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  1. I cant make the one on the 5th dude otherwise i'd be there! catch up with you on the 12 bud
  2. Hi all, Apologies its been a while since the last one... I'm arranging a run out on the above date. The drive will probably be around North Wales and will follow the usual format from previous Sunday Runs... I aim to meet at Lymm poplar 2000 services (M6) as we have in the past around 8:30 / 9:00am for the drive. we'll stop for some food up at the Ponderosa and stop when we can... Please post up if you intend to join us or ask any questions feel free to send me a PM hope to see you there Matt
  3. Spatt


  4. thanks guys, it was a long day, absolutely fantastic start to the year though! I think people were still queuing up to get in at 2pm! it was hard leaving having to fight through the crowds of people. we seemed to have lost part of the convoy right at the start so apologies for that but most of us managed to park up together. Matt
  5. Sounds good guys, we'll aim to be leaving Subway and head over to the show around 8:30 (half an hour should give us more than enough time to get there) Be good to see you all Matt
  6. Details: I propose we meet here; 8:00am (we need to leave just before 8:30am so please try to be early and ready to leave for 8:30) Subway- Skelmersdale Road, Bickerstaffe L39 0EZ we have to be parked up for around 9am we're heading here: Victoria Park PR8 2BZ Vehicle entrance is via Esplanade to the north west of the park. Please share the details via FB if people are not on the forum (though they really should be signed up) feel free to PM for my number see you all Sunday!! Matt
  7. we need to be parked for 9am so this could be an early one... I propose we meet somewhere near the M6 and allow for half hour to an hour for travelling over and parking up. more details to follow but if anyone can recommend a good place to meet i'm all ears. thinking A580 and then onto the A570 to Southport. I know a few good roads around there but i dont want to over-complicate things Matt
  8. Rob, got postcode stuff for our meeting point? are we still on for 10am? I've got a few coming along from Sunday Drivers should be an awesome day if this snow goes away Matt
  9. I'll whatsapp you bro unless you want me to send a pigeon? haha
  10. You the man! cheers - just to let you know, i have interest from about 3 other cars - a C63, an M5 and a 370 bhp tuned S3 should be a fun morning! haha
  11. Rob if your undecided on a day can we pencil Sunday as the preferred day?