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  1. Hi Mitch, My old MK2 Nismo, white, is for sale at Inchcape VW Macclesfield. You can find it on Autotrader. Reg is OW65 ... A1 condition. They have it up for £25,800 if that is in your price range. Chris
  2. Ponsonby

    Sell privately or trade in?

    Take some time to do your homework. How much is your car worth, be sensible, if sold privately. How much is the car you want to buy, if bought privately. You now have an idea of the difference in value or cost to change as Ekona pointed out. When you go to a dealer you are only really interested in this cost to change. Obviously a dealer may be more expensive than a private / private deal but there can be more peace of mind, warranty. etc. Keep an eye on the Nissan dealers especially their approved cars. There can be massive differences in prices between dealers and I have seen them drop prices quickly. Shop towards the end of the month, many are so target driven that you can get a good deal if they have not hit their targets. And be prepared to walk away if you don't get the deal you want.
  3. Ponsonby

    My last few days in a Z

    Hopefully not - although I think I must have been the most miserable person buying an RS3. Probably helped with getting a good deal - the sales guys must have seen that I would have happily walked away.
  4. Ponsonby

    My last few days in a Z

    I am now on my third Z and have really enjoyed ownership. Unfortunately my 370Z Nismo is not getting much use because the 2 seat and small boot configuration does not fit in with my lifestyle - plus my increasing years and morning dodgy back are not being helped by low slung recaros'. I really feel like I am breaking up with a much loved girlfriend. Took a 2016 Audi RS3 out for a test drive yesterday - rather uninteresting to look at but incredible to drive. After hooning around in Zed's I was not expecting to be blown away by the performance of the RS3. The one I took out, and bought, is fitted with the mag ride dampers and the very lairy switchable exhaust which sounds great with the 5 pot engine. It's an impressive car but I know I am going to miss my Zed badly - but I can't justify keeping it just to dribble over its looks and not drive it. Added bonus was that after much haggling I secured a P/X offer £2K above what I paid for the Nismo. So 3 Zed's owned and bugger all money lost on depreciation across all of them - can't apply that to many cars. I will always be a massive Zed fan and will no doubt lurk on the forum so I am not saying a goodbye ...
  5. Ponsonby

    Do you get bored of cars quickly?

    Oh gosh yes! It is a terrible affliction. The number of cars I have owned is ridiculous, and bikes... Fortunately I am pretty good at finding the good deals so have not lost too much financially. My Z's have lasted far longer than most, in fact was beginning to think I was cured, but not long had the Nismo and already started to look around. This weeks 'want' is an A45 AMG but no doubt that will change again next week.
  6. Ponsonby

    want to view a few 370z's - thoughts on these?

    I take it you want a black one?? There is a silver one, Polesworth Garage, at £25K with only 5K miles which is only 1 month older than the £25K one you are looking at with 25K miles on the clock. Depreciation wise this may be a better choice.
  7. Two cars in the very long list of cars I have owned are a Xantia VTS and a Peugeot 405 Mi16. Both very good cars in their day and at the time very underrated - picked them both up quite cheaply. The Mi16 was all about the engine which was excellent. The engine never gave me any problem, just the rest of the dodgy Peugeot electrics, ABS, etc that hacked me off to the point where I sold the car.
  8. Ponsonby

    Familiar 350z

    Someone on this forum bought it and posted a pic on here a couple of days ago.
  9. Ponsonby

    Here is my 1st Zee

    Why not collect it yourself? Take a long weekend, use public transport to get to the dealer (assuming they have it in Norfolk), then take 2 days to drive it back. You can easily do the drive in 1 day but you will pass through some lovely areas so why not take your time and enjoy .....It will be a weekend you remember. Turn the whole thing into a 'road trip' and a challenge - which it will be if you are using public transport to get from South Wales to Norwich.
  10. Ponsonby

    Performance Mods question

    I have owned an Auto and now a manual. I was more than happy with the Auto, you can always use the level to manual shift if you want something to do with your left hand. If my car was my daily and likely to be quite a lot of stop / start driving the Auto would be my choice. But mine is just a weekend plaything so manual suits me fine now - plus it's a Nismo so there was no option anyway.
  11. Ponsonby

    Parking Protection From Dings Inside Car Parks

    Is safe always safe? Our local supermarket has some parking spots on a corner a long way from the store. Being around a corner they are extra wide and often used by those of us whose cars are 'precious'. But recently the area has been coned off because some sinkhole or similar has appeared under that end of the car park. Can just imagine walking out of the store feeling smug because your car was safe - only to find that it has vanished down a big hole Unfortunately the OP's suggested car protection device is not sinkhole safe so a redesign is required. Like others I am a little paranoid about car parks. Was sat in my car in a supermarket car park and in the distance a lady rolled up to a car with a large heavy box in her trolley. I was amazed to see her lift out the box and plonk it on the car bonnet. She then proceeded to open the boot of the car next to it (her car), slide the box across the bonnet (not her car), put it in her boot and then drive off.
  12. Ponsonby

    Storm White Paint Quality: Prone To Scratches?

    I bought a new / pre-reg Xtrail a few months ago also in pearl white. When I came to wash it for the first time and got the step ladders out I was shocked to see what looked like bad scratches on the roof. Once my heart had slowed down I washed the roof and then lightly polished them off. I only removed the 'scratches' that I could see and it was on the surface and not in the paint, did not do the whole roof. Next time I came to wash, more of the same. Obviously they are not scratches at all and possibly just an area where the adhesive for the transport film has not been cleaned off properly and micro particles of dirt is sticking to it.
  13. Ponsonby

    Storm White Paint Quality: Prone To Scratches?

    Most modern paints are a lot softer now and very easily scratched. Not sure what your definition of a wipe down is but likely you are causing the scratches if not washing the car properly. A few years ago I had a brand new Civic Type R that was covered in scratches when I went to collect it - they were employing an 'unskilled' valeter for the delivery prep and one bad wash was enough to make it look like it has been washed with a scouring pad! Some car buyers are even asking the delivery prep to be done by a valeter of their choice, and at their own cost I guess, to avoid their pride and joy being wrecked before they even take delivery. A price we pay for non-solvent paints and saving the planet.
  14. Ponsonby

    How Much Did You Pay For Your Nismo Edition?

    Well done Sir
  15. This youtube video may help with the 'safe wash'. Filmed and edited by my talented teenage son for REEP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyIlfzjVo_c