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  1. https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/nissan/370z/106613/new-nissan-370z-50th-anniversary-edition-unveiled-pictures Being unveiled at NY motor show. Seats look nice? Thought they may have done something a bit more special really.
  2. Thanks Davey for orgainsing. Great meet, glad I made the trip down. Will get my son to post some pics / video when he gets some time for editing. Really good turnout - did anyone count how many Zed's were there?
  3. Great shine you have there. Treated mine to a wash and wax today but not the same effect with silver.
  4. Do the windings on speakers actually burn out? I would have thought more likely to be your amp that has gone??
  5. Assuming my back is still intact from the drive up to Cheshire from Cornwall the day before - I will be there
  6. That is assuming that our politicians can make good decisions - and the current @*!# show shows that they clearly can not. I think that I trust Brussels with our money more than I do our own government.
  7. Really just depends on what you want from the car. The TTS will most likely be the quicker car A to B in all weather conditions, will have a nicer interior, deliver better fuel economy etc. But unfortunately they lack any 'soul' and you are unlikely to fall in love with it as you would with a Z. The Z also has a fantastic community, always something interesting to read on this forum (not always just Z related) and loads of meets. If you are after a toy / weekend fun car then the Z is probably the way to go.
  8. I never use cruise control and actually prefer cloth to leather. Certainly would not put me off that car. I don't usually like black but looks good with the Nismo kit.
  9. The RevUp has the same revised interior, lights etc as the HR but is in the high tax bracket with the HR. Some RevUp's are reported to use a little more oil but will not be a problem if you check the level regularly. Us prior RX8 owners laugh heartily when the RevUp oil consumption is classed by some as a 'problem'
  10. I guess the charge is to cover the cost of adding more hard standing parking area which isn't cheap - they would have to sell a lot of coffee to pay for that.
  11. That would take me an entire page …. One day I plan to attempt the entire list.
  12. I read somewhere the other day that they are charging £5 for parking - or is that just for specific events? Or £10 for reserved parking...
  13. Ponsonby

    Flat spot

    Ouch! Did you get the car from a dealer? I'd be getting them to stump up the cost if you have only had the car a few days.
  14. Ponsonby

    Flat spot

    I agree with Ebized, take a trip to Horsham and get them to take a look. My HR used to 'bog down' at low revs. There is a right turn junction close to work that is on a bit of an incline which gave me a couple of brown trouser moments when it would bog down half way across and in the way of oncoming traffic. Always had to remember to give it some gas. I just lived with it but in hindsight I should have got it sorted properly.



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