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  1. Carbon bonnet

    Sad times - From what you're selling looks like would've been a tidy little project!
  2. Carbon bonnet

    Just out of curiosity mate.. you're selling loads of good kit on and around here, did you sell your 350 or just go a different route?
  3. HR induction kit comparison

    There’s a chap on fb group hat was selling these that I was hoping to buy (then bushes at galley gasket went) so he may still have them. i did a lot of reading and general opinion was vague increase in bhp in general but if you can shove air down them (I.e. take front bumper off lol) you can get more respectful gains but you would need to heat wrap the metal pipe work as they suffer from heat soak. Some said they had up to 15hp gains in the states but was sceptical myself. I was investigating options of replacing the tubing with silicon hoses too in order to reduce heat soak... which I’m sure could be done but makes it all very expensive but still may do it though lol. Also I think the injen ones generally had better reviews than stillen - pm me if you the Facebook sellers deetz.
  4. 100% Suspension NOOB

    I’ve read a lot of good things about cougarstore up them ways, that would be my first trips I think someone previously mentioned but you need a good mechanic that knows what to look for specifically on a Zed imo. If you’re up for a trip further south I use FCM motorsport in Bristol’s they’ve been great... Don’t look like much but they know they’re stuff and came highly recommended. They had a good check during MOT and (though I was a sceptical at first) went with his advice to get some super pro poly bushes in the front (yet to finish the back) which alone has transformed the handling and made it feel way more planted... I’d recommend doing this either way if you can in addition to what’s already been recommended!
  5. Hi - I'd like to order front and rear z badges for my 350z (HR) - I'll be paint matching them myself so do you provide them primed and ready to be painted rather than gloss black etc? Cheers, Ryan
  6. CF Nismo wing fitment issues

    Hi all, hoping for some advice as to options with (what was sold second hand as) an after market siebon Nismo n1 replica wing.. I took the old one off today and went to fit the new but the new one has gaps on the left hand side rear of the wing (pictured). Hard to get good pictures though to show the problem as worse in person! I’m pretty sure I can just sand it back to fit better but having never sanded back CF just wanted to make sure I’m fine in doing this first? By doing this it should sit further back and hopefully bring the wing tip on to same position as other side (can see in pictures one side is much closer!). Now, it could be my boot lid isn’t straight but does look fine to me and going by the pics definitely seems to me to be the wing that’s off, not the boot! So advice much appreciated.. if I can’t sand it does anyone know if I can build up and shape it that way? Cheers!
  7. Jdm Coombe 2nd June 2018

    Add me to the list please - booked & paid! Also from Bristol - coming from Totterdown or Stoke Gifford (depending on which one of my mates responds to invite first lol)
  8. Isn't that the same as this one(?): Won't find a better price than that for brand new kit!
  9. renovation of doorcard handle

    I sanded mine back, sprayed with primer, sanded again then vinyl'd in a pearl white to match my exterior.. still not happy with the vinyl though so I've got attempt #3 soon lol... Would have been much easier to just spray it satin black to look OEM again!! Hydrodipping has good results and you can get home kits too so can be cost effective - Either way you will have to sand it back as if you dipped/sprayed/vinyled how it is, you will see the scuff marks come through... Takes patience but definitely a DIY job imo.
  10. Aftermarket Air Filters - any benefits

    I've been looking in to this - Seems that long tube intakes can give benefits but they need to be mounted in such a way as to maximize the amount of air-flow. Also apparently can suffer from heat-soak so heatwrap would be advised. I've had mixed reviews and advice but decided to go for long tube cold intakes before I get mine remapped.
  11. *** TORQEN *** 350z DE, 350z HR and 370z High Flow Cats

    Just received! wooo!
  12. *** TORQEN *** 350z DE, 350z HR and 370z High Flow Cats

    \o/ Perfect timing to be fitted with my new headers! Cheers for the update
  13. I didn't see this and missed out What was the turn out like?
  14. Service cost

    I had mine done on a 58 plate HR at 48kish which came in around £270 I believe - They did say I should have spark plugs and break / trans fluid done ideally but not essential (did them any way via another garage) - If your service includes all that then explains the price but still seems a bit rich in my opinion! Just FYI - Spark plugs from Wessex Nissan in Bristol (fitted) would have been £201 - The HR have more expensive plugs than a lot of cars so didn't think that was too bad (though still had it done elsewhere for less!). ignore me - 370z section not the 350z I thought I was in lol.