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  1. Definitely helps! Thanks for that. Yeh I'm figuring 150 quid for oil and a battery is a small price to pay for the peace of mind. New wheels and tires will be coming at some point, so if the tires have a little flat spot it's not the end of the world. Roads are so bumpy here I probably won't be ableto tell.
  2. That's the whole problem with the Z, gotta spend a 'lot' to get something 'better'. Good luck with the R, hot hatches are still great in their element!
  3. Hiya all, given the ownership cycles of our cars, I don't suppose many of you will remember me, so here's a short refresher on my back story...Sorry for the essay. :D I'm a Brit living in Greece. Been through a number of sports cars in the past. Bought a 350z about 4 years ago following the theft of my rare BMW 335xi with 400hp <sniff>, the Z had been horribly abused by previous owners; suspension arms and springs cut for moar low, huge chinese wheels, mismatched tyres, LED disco in the dashboard, main key lost, only valet key, missing reservoir caps in the engine, wrong clutch plate
  4. Still in the box mate, can't tell you, but a vendor on here sells them, Chris at TarmacSportz, maybe he can help you out. When I fit mine it will be September-ish, cos I'm getting a new rear bumper, so I wouldn't hold your breath for my input, sorry bro. About the spacers, yeh, it was a visual thing, but it is also more common to have staggered spacers,. I also have the same spacers on the same wheels, so it's a gap I'm used to seeing. 20/25 and 25/30 being the favoured combos. Some do go 20/20, but those that do have a visually more sunken rear than us.
  5. Just got some that look identical meself (LED rear fog/indicator), courtesy of tarmacsportz! Nice Zed, welcome! P.S. By the way, I could be wrong, but I reckon you've got 25mm spacers on the rear (if they are stockers painted black, which they look like).
  6. Aashenfox

    photobucket p500

    Don't know how photobucket will carry on now. Nobody is going to use them. Unless they are reinventing themselves for some totally different purpose, I don't understand how this is a good business decision. I find it hard to believe that a lawyer couldn't argue that the damage they have done to existing internet content amounts to destruction of people's intellectual property (though I'm sure there is some fine print that is supposed to protect them, but we all know the fine print means nothing unless the judge agrees that it's appropriate, reasonable and consummate with the service provided).
  7. I've got those pads on my wishlist too, seem like a bargain for a genuine 'jdm' product, I would wear them without hesitation, very prestigious brand.
  8. By the way... http://www.planet-9.com/911-complaints/95429-beware-premature-failure-porsche-pccb-ceramic-brakes.html I'd say this supports my assertion that much more expensive discs (10 GRAND a set) also crack, and that cost is not an indicator of quality or longevity.
  9. Yeh, I was going on anecdotes which most car enthusiasts have heard, if it's an urban legend, so be it, I assumed it was valid I've heard it so often. Anyway, as previous, picking up on a single debatable point, does not invalidate what I was saying. Horses for courses, those advocating spending 700 quid on a set of road discs are doing nobody except the manufacturers a favour.
  10. An hour drive is an excuse to give her a run, get 'er down to CS.
  11. Bloody hell, I'd forgotten how bad that was. I don't know if I'd have been happy to take the car back if I was Blackadder! Even with McLaren god level engineers telling me everything's fine. Hate insurance companies, mine stuffed me, and the funny thing is, people who have a lot of claims experience have told me I did quite well with my settlement. :O What show fixed that F40? I've been out of the UK too long, but I want to see it!
  12. Thanks for being so condescending, that was really nice of you. I venture that there are more tread patterns than different types of metal used in brake disc manufacture, let alone rubber compounds, radial types, and everything else but that's not relevant anyway so let's not get bogged down in whether or not I like Ewen's analogy. My 5 year old knows what heat treatment is (probably?) what does that have to do with why the OP needs to spend double on some DBAs? Especially given that the stock discs on the Porsche 911s are well known for cracking and they're a grand a corner. Don't te
  13. I came here late, but I was going to say...no camera improvements, and none were needed. There's no reason an S7 owner should upgrade, unless you are being stalked by the fashion police.
  14. I had no idea that those high frequency things worked on young humans. Thanks for the info. By the way though, they absolutely SHAFT the local wildlife too, so use those frequency emitter things with care. Poor bats and owls, etc.
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