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  1. R222 Wax on black R35

    It is pearl white. It has come up beautifully, super smooth and shiny, but a super shiny white car never 'shines' as well as a darker car. But then the advantage of white is that it does not show swirl marks as bad as a dark car.
  2. Too much worry?

    I think that I would be more worried by a 'cheap boxster' than a 350Z
  3. Potential New Car - Cash Purchase - Advice Please

    Why not arrange payment and collection immediately after the inspection so the person doing the inspection is present. As part of the inspection they should check all VIN numbers etc. Ensure the seller brings proof of ID (passport) and proof of address etc.
  4. R222 Wax on black R35

    Nice shine : ) Spent several hours on my white 370Z on Saturday, now nicely clar barred, polished and waxed. Unfortunately, being white, you just dont get the same glossy reflections and not quite the same satisfaction as having done the same to a dark car. It was my first time with a clay bar, amazed at the crap that came off what I thought was a pretty pristine car.
  5. NHS

    Get yer coat TT - you've pulled
  6. NHS

    My brother and his wife live in the US and volunteer for a charity feeding the homeless. During a visit we went with them to help and I got chatting to a homeless guy who was clearly well educated and used to have a very good and well paid job. For some reason he let his insurance lapse and unfortunately got seriously ill. Without insurance they are obliged to save someones life but not provide the aftercare. He clearly needed a lot of aftercare so they took his house in payment. This caused problems between him and his wife and he lost his wife and kids, and also his job. Now better, he could not get another job because he did not have a permanent address. So yes there are problems with the NHS but not as screwed up as the US model. Also if they also stopped all the 'where there is blame there is a claim' nonsence there would be more money where it is needed.
  7. NHS

    Gangzoom - without people like yourself we would be screwed. A close relative of mine is a Matron and could earn far more if she moved to the Private sector but knows that the NHS and the general public need her so is sticking with the NHS. Thank you.
  8. NHS

    I know quite a few people who work in the NHS in senior and admin positions. The stories of financial waste are astounding and need to be addressed. I guess the politicians take on this is that if they can stop the waste then they don't need to put any more money in. However, with an increasing population and people living longer it is not rocket science to work out that more money needs to be put in. I for one would not object to a tax rise if I knew the extra revenue was actually going to be used for the NHS. Maybe a proportion of our taxes should be specific to the NHS and not be able to be diverted. Over the last couple of years my wife has had a condition needing regular visits to Walton Hospital in Liverpool, culminating in a brain operation a few months ago. I can only describe our experience as first class, it is NHS but felt like a private hospital. All the staff are happy and helpful. If you looked lost even the domestic staff would ask if they could help! That environment is what we need to be aiming for.
  9. +1 on the sportsbikes back in the 90's. I really would not have the bottle for it now. Do you remember the Ogri (I think) biker T shirt that stated 'I am invincible - well, so far anyway'. I bought one then decided I might be tempting fate so never wore it : )
  10. Cleaned off Alezan dye?

    I think that Leathertech (Crewe and Nantwich area) specialise in this type of thing. Or travel over to Ricey who receives nothing but good reviews : )
  11. Well spotted Codel, I was indeed being sarcastic. It would be interesting to know how many accidents have happened on the motorways where the speed limit has been reduced to 40/50 mph due to roadworks. I have spotted a few especially where they seem to go on forever. No doubt the arguement would be that the lanes are narrower but am sure that some will be due to the driver just losing concentration or falling asleep, or just losing the will to live!
  12. New Qashqai doesn't look bad

    Is it £20K for the base spec or are you looking at high 20's for something with all the bells and whistles? Beware the 'starting from' phrase .... I just bought a brand new, but pre-reg, fully loaded X Trail (4 WD) for £20K. That's a whopping £10K+ off the list price.
  13. Are we still allowed to overtake? I thought it must have been banned years ago by the glaring looks you get if you have the audacity to overtake someone. I too was driving in the 80's. Feel sorry for the 'youngsters' who will never get to experience the same relative freedom.
  14. Public roads exist for the purpose of getting people and goods from A to B. They are not a playground. The government should immediately ban high powered vehicles, they are completely unnecessary, and impose a maximum limit of 75bhp and countrywide speed limit of 40mph. This will keep our roads safer, save manufacturers huge fortunes in development costs, and save all of us on this forum an absolute fortune. Since it will then take so long to get anywhere more of us will then be forced to use the new high speed railways at an inflated cost. I'm off to build a display plinth and glass case for my 370Z so I can just sit and look at it and dream of days gone by ....
  15. So few miles - keep or sell?

    If you enjoy it and can afford to keep it then why not? Even if it does depreciate, it will not be by much. I sold my 350Z because I was not doing very many miles and it was a second car. I missed it and ended up buying a 370Z which I still have. Because it is not my daily every drive is enjoyable. She is pampered but I still use her in the winter - on the 'better' days.