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  1. Just sold my GTR after 2.5 years! Bloody loved it and wouldn't have sold it if I did didn't have to. You'll enjoy it, just get stage 4 as soon as possible, perfect bang/buck.
  2. Deposit taken via GTROC. A tearful goodbye in a few weeks!
  3. They lasted 8500 road miles and 5 track days (4 Oulton Park & 1 Silverstone GP). So for the price they've been bloody awesome! I looked at RS29 but for using it on road much more than track I couldn't do with the squealing, would drive me nuts!
  4. Just had new brake pads fitted to the front axle. DS2500 again as the last set have been brilliant for how I use the car.
  5. Trust me, if I could convince the missus that living in the car is better than buying a house it wouldn't be up for sale Sorry I don't take tainted souls
  6. Not going to comment on pads or polishes as it's the worlds longest slippiest slope that every single person has a different opinion on! If you're looking for a guide on how to use a DA then there's a great thread on Detailing World (http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=63859) or if you prefer watching videos then watch Junkmans as it's great for beginners ( ).
  7. Massive shame it has to go, I might even shed a little tear. Been an awesome car for the past 2.5 years and it'll take me some time to get something as enjoyable as it in the future. Stupid bloody human need for shelter
  8. 2009 (59) R35 Black Edition - Litchfield Stage 4.25 It's a little different than what's normally for sale on here but I thought I'd put the post on anyway just in case any was thinking of something different Everyone knows it's the next stage of zed ownership, I went from 350z to this GTR a few years ago and bloody love it! Currently running 640hp/625lb-ft. I've owned the car for 2.5 years in which I have had absolutely zero problems with the car. I have a folder full of receipts, invoices and previous MOT's showing the car has been extremely well looked after before and during my ownership. The car has been to Litchfields and ACspeedtech during my ownership. Currently under a wrap, done by PWPro, and you can see all the install photographs on Paul's website - Nissan GTR | PW Pro When I bought the car I undertook a HPI report which came back all clear. The car has just had an MOT (01/10/2015) which it had zero issues with. Standard Information: 2009 Black Edition in Kuro Black (59 Plate) 36,000 miles High resolution sat-nav (maps updated to 2012 version) USB Port & Bluetooth Reversing camera 2 x tracker fobs - Cobra tracker 2 x key fobs Brand new Nissan GTR floor mats BOSE sound system 3 previous owners Service History: 28/10/2009 - Optimisation service - Middlehurst Motorsport - 1008 miles 22/06/2010 - 6 month service - Middlehurst Motorsport - 6691 miles 22/11/2010 - 12 month service - Middlehurst Motorsport - 9330 miles 05/07/2011 - 18 month service - Middlehurst Motorsport - 14614 miles 02/12/2011 - 24 month service - Middlehurst Motorsport - 17928 miles 14/05/2012 - 30 month service - Nissan Colliers NHPC - 19354 miles 23/10/2012 - 36 month service - Litchfield Imports - 20241 miles 01/11/2013 - 48 month service - Litchfield Imports - 23722 miles (Bellhousing replaced, Gearbox magnet upgraded & Solenoid Clips) 24/11/2014 - 60 month service - Litchfield Imports - 30507 miles 05/06/2015 - 66 month service - ACspeedtech - 33524 miles There will be a 12 month MOT on the car from this/next week. I can also have the 72 month service done by ACspeedtech prior to sale if the buyer would like everything checked over by a reputable garage/tuner. Performance Modifications: Litchfield Stage 4.25 - Motorsport 4 ROM & Updated gearbox software GTC 90mm Full Titanium Exhaust Russ Fellows Downpipes GFB Blow Off Valves Handling Modifications: MY11 Suspension - I still have the OEM 2009 suspension Whiteline Rear Droplinks Eibach Anti Roll bars Eibach 15mm Wheel Spacers Brake Modifications: AP 380mm Discs (Front) Ferodo DS2500 Pads (Front) - I also have another set HEL Braided Brake Lines Exterior Modifications: PWPro Wrap - Hexis Papaya Orange & Hexis Gloss Black. The wrap was treated to a ceramic coating of CQuartz. Wheels repainted & 15mm Eibach spacers fitted Knight Racer Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser Knight Racer Carbon Fibre Side Skirts Knight Racer Carbon Fibre Ducktail Bootlid Knight Racer Carbon Fibre Front Splitter R35audio - Carbon Dipped - Bonnet Vents, Side Vents, Side Badge Holders Auto-folding wing mirrors Interior Modifications: Mines Steering Wheel R35Audio - Upgraded subwoofer & amp as well as sound deadening boot, rear seats and front doors R35Audio - Carbon Dipped - Interior Handles, Gear Surround Replaced rear passenger side interior trim - There was 1 light scratch on it that was irritating me so I bought a new one from Middlehurst for £120 Other Modifications/Upgrades: Steering Wheel Lock Recall Litchfield Gearbox Solenoid Clips Stainless Steel Undertray Bolt Kit 275/305 Michelin Pilot Suport Sport Tyres Exide Premium Battery - 4 year warranty (Bought 30/04/2014) Rear light conversion - All 4 lights on instead of just 2 Photographs: Price: £46,000 (No P/X) I'm sure I will have missed a few things from this post but I will answer any questions people have and I will try to post up some more interior photographs of the car. I'm looking to sell the car as it currently stands, I'm not looking to split any of the modifications or take the wrap off the car at this stage. If I can't find the right buyer for the car by March/April next year then I will take the wrap off and think about splitting some of the modifications. I also have a lot of photographs of the car before it was wrapped by PWPro to show the condition of the paintwork beneath the wrap. The car was fully detailed (machine polished) prior to having the wrap installed to ensure the paintwork would be in great condition when the wrap comes off. Thanks!
  9. MPSC2 > R888 > MPSS on track You need to get more heat into the MPSC2 to get them working in the dry but they are great!
  10. You obviously weren't pushing it anywhere near its limits. Can't compare driving 1 car on is limits to driving another briskly and expect the same kind of feedback. I went from 350z to GTR and not for a single moment do I miss the zed, especially having taken the GTR on a good few track days now. And I loved the zed!
  11. I just got a Fanatec GT2 and CSR, prefer the feel of the GT2 wheel but the CSR doesn't have buttons right next to where you put your thumbs which I found I kept pressing on the GT2. If anyone's on PSN add me: tsinc I agree with the settings being faaaar to complex and OTT, I found a guide for FFB settings and whilst it helped in some cars, others it made awful to drive. Loving the Clio Cup at the minute, just have to avoid any lift off mid corner otherwise the back end comes around to say hello
  12. I'll be booking Donington as soon as I have a quiet enough exhaust! Anglesey on 2nd July should be good fun though, not been before!
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