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  1. I paid around £350 to have mine done - that was all the diff bushes replaced not just the leaking rear one since the diff was off anyway - and the Whiteline kit includes all the bushes. That price included labour, bush kit and VAT. Actually I was lucky and didn't pay - spotted it quickly and the trader who sold me the car stumped up for it.
  2. I assume you are going 240 / 260Z? Must admit that the itch I have for a 240Z is getting quite severe - I think that as soon as the right one comes up then I will be raiding my bank account. Way too much money but I was looking at the MZR website at the weekend - absolutely gorgeous.
  3. Bought some of the C2 a couple of weeks ago from Wax and Shine. Its great. Have driven the car a couple of times this week on very wet roads full of puddles. Was expecting a filthy car but she is clean as a whistle - actually looks like she has just been washed. Beading is not as good as some quick detailers I have used but certainly more dirt repellent.
  4. Ponsonby


    I get that : ) I was just meaning that to 'really' wind up Payco it needed to be on a Nismo.
  5. Ponsonby


    But yours in not a Nismo so it doesn't count. Payco was rather specific!
  6. If you grew up in SA then you will be aware of potential risks that apply to other countries as well. I used to part own a business that was based in Grahamstown, couple of hours out of Port Elizabeth. This involved frequent visits to SA and I absolutely love it there, but you do need your wits about you. A few months ago I was reading a list of the top 50 most dangerous places in the world and realised that I had worked in 20+ of them. I am still alive and have never been mugged or robbed.
  7. I only take finance if it is interest free or very low interest and a significant deposit contribution. I then leave my cash invested earning interest.
  8. I normally just change provider and then when I phone the original provider and they offer a discount I tell them to get lost - should have offered me the best deal in the first place. But that is just me being arsy and making a point. Letter from gas supplier at the weekend telling me that my deal had expired and that I was now being put on their standard tariff - 30 minutes later I had changed and saved myself £170 a year.
  9. Flippin heck, £390 per year!! Does that include car insurance as well? I change most years, unless they keep the premium sensible in which case I will stay. This years cover is with LV because it was lumped in with my car insurance and was around £30-40. Breakdown and national recovery, I don't bother with home start.
  10. If you get the car sorted in time then perhaps consider coming along to the Shelsley Walsh meeting. Its probably a 3 hour drive for you but get off the M6 at Crewe or Stoke and take the A roads, its a nice drive. There are 20+ other owners going and if you book as part of the 350Z OC then only £12.50. The experience will help you feel the love for your car and Z ownership experience.
  11. Can someone please add me to the list. Thanks. Ponsonby + 1 (Paid)
  12. My 370 GT Edition used to have a clicky axle so I guess so.
  13. Oh good grief. We are about to get our very own Donald Trump. My wife was born in Canada - time to start filling out the forms I think....
  14. Don't know if these water purifiers are suitable for the hard core detailers on this forum? https://www.bidspotter.co.uk/en-gb/auction-catalogues/robson-kay/catalogue-id-ro10221?CategoryCode=MED#lot-59187b80-6636-4d2b-9fc2-aa4d012c083c
  15. If you are really concerned then suck up the cost of a call from Jamaica and phone them! Alternatively if you have internet then download something like Skype and call using that. Or check if Westway have internet chat.



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