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  1. Ponsonby

    To DeCAT or not to DeCAT

    Is it worth the decat just to release a little more power? Why not change to cat back custom made (they can get the sound you want) and keep your old exhaust. My car is completely original apart from the exhaust, but I have the original exhaust in case a future buyer wants to go back to 100% stock.
  2. Ponsonby

    Vue cinema pre show.... love the bass!

    And it is really annoying when you have paid a few quid to watch the movie in the cinema and then fall asleep ...
  3. Just been down this route with my daughter. She was looking at new cars on pcp and could get a good interest rate plus discount from the dealer that more than covered any interest. Changed her mind and decided to get a higher spec pre-reg car which is classed as second hand and the pcp interest rate was terrible. Much to my annoyance, when they printed out the pcp quotation it quotes the interest rates and the 'attractive' monthly payment but did not state how much interest was to be paid over the term - a bit surprised they can get away with that. As it was she just ended up getting 0% finance from the Bank of Dad : )
  4. All Z's have been Coupe. The 2 350's manual, the 370 was auto and the 370 Nismo was manual. The 350Z felt slow and heavy after the RS3 but I enjoy it much more. Can have fun at sensible speeds and feels a special place to be sat. The 350Z 'feels' to be getting quicker now though, perhaps as memories of the RS3 fade, or maybe just because it is getting driven properly now - its a 2006 and only covered 17,000 miles. Still had original front tyres on when I got it. My best driving days were in the 80's and 90's and the cars I enjoyed the most were a couple of XR4i's I had (2.8V6) plus one of each of the Nissan Sylvia's, S12/13/14 so the 350Z sits just nicely for me : )
  5. 350Z - 370Z - 370Z Nismo - Audi RS3 - 350Z so I fit your pattern. I didn't suddenly become poor, just decided that the 350Z suited my needs better than all the others : )
  6. Ponsonby

    Waxoyl Undersealing

    In the days of old, Waxoyl was not just sprayed underneath but applied to all the box sections, inside the sills, inside the doors etc. Not sure if they still do it the same. If done in an hour they are just likely to be spraying it over whatever crap is already there and potentially just hide any problems until they get serious.
  7. Ponsonby

    Car shaking when moving off

    Which model is it? Am sure I read that some HR's suffered from this and was solved with a re-map?? My HR was never smooth when pulling off unless you gave it a decent amount of revs. For you to pull off in second you would need to rev more hence no problem in second. I am sure someone with more knowledge than me will be along to offer help soon ..
  8. Ponsonby

    Stock Really That Quiet?

    I am in the older age group too and am not into modifying cars but when I had my 370 GT Edition I was so underwhelmed by the noise it made I fitted a Cobra resonated half system. Made enjoyment of the car several times better. The stock system is very quiet and the engine does not sound great at higher revs. Even worse in the 370Z Nismo, the exhaust was only slightly louder than a 'normal' 370Z but was drowned out by the stupid manufactured noise that Nissan pipes into the cabin in a pathetic attempt to cover up the fact the exhaust is too quiet.
  9. Ponsonby

    A performance daily?

    Very much the same with my RS3 which is why I am back in a 350Z and loving it. A car with soul.. But then the O/P wants a daily so the criteria may be different
  10. Ponsonby

    Z Nation Germany

    Like the fact that no two Zed's are the same. I have dared to be different - left mine completely standard. Not even a 'stubby'.
  11. Ponsonby

    *For Sale* 350Z V6 Engine coffee table

    I never noticed my other half breaking my back. It has been a very slow erosion of the bone over many years ….. And the tess tickles were sorted when she sent me off to be neutered. Not sure if that was because she didn't want any more kids or because I had outlived my usefulness.
  12. Ponsonby

    Rusty underside... JDM

    Looks pretty clean under there. My diff bush had gone at 17,000 miles. Suspect it is age of car related rather than mileage related? It perishes and then the fluid filling leaks out. I think that many owners either don't notice or just ignore it? I spotted mine quickly and got the person who sold me the car to pay for it. Had the diff dropped out and all the bushes changed even though only the rear one had gone. Changed for Whiteline - don't think Nissan just sell the bush, you have to buy the whole mount.
  13. Ponsonby

    *For Sale* 350Z V6 Engine coffee table

    Same here. The two petrolheads in the house, including the one who pays the mortgage, say YES but wife says NO. So much for democracy.... Tempted for my office at work though - wife free domain.
  14. Ponsonby

    Scratch proof paint, anyone got it?

    Unfortunately it looks like the dealer invoice listed the option as 'scratch proof' when it should have been 'scratch shield'. Scratch shield reduces the number of scratches and may repair some light scratches but will not stop scratches altogether. My GT Edition had some light scratches but you had to look really hard because it was white, and according to the blurb the scratch shield was standard on that model? The sales people could have just told porkies or just not understood the product - every time I have been new car shopping the dealers have tried to sell me Supagard and you would not believe the miracle properties this stuff is 'supposed' to have.
  15. Ponsonby

    Tyre Query

    I think I was faster in my 2.0S Capri than I am in my Zed - but then that probably had Michelin tyres on it : )