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  1. Bump! These are still for sale.
  2. Hi - I have some from my HR - done around 60k miles but good nick if you’re still looking
  3. Hi - I’ve got a pair of these from my HR that are in good nick in storage. Want to sell as a pair though but let me know if interested. cheers
  4. Hello mate - I have my front and rear up for sale (HR oem) for grabs. Good nick, about 58k in them, only pic I’ve got is against my Ohlins replacements but happy to get more if needed (they’re in storage at the moment) but I’m going to have to go there soon anyway. pm me if interested cheers Ryan
  5. Hello mate - im interested in these if can post to Bristol? Drop me a pm if you can!
  6. Ok, I disagree after comparing the connectors but it’s a moot point anyway regardless as it’s the StopTech’s I’m selling.
  7. Bought these for my 370 Akebono upgrade for my 350 but decided to stick with the HEL’s I already had so these are up for sale. New in original packaging £160 including delivery ono.
  8. No worries - if you have any in stock in future let me know! cheers ryan
  9. Does this have the face lift interior?’ if so I’m after the door plastics that the window switches sit in for my HR. cheers Ryan
  10. Nope, still got them and need to shift them!
  11. I’ve got the foam/polystyrene available - for a HR and unsure if different for a DE? bristol based.
  12. Foo56

    Standard air intake

    I have oem instakes for sale for a HR also.. unsure if you’re already sorted or this is for DE/HR?
  13. Nice one. Where you based? Edit; never mind.. just read Bournemouth! I’d have to get them collected so will see how much that is if they’re not taken
  14. Where are you based? I’ll snap these up if there still available!





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