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  1. So few miles - keep or sell?

    If you enjoy it and can afford to keep it then why not? Even if it does depreciate, it will not be by much. I sold my 350Z because I was not doing very many miles and it was a second car. I missed it and ended up buying a 370Z which I still have. Because it is not my daily every drive is enjoyable. She is pampered but I still use her in the winter - on the 'better' days.
  2. Laundry service for the sheets due to over excitement at seeing so many Zed's ??
  3. Unfortunately cannot make it this Sunday, hopefully next one. I think they are doing an evening BBQ sometime soon, may be worth looking into.
  4. Japfest - Donington

    Spotted quite a few of you at Donington on Saturday My apologies for not waving to the 350 and white 370 as 'we' were leaving, I was in a white 370 and concentrating on my 'off-roading' skills.
  5. Japfest - Donnigton July 1st 2017

    Have not driven my 370 for a couple of weeks. Dog has been unwell so have had to bring him into work every day in my other car and weekends have been full doing house repairs and family stuff. Think I am looking forward to the drive to Donington in the 370 more than I am Japfest. Really can't wait to drive my baby again, getting frustrated because it is 'there' and I have not been able to use it, but guess I love Mad Max (the dog) more. Maybe I will end up skipping Japfest and just keeping on driving .......!
  6. Golf R

    I don't think the FRS shares the same image as it's predecessor, would not worry about that. Wonder if it will hold its value like the MK2 has, which seems to have held or even increased after the launch of the MK3. Have always been a fan of Civic Type R's but they have completely wrecked the looks and no way could I drive one now, not at my age anyway.
  7. Auto-box gear change speed

    I feel that the box changes quicker the quicker you drive. In full auto it feels a slow change when just pottering around. When driving in a more spirited fashion I usually put it in manual mode and find the change is quick when giving it the beans. In manual mode you can either use the paddles or the gear lever to change gear, I probably use the lever more than I do the paddles. Rev matching on the downshift is done automatically and is superb, especially with a nice aftermarket exhaust. If you take one for a test drive make sure you try different driving conditions. If you can only potter around and leave it in full auto you will be disappointed - it is a different beast when on the charge. Mine is a GT Edition auto - very Jeckyll and Hyde. Smooth, quiet and comfy in slow traffic but a bit of an animal when you spot the chance.
  8. Japfest - Donnigton July 1st 2017

    Have all you folks going to Donnington got your Little Mix tickets, they are playing there that evening. Should make it a good day out for you : ) I am hopefully coming to Japfest but will give Little Mix a miss I reckon. Anyone been to Japfest Donnington before? If not displaying your car, do you park up and pay on foot as you go in? I only have 2 seats (second one occupied by my son) and my nephew who lives close to Donnington wants to go so just pondering if his Dad can drop him off in the car park then nephew walks in with me.
  9. Next one is 16th July, the day after Coventry meet, so will probably not go to that one but will most likely go in August. It is now being held at Manley Mere which is a much better location than Chester Castle.
  10. London Attacks

    Why not volunteer as a Special Constable? In that way you can make a difference, walk the streets to keep people safe etc.
  11. Now I get why SUVs are so popular....

    Best of both worlds for me. My 370Z is for fun only and also have a 4WD SUV for family use, camping, dog, scouting etc.
  12. My son is the spotty youth taking photo's and video's at car meets / events with the high end equipment. However, this is equipment bought by him and upgraded continuously since he was about 12, just turned 15, not funded by the bank of Mum and Dad. His passion is photography and video as well as video editing. He will spend endless hours editing and obviously needs a lot of material just to get a short film. He would like a career in film / editing but obviously there is a lot of competition. As the professionals have told him, practice, practice, practice. I am sure that he would get a buzz out of a lot of Youtube hits but in his case, and possibly the case of many others, this is not the sole goal. Lets not knock these youngsters. Instead of perfecting their photography / editing skills in an evening they could be out causing trouble.
  13. Japfest - Donnigton July 1st 2017

    For a club stand I think you just need more than 5 cars. Is there any reason why someone can't just register as 350Z-Uk.com or does it have to be an 'official' from the Club / Forum? Looks like more than 5 cars will be going, me possibly too. Frustrated that I signed up for a scouting event the night before or I could have stayed at my Sister in Law's, who lives within earshot of Donnington.
  14. The 2017 GE & Politics Thread

    I think its a reflection in change of charge, in my day it was 1.1k a year, for which I had/have a student loan. In my head, that's a fair figure, I wont be paying it for the rest of my life, and I got into a Uni based on my grades. I'm not sure what the annual cost is these days but last I hear it was around 3k per year. I feel it should be self funded to go to uni (inc loans), but the grades have to be good to get it. One daughter went a few years ago - £3K per year tuition fee. Second daughter still there, £9K per year! I do think that there should be a fee but £9K is ridiculous. It is also £9K irrespective of course. I can understand that maybe a science degree is expensive due to costs such as laboratory space, technicians to set up and supervise practicals and the cost of instrumentation. However, one of my daughters did English Literature. This involved very little lecture time and she even had to buy her own books so hard to see what the £9K would be paying for. But my point really was not what the fees are but why it is banded around that anyone going has to come from a wealthy background when student loans are available to all?
  15. The 2017 GE & Politics Thread

    Unless I am missing something, why do people think that you need to come from a well off background to go to University? If you have the exam grades to get in then student loans are available to everyone, and in fact will be higher if you come from a poor background. My two girls have both been to Uni and funded themselves. Student loans for fee's and accomodation, part time jobs to pay for food and socialising.