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  1. Bumper panel gap

    I had this - The metal part of the bumper was sitting proud like on yours (circled below) so I had to flatten this out, then also try to bend the arms that the bumper sits on back up slightly (as I stupidly left it hanging over night and it dropped as a result). Don't tighten the up fully until the weight of the bumper is nicely distributed also.. Mine's nice and flush now, took some gentle persuasion, second pair of hands and patience to get it back though!
  2. *** TORQEN *** 350z HR and 370z High Flow Cats

    Any update on these? Trying to budget.. so many mods to buy, not enough money!
  3. 350Z - Cruise Control

    Also as it's cold a lot of people get sticking clutch pedal. The pedal needs to fully retract to engage the cruise control switch or it won't engage so if you hook your foot and pull the clutch pedal towards you and try again, may have more joy? (Mines doing the exact thing at the moment - I adjusted my clutch pedal though, need to undo it a bit now!)
  4. This for DE or HR?
  5. Black Revup

    Sorry to quote old post! I'm planning on removing mine on the weekend - It's pretty straight forward from the looks of it. Did you just double sided tape the reg back on to the front bumper?
  6. Was impressed by this. Good fitment (after some bending to shape as described in instructions) was shipped quickly and looks good! Don't know why they didn't do something similar from factory, it ties in with the other metal finish nicely. Before and after picture..
  7. DIY carbon parts for the interior.

    I'm really not a fan of carbon fibre as I think it's over-used and tacky... But this looks really good, subtle and well made - hats off!
  8. Could you keep me posted on this if this doesn't sell please?
  9. *** TORQEN *** 350z HR and 370z High Flow Cats

    Definitely interested in these for my HR - Put my name down
  10. Can this just replace the SatNav unit and slot in it's place do you know? Or will I need to get the whole surround section for it?
  11. DE vs HR engines

    I bought a HR few months back after deliberating the same question. I feel like I went the right way, I found a good clean example (then went sideways in to a barrier :| ) but the ride is smooth, the sound is ace, interior is OK - Though a can of halfords primer, matt black spray paint and sand paper sorts out the scratches very easily. I haven't been in a DE so certainly not best placed to advise, but I'm very happy with my recent HR purchase.
  12. Aftermarket alarm

    Hi all, Hoping for some advice on here as struggling to find concise answers when googling! Basically, I'd like to upgrade my alarm to increase functionality/modernise my '58 plate 350 - I'd like to unlock the car and for the side lights to come on, to be able to open and close the windows from the fob and a remote start would be nice. Ultimately I want to get rid of the old key and get a flip key in it's place - Have ordered a Mica replacement flip key for £7 I'll try to transplant to, but after having the lights on unlock on my other car I find myself wanting it on this one! Has any one got after market alarm, did it decrease insurance, hard to fit etc? Cheers, Ryan
  13. Di Did you keep the standard orange LED's on the steering wheel controls? I'd like to change mine to red but unsure what size LEDs to get!