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  1. Silver 350, 53 plate in Car park 1A Whiteknights Really liked your Jap window sticker
  2. No shadow for Punxsutawney Phil this time.....just blimin’ cold
  3. Yeah, she was losing power in the higher gears and causing me much woe....grrr. New clutch, discs/pads and one of Mr AC’s special services and she’s back in the game! Say “Hi” to Adam for me Man, you posted one sorry looking pic! Here’s one of her enjoying the sun at lunchtime today.
  4. Nude chess might get more takers
  5. Hello & welcome Mine's going up for sale in the New Year if you're not in too much of a rush?!
  6. IT'LL BE AWESOME. 'NUFF SAID. END OF. TD has the best soundtrack.
  7. You pulled out of the Total garage in front of me. Sun was quite bright so couldn't work out if black or midnight blue(?) but looked very nice
  8. Aahh in one meal, you've covered the 3 major food groups of any serious bodybuilder....salt, fat & sugar! And there I was feeling really guilty last night after I ate a Curly Wurly, YOU had a whole tub of ice cream!!! Hang on a minute, Baileys Haagen Dazs? You told me you don't drink?! Coming from a scientific background, I really don't rate the long term use of protein/whey drinks & supplements vs a good diet for sustained muscle development. It's a bit like dieters using weight loss pills, at the end of the day good diet & hardwork wins through every time. But I know you guys won't listen
  9. Have good a good emotional song for you all.....Mad World from Donnie Darko. If I hear it & start singing, halfway through my voice cracks and I well up. Nightmare if I'm driving at the time lol Can't sit through the film without being reduced to a blubbering wreck either.... TBH I think I'm one of those people that makes an emotional connection with most of the music I listen to. Music can completely change my mood or performance. Can't imagine life without music! TT350, it's great you're listening to stuff you haven't heard for ages.....hope you're enjoying your musical journey of rediscovery
  10. Austin mk1 Mini Cooper s 1275 in racing green
  11. Watched this last night, beautiful Datsun
  12. I had a GT86 for a day, took it on track and played with it on a skid pan. Interior was by far much nicer than my 350, but then that's over 12 years old now. Very easy to drive (from 350 owner). Weight/balance ratio pretty much spot on. Turned off all the 'helpful buttons' and was able to slide it around nicely. Not sure I even noticed rear seats?! But lovely, all-round car. Power was mildly irritating! Would I buy one? Not right now, was more than happy to jump back into my 350. They do look nice when you drive past them though.
  13. Very tempting - thanks for the offer I am free that day & would be pretty cool to pop along. Is that a Mazda on Track day?





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