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  1. Cool, can you PM me price and postage. I'll reply with address etc
  2. Does anyone breaking or stripped out have one of these for me? I'd really appreciate it.
  3. @DeeJayDready I'm at this same question? Can you advise what you went for?
  4. Mik Du

    New brakes

    @SHEZZA I wish he'd got back to you... Haha. I've got gold brembos?
  5. I'd have the skirts too. Depending on where you are.
  6. It's the only way to park a Z
  7. Well. This is all way beyond me but Wow... I just want to skip to the end! Hope this all works out! And can't wait to see the end product - had to comment something just to get on the updates!
  8. Today @ 530ish. Onto the old A1nth. Very nice mods. I rarely see another Z up here but when I do you can bet I'm not in mine
  9. I think I need something like this @rickdon. I'll pick mine up if you don't mind.
  10. I was at Squires last night. First Tues of every month is a jap meet. I'll be there next month too. I'm up for a meet elsewhere too if interest builds.
  11. Eyup mate. Can't be many of these in Yorkshire. I'll keep my eye out for thi
  12. Just me & @rickdon? @ATTAK Z? @G1en@waxandshine?
  13. Is it going 'wor' or 'worworworworwor' or 'WORRRRRRR' or 'Wor, huh, what is it good for?'
  14. Ended up a nice height that mate. What did you go for in the end?



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