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  1. Ponsonby

    Brexit again

    Or just scrap the whole thing and never speak of it again.
  2. Ponsonby

    dodgy car sale

    First thing I would change is the number plate advertising the 'dodgy dealer'.
  3. Ponsonby

    Throw out/ thrust bearing noise

    Is this something that gets worse over time and can it cause damage longer term? How much would it cost to put right? May be worth getting an expert opinion so you can get it sorted by the 'dealer' while under warranty. Plenty of experts on here of course but if I were you I would want someone to have a proper listen and confirm that it is indeed the thrust bearing and not something else. Maybe there is a mechanically minded Z owner near you who could help?
  4. Ponsonby

    370 Steering Lock

    So £2K to get it to work - then pull the fuse so it doesn't work. I'd be feeling faint too. I hope someone has a work around for you, that cost is just insane.
  5. Ponsonby

    Brexit again

    Well put Docwra - could not agree more! My business operates in the science sector which is already struggling and we have not left the EU yet.
  6. Ponsonby

    Unbelievable insurance quote

    Ouch!! I pay around £500 total for my 2 cars but will try LV to see if I can get better. One of the few advantages of being 55.
  7. I'm afraid that those ends not being cut straight would play havoc with my OCD.
  8. The sedan RS3 is the facelift one and considerably quieter than the pre facelift one with sport exhaust. I went from a Nismo to the RS3 and the difference in performance is huge. But I just want a toy for weekends and so just went for the cleanest 350Z I could find. It feels a bit retro after the RS which I like and love the lines of the 350.
  9. I have recently gone from a 2016 RS3 to a 2006 350Z. No regrets whatsoever. The RS3 was amazingly fast but apart from the fabulous engine note not that involving - also way too easy to hit license losing speeds. My previous 350Z was the car I have enjoyed the most in the last few years so I bought another. Nice healthy bank account now too, but please don't tell the wife
  10. Ponsonby

    New 350z Cheshire Owner

    Very nice - love the Sunset Orange. All being well I will be picking up a 350Z on Monday and re-joining the fold. Cheshire member too.
  11. Ponsonby

    Any others owned their zed 10yrs plus?

    Love your car Headphones, and have done since we met you at Cars and Coffee Chester. Not looking to upgrade yourself are you? I am on the hunt for another Zed to pamper.
  12. Ponsonby

    Wanted - My 4th Zed

    Following a brief interlude to an RS3 I am now looking to get another Zed. Looking to spend up to £15K. Am interested in either a 370Z or a 350Z. It will be a toy to be used when my sometimes dodgy back feels up to it. This will probably be my last sports car so has to be a good one : ) Must be in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition although I accept that stone chips are unavoidable. Must have service history, not necessarily Nissan, and the lower the mileage the better - although higher mileage cars considered with proof of works done. Car should be standard but will consider cars with exhaust / air inlet upgrades so long as it is not ridiculously loud. Most colours acceptable - not keen on black due to the maintenance it requires, unless a bargain and then I can pay someone to keep it clean : ) I am located in Nantwich, Cheshire. Willing to travel a little to view but would appreciate honesty as to a cars condition. If you are looking for a good forever home for your 'garage queen' or 'pride and joy' please pm me with the details. Thanks, Chris
  13. Ponsonby

    Ride Comfort

    I found mine to be pretty harsh and unforgiving, especially over knackered roads. The GT Edition I had before that was far better ride quality. The Nismo did however feel more of a 'sports car', more 'immediate' in every sense. But being an old git with a sometimes dodgy back I would go for GT Edition next time - or should I say this time since I am on the hunt for my 4th Z
  14. Ponsonby

    [SOLD]350Z Boot Mat - Free

    Sorry but it has been taken. Mods can you please lock or delete this thread. Thanks.
  15. Ponsonby

    We Buy Any Car

    Many of us have travelled to view and buy our Zed's so don't worry about your location. Stone chips are expected and unavoidable and you can source a new reflector easily enough.