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  1. Looking for 2005 mirror and full mounting bracket. Kuro ideally any colour considered if not.
  2. Twas a joke, sorry forgot to add smiley tongue face
  3. Price updated, off to ebay soon.....
  4. 12 months from Marshalls. I'll ask them, no harm in asking I suppose and a big company like that my call provably wont get logged against my name/car.
  5. 64GB on EE, might be unlocked not sure £320+postage Mint as just had new screen fitted
  6. Good day all, wondering if you're all at the royal wedding? I recently purchased a Q7 and wondering if a map would hinder the warranty the garage has put on it. I cant see anything in the warranty document.
  7. Put it on DVD, next time follow the guy home and post it through his letter box.
  8. Not far from me, I could go check it out.
  9. If she worked at my office I'd get nothing done. Well something would get done.
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