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  1. Lovely car. Tempted to treat myself to a Christmas present ....
  2. Must be really difficult going up against Amazon / Ebay and the huge number of other sellers. Can't imagine that the margins are brilliant meaning you would have to shift a huge amount of product to make any money plus digital marketing is expensive. Thank heavens that it is not your day job. If you have recovered your initial investment then that is good and at least you have given it a go.
  3. Yup - by about another 25 years. Wonder how old we need to be before insurance goes up again due to being doddery old fools with slow reaction times. If my son is reading this - no comments from you please.
  4. Next Ilogikal1 mega test - how many cars can you wash with a bottle of Fairy compared to cheaper brands?
  5. Ponsonby

    Ferrari Roma....

    The Roma looked a bit like an F-type at first glance from some angles.
  6. I went from 370Z Nismo to RS3. The RS3 was amazingly fast, much quicker than the Nismo, more so than any figures would suggest. But to really enjoy the RS3 you had to be doing way beyond licence losing speeds - so most of the time you might as well just be driving a standard A3. Main pull of the RS3 was the joy of the 5 cylinder engine. Apart from the engine no real character hence me going back to a 350Z which you can enjoy all of the time. Tempted by a Cayman but only because I promised myself a Porsche from childhood and its an itch I will need to scratch sometime.
  7. I had a 20V turbo some years back. Absolutely fantastic, definitely one of the best cars I have ever owned. It was boosted just a little more than stock and that seemed plenty in the way it delivered the power. Had the cloth 'turbo' seats which looked great, sprint blue with the bodykit so looked the business too. Very nose heavy with that 5 cylinder engine but more than made up for it in character.
  8. I went 350Z - 370Z - 370Z Nismo - Audi RS3 - 350Z So basically just stick with the 350Z
  9. Starting price was £6K, the buy it now was £15K.
  10. Nismo does give a harsh ride and the Recaro seats difficult to get into if you have mobility problems. I used to own a 370Z GT Edition (not to be confused with GT) which was great suspension wise. They were 'tuned' for UK roads and it really did make a difference. I am now back in a 350Z and find the suspension more compliant than my Nismo was - and before anyone asks, the shipping spacers had been removed.
  11. Makes the MZR Roadsports 240z's look like a bargain - at 'only' around £90K. Come on 'Ernie', pick my numbers...
  12. My 'veggie' daughter likes to argue that if we all went vegetarian then there would be far less livestock and greenhouse emissions would be significantly reduced. However, she is the 'windiest' person in our family by a long way (only veggie) so my counter argument is that if we all went veggie we would just produce as much methane as the cows anyway. This was backed up the other week when she fed us a certain type of bean. The flatulence effects were most impressive - much to my amusement and my wife's disgust.
  13. Great day today. Great weather, great location, great cars and great company. Looked like the event was well attended so hopefully there will be another next year. It's a really nice venue and would highly recommend going to watch a hill climb event there. Thanks for organising Andy.
  14. Unfortunately yes. Loads of narrow B roads on my journey so am expecting mine to be filthy.
  15. Flippin heck - £25K just for the shell?



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