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  1. I think lockdown messed with my head a little and I have now parted with both the 370Z and 350Z. I had picked up the 350Z from an auction, unseen gamble but cheap, had it been perfect it would have been an absolute bargain. It was mechanically great but was cosmetically challenged and playing havoc with my OCD. Got quotes to rectify but not easy with Temper Orange and financially did not make sense. I made a few quid on it when I sold it so nothing lost - and yes, buyer was well aware of cosmetic issues. I decided to try something a bit different and have never owned a lightweight sports car. I am not a massive fan of the later MX5 looks so have bought an Abarth 124 Spider. Not many were sold in the UK due to their crazy new list price but at 2 years old and 10K miles they can be had for less than 50% of the new price. I picked up a fully loaded bargain in immaculate condition and it is remarkably good fun. Easily and cheaply tuned due to it being a turbo. It may be italian design but it is built in Hiroshima so hopefully wont fall apart and I can still attend Japanese car meets. I will end up in another Zed though. I am keeping my eyes open and if the right one comes along I will buy it and store it until I get bored with the Abarth. For now though it is fun and interesting to explore a completely different style of motoring.
  2. That's been for sale for as long as I can remember - wonder why??
  3. I like to keep a close eye on the Z market and it always amazes me that I see a good car advertised privately and it does not sell. It then ends up in the hands of a trader, advertised for £2-3K more and it sells. Most traders buy in cheap and then sell on without doing anything to the car. Most of the small traders offer 3 months warranty, often asking you to pay for it, with Warrantywise or similar. You can buy such a warranty if you buy privately if you feel you need it. I doubt that any of them knowingly sell a bad car unless they have been sold a bad car. I guess that small fixes they will honour to keep the punter happy but are more likely to try and wriggle out of it if it is an expensive repair that will erode their profit or cause a loss. My advice would be to treat any car from a trader as if it were a private sale ie. check it thoroughly and don't expect much of a warranty. I would always negotiate hard on price and then what I saved would pay for any fixes if need be.
  4. Wow, that's one heck of an upgrade. At least you can be confident that you won't be looking back...
  5. Great to see the car they pictured was in the best colour too. I would be delighted to receive £10.5K for my 46K miles Temper Orange HR : )
  6. Looks like I may have to keep both then : )
  7. The journey continues. Another Zed loaded and on its way home. Just got to put my 2 Zeds together and decide which one to keep and which one to sell. Temper Orange 350Z HR GT or White 2016 370Z GT. Its going to be tough, I like the extra refinement of the 370Z but the 350Z really stands out and will likely hold its value nicely.
  8. The Temper Orange is almost impossible to match so a body kit will look bad. Far better to sell it to me cheap and then get one a different colour : )
  9. That'll teach you for eating shite : ) I know, I know, the kids wanted it not you ... Actually I feel your pain. Happened to me when I had a Z4 and could not believe how bad it chipped the sills even though I crawled along.
  10. My first Z was Temper Orange. Its a rare beast, please stick to OEM+ (that can be reversed) and no daft mods..
  11. Ponsonby

    What do we think

    Ah the good old days. I do miss them...
  12. Ponsonby

    What do we think

    It makes tyres last a lot longer so is eco friendly. Peter is not your Dragon, best to pitch to Deborah and take Greta as your wingman
  13. A young guy over on the facebook page bought it - and has 'your' wheels for sale already.
  14. I do love the look of the Mk1 Nismo but I know if I bought one I would soon regret the harsh ride.





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