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  1. Starting price was £6K, the buy it now was £15K.
  2. Nismo does give a harsh ride and the Recaro seats difficult to get into if you have mobility problems. I used to own a 370Z GT Edition (not to be confused with GT) which was great suspension wise. They were 'tuned' for UK roads and it really did make a difference. I am now back in a 350Z and find the suspension more compliant than my Nismo was - and before anyone asks, the shipping spacers had been removed.
  3. Makes the MZR Roadsports 240z's look like a bargain - at 'only' around £90K. Come on 'Ernie', pick my numbers...
  4. My 'veggie' daughter likes to argue that if we all went vegetarian then there would be far less livestock and greenhouse emissions would be significantly reduced. However, she is the 'windiest' person in our family by a long way (only veggie) so my counter argument is that if we all went veggie we would just produce as much methane as the cows anyway. This was backed up the other week when she fed us a certain type of bean. The flatulence effects were most impressive - much to my amusement and my wife's disgust.
  5. Great day today. Great weather, great location, great cars and great company. Looked like the event was well attended so hopefully there will be another next year. It's a really nice venue and would highly recommend going to watch a hill climb event there. Thanks for organising Andy.
  6. Unfortunately yes. Loads of narrow B roads on my journey so am expecting mine to be filthy.
  7. Flippin heck - £25K just for the shell?
  8. I also saw the Supra at Donnington and was not taken with it. I'd like to see it in the flesh in a different colour - not sure the black showed off its lines very well.
  9. Andy - what time would you like us there on Saturday?
  10. Perhaps the poor chap is lonely. Give him a break : )
  11. Enjoying the new TG line up too. Has made me laugh out loud a few times. Paddy is doing a good job (better than I expected) but for me Flintoff is the real 'character'.
  12. I guess that if they can still get away with it and get paid an obscene amount for doing so, then why not? Clarkson has been looking past it for the last 10 years or more. I am actually surprised that he is still well enough to do it - looks like he is about to die on some of their recent adventures.
  13. I paid around £350 to have mine done - that was all the diff bushes replaced not just the leaking rear one since the diff was off anyway - and the Whiteline kit includes all the bushes. That price included labour, bush kit and VAT. Actually I was lucky and didn't pay - spotted it quickly and the trader who sold me the car stumped up for it.
  14. I assume you are going 240 / 260Z? Must admit that the itch I have for a 240Z is getting quite severe - I think that as soon as the right one comes up then I will be raiding my bank account. Way too much money but I was looking at the MZR website at the weekend - absolutely gorgeous.
  15. Bought some of the C2 a couple of weeks ago from Wax and Shine. Its great. Have driven the car a couple of times this week on very wet roads full of puddles. Was expecting a filthy car but she is clean as a whistle - actually looks like she has just been washed. Beading is not as good as some quick detailers I have used but certainly more dirt repellent.



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