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  1. Poor quality Leather on Nismo Recaro Seats

    Mine is a 2016 model, 10K miles, and just went outside for a good look. The leather on mine looks smoother and is completely unmarked. Given that you are careful, and your car has only done 1700 miles then it is certainly worth taking up with Nissan.
  2. Poor quality Leather on Nismo Recaro Seats

    If you are sliding across the bolster when getting in and out then yes, it will get knackered pretty quickly. Maybe also consider what you are wearing in the trouser department, no zips, studs, etc. But please don't resort to driving around only in your trackies or 'lounge wear'. My son laughs at me because of the way that I enter and exit my Nismo. My bum does not contact the bolster as I piruette in using my hand on the sill for support. Like a 14 stone ballerina : )
  3. Apologies if someone has already posted this. Goblin Works Garage are restoring / modifying a 260Z tonight. Quest - Freeview channel 37 - 9pm
  4. Cray Z 2017 Nismo - Brand Spankers!

    I find on my Nismo that the boot works fine if the parcel cover is retracted. If the parcel cover is fastened in place, onto the hatch, then the boot does not work. Strange but true...
  5. Hi all!

    Very nice the RX7. Still a lovely looking car. I have had a couple of RX8's but not an RX7. Also had S12, S13 and S14. The S12 was the first turbo car I owned and had monumental lag - but for laughs it is probably the car I fondly remember the most.
  6. Not wanting to give my age away but I was around 20 when I got my first 'sports car'. It was a 2.0S Cortina and my Dad told me I was mad for buying it. It was pushing 105 or 115 bhp, too old to remember.
  7. Apologies if this has been covered before - I could not find it. Was the sound enhancement introduced on the 2016 models in the UK? How can you tell if you have it on / off? I think it has to be turned on/off by a dealer or a clever person with a box of tricks. What difference does it make to the 'engine' sound - is it loud / quiet, does it sound natural or clearly false?
  8. Car meet - near Stoke on Trent - 3rd March

    My son and I will hopefully come along. 370Z Nismo, white. Snap!
  9. GT Edition gone - Nismo on its way

    Not knocking the GT Edition, loved it to bits. Just different beasts. After a few months of trying to lever myself into the Nismo Recaro's, at my more mature age, I will probably want the GT Edition back. I think that if I was using the car as a daily driver and not a toy, GT Edition would be my preference. Suspension is more forgiving and the auto would have been nice when I was stuck in traffic on the M6. How is your wife getting on with the Cobra exhaust? Not made you put the standard one on again has she The ladies in the bank counted the cash a heck of a lot faster than I did ....
  10. GT Edition gone - Nismo on its way

    A bigger difference between the 2 cars than I expected. Some will be down to the fact my GT Edition was an auto and the Nismo is manual but the Nismo really does feel much more 'sporty' for want of a better word. It is not as harsh as I expected and rides well over our knackered roads and the Recaro seats more supportive than I first thought. Drove back 3 hours non stop and no sign of aches and pains - that is about my limit in my super comfy X Trail. What I really do like is the engine's willingness to rev and does not sound harsh at the top end. Tended to short shift in the GT Edition because it always sounded more thrashy when revved hard. So very happy indeed and slowly getting over the stress of one of the 2 bank transfers I made getting blocked - I owned half a car for 30 minutes or so while I sorted it out but seemed more like 3 hours!
  11. GT Edition gone - Nismo on its way

    Yes I noticed that. Good luck and enjoy. We can compare notes in a couple of days ; )
  12. GT Edition gone - Nismo on its way

    White. Was not too fussed on the colour as long as it was not black. Black looks great when clean but too much work to maintain.
  13. Sold my 370 GT Edition on Saturday. See the farewell video made by my son below. Hopefully picking up my 370Z Nismo (Mk2) today so long as it is as described by the seller - a forum member so am sure it will be. This will be my third Zed having previously owned a 350Z HR and the GT Edition. I considered loads of other cars before deciding on the Nismo but nothing else quite does it for me.
  14. Mk2 Nismo 370Z Wanted

    Just sold my White GT Edition to a recently joined forum member - very nice gentleman and his wife who I am sure will post photo's very soon. Nice to know it is going to a good home. Since we avoided the car entering the 'dealer newtwork' I think we both got a deal we were happy with. I am now in the market for a 370Z Nismo, MK2. It will need to be pretty much standard, may accept an exhaust mod if not too noisy, and in near perfect condition since I am rather fussy. Please pm me with details and price if you have one to sell. Looking for white, silver or possibly red. Sorry not black. For me to buy a black one it would have to be an absolute steal so I could have it professional valeted on a regular basis. Thanks.