do the same with a small loan for my next one unless my circumstances change
  12. "M lights" or M235i / M240i

    i wouldn't be speccing an M240i anyway (ive seen how crazy they can get on price) you can spec an M240i to nearly 50K if your not careful. My plan is to pick up second hand with a list of my preferred options in mind i couldn't afford the PCP
  13. "M lights" or M235i / M240i

    what does the comfort, sport and sport plus modes make in a manual car? I dont know, i drove a friends C63 and found the auto box to be a lot of fun (although it was a little slow for my liking) i'd like to use the car alot more maybe even if its not every day and sitting in traffic is guaranteed. I think i'll try the auto for sure and then after living with a both i could make my mind up about which i prefer. I know what you mean about the interior but i think if you get the pro nav, H&K speakers, sunroof and a lighter colour the general feel is more premium
  14. "M lights" or M235i / M240i

    see i thought an M4 or M3 would be more 'fun' but sensibly trying to run one of those cars would be too much for me. what car did you drive Dan? I've made my mind up about the 8speed auto, people cant get enough of it... is it as good as they say? 18 inch wheels can be wrapped in sporty rubber at a relatively low cost too compared to the 19 or 20 inch wheels on the "real" M cars, should even be cheaper than wrapping the zed with tyres as they aren't that wide. I haven't driven one, i haven't been in one so i guess thats the next step but i cant think of another car for 18 - 24k that ticks the boxes these things can
  15. "M lights" or M235i / M240i

    The M235i and M240i kind of jumped out at me recently.... i've always had an interest in BMW motors as my dads always had one though nothing majorly sporty they drive brilliantly. I have toyed with an E89 (Z4) for some time and after more consideration for space and seats i started looking else ware in search of a compromise.. which leads me onto the 1 series and 2 series or "M lights" as they are known. At some point i will have to change up the 350z for something more modern, more economical and something with more than two seats the running costs of the car are becoming more apparent and i don't get to use it as often as i'd like but in any case i want something more modern eventually... The 1 series never appealed to me as it looked more of a 'boys car' being a hatchback but it is very practical. The nicer lines on the 2 series are growing on me and i must say i wasn't convinced at first but the figures are stunning. 0 - 60 in a claimed 4.5 seconds (with the auto) coming from an inline 6 335bhp engine claimed MPG of 30 - 48 and a road tax of £190 per year looking at current values if they continue to drop a little more this could well be achievable and as a box ticker i dont think anything can hold a candle to it so what do you guys think? Are the "m lights" a winner, i know its all subjective but lets consider the pros and cons, its certainly good food for thought Matt