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  1. Ponsonby

    What do we think

    Ah the good old days. I do miss them...
  2. Ponsonby

    What do we think

    It makes tyres last a lot longer so is eco friendly. Peter is not your Dragon, best to pitch to Deborah and take Greta as your wingman
  3. A young guy over on the facebook page bought it - and has 'your' wheels for sale already.
  4. I do love the look of the Mk1 Nismo but I know if I bought one I would soon regret the harsh ride.
  5. I'm hoping to make the meet Davey - but not 100% sure yet so won't add my name to the list. Is the Cafe open for socially distanced coffee? : )
  6. Very nice. I used to have one, same colour too. Loved the looks but the ride was a little too harsh for me - with my slightly dodgy back. You will now spend all of your time trying to squeeze in without scuffing the recaro's, taking a wide berth from any kerbs and parking at least 10 spaces from anyone else - only to return to car to find some tw*t has parked right next to you despite the car park being empty. Enjoy : )
  7. I owned Zed's. Then had a brief fling with an Audi RS3 which was probably one of the fastest point to point cars you can get. But it had no soul and to get any excitement from it you needed to be at license losing speeds. So I came back to Zeds.
  8. I remember that Jay.1R and his wife had both their cars wrapped at APM Customs and found Jays response to you back in 2018, copied below. They are great people to deal with so worth going along to get a quote, see how they work, view their facilities (very good) and view some of their work. Loads of stuff on instagram, facebook etc. They won't be the cheapest but sometimes you get what you pay for. My son did some promo video's for them and I was always impressed by the cleanliness and professionalism. Hi mate, yes me and the Mrs both have ours wrapped, but just remember, any imperfections will show through, something I didn't realise how thin the vinyl is, I mean slight scratches not even that deep will, also if the paints bubbling the vinyl won't stick properly, I have had mine a year now the Mrs has had 2, the colour is like the day we got it, and the job from Apm was amazing not one bit of peeling, but both are due a front end rewrap after that time for stone chips, any questions feel free to pm, wrapping is a brilliant cheap alternative, although it will never shine like paint, if I did it again I would pay more and have it wrapped again in a clear vinyl to protect it from chips and enhance the gloss (although the quote for the protective film.for the front bumper alone was £350 !),mine cost near enough £2400 and hers was a little less at £2100, for the wraps with a 5 year colour and peel guarantee
  9. APM Customs in Deeside. Their work is first class and wrap in a proper clean room environment.
  10. Ponsonby

    Shock wave

    Good choice - the Mk1 wheels look so much better than the Mk2. I love the way you are buying a brand new car but are 'showing' Nissan how it should have been done in the first place. Nice work.
  11. Ponsonby

    Shock wave

    Does fitting an aftermarket exhaust affect your new car warranty? I think that I would certainly get any teething troubles out of the way first. When you collect the car be sure to check that they have removed the shipping spacers from the suspension.
  12. Ponsonby

    Shock wave

    Are you modding even before you have picked the new car up?
  13. I'm not too far from Oulton and was thinking of coming along to watch, and get some fresh air. Unfortunately they are closed to spectators for track days. Not sure why, plenty of space and quite happy to **** in a bottle if they don't want to open the toilets.
  14. Ponsonby

    A sad day

    Its on autotrader already - nearly £9K





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