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  1. Thanks Adrian you have been a major help. Will be ordering two new arms from you this week !
  2. I have full service history with all invoices and reciepts and it doesnt seem they have ever been changed - i think im going to just put my mind at ease and order new arms and bushes and have it all done!
  3. Just to close this topic: The problem was the DS banana arm dropping on its bushing. Thanks to all for the help!
  4. ok so sanity check: i went to see the arms again and here they are: PS: DS: Only the DS arm has dropped on the bushing. Would it be worth purchasing polyeutherane bushings and pressing them onto the existing arms first? And if the DS ball joint is gone, then i guess i have to purchase 2 new arms? (@mdmetal - as you mentioned its not a good idea to have 2 different arms on the car)
  5. So do you guys i think i should first try and just replace the bushings on the banana arm? - im not sure what the balljoint condition is :S Or should i replace both the bushings and the banana arms on both sides? Thanks
  6. Thanks so much, exactly what i was looking for!
  7. Hi All, Had my car on the ramp and as you can i my arm has fallen off its bushing on the right side. Help i need is picking the right components to order: I want to replace the right side CR and on the left side just that drop links, am i correct in thinking i only need to order these parts? 1) Banana Arm - Tarmac or Moog? any advice appreciated 2) Drop links - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FOR-NISSAN-350Z-Z33-3-5-2002-FRONT-LEFT-RIGHT-ANTIROLL-BAR-STABILISER-LINKS/162247440076?hash=item25c6b376cc:g:RhoAAOSwKOJYGgOt Thanks for the help
  8. Hi All, I've recently got an unusual squeeking and knocking noise in my 2007 350z: Symptoms: 1. Squeeking when standing and turning wheel 2. Squeeking and a low volume knock at low speeds hitting bumps (only at the front) 3. There is also a weird knocking noise coming from behind the pedals when approaching a stop to 0kmh (when braking). It happens when im at about 20kmh -> 0kmh and braking softly. It isn't a squeek like would be if brakes were wearing out, but as if someone knocking with a hammer on the pedals (but there is no opposing force so braking feels normal and smooth) . Not sure if its linked with the squeeks from the suspension? I think its my compression arm and has fallen of its ball joint and will be taking it to check up ASAP. Any other ideas as to what the problem could be? Thanks for the help,
  9. Hey Fellow 350z lovers, I have rust building on my door hinges and was wondering what i need to do to get rid of it. I'm looking for some people with experience doing this and what products are good to buy? Much appreciated,
  10. Engine Oil, Genuine Nissan Oil filter, Genuine Nissan Air Filter, Genuine Nissan Gearbox Oil, Genuine Nissan Differential Oil, Brake Fluid ChanEngine Oil, Genuine Nissan Oil filter, Genuine Nissan Air Filter, Genuine Nissan Gearbox Oil, Genuine Nissan Differential Oil, Brake Fluid Change – Prices from £345.00 – its on their webpage for cougar store £345.00
  11. Thanks guys, is £345 a fair price for a P3 service? Seems quite high...
  12. Hey Guys, It's that time where i need to service my car (engine oil, tranny and diff) but want to go to a renowned garage. I live near Coventry, is there anywhere you guys can recommend? Thanks,
  13. what GTR ? Is it not a GTR R34? or GT-T?
  14. That GTR is freaking sweet!





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