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  1. Foo56

    HR induction kit comparison

    Yes you do mate. Bit fiddly but not too hard - Could do with widening the two air intake holes too but it does fit (just tight).
  2. Foo56


    From the research I did, there is lower air-pressure under the car (especially when helped with other aero mods) The tray (and zspeed/other alternatives) adds to this. This lower air-pressure helps suck out the air from the engine bay, via these vents which helps the hot air escape (which Torqen one has more of) so I think that's why it's better cooling. Can't remember the articles I read, but more info is readily available if you have a quick google.. Downside is, it's heavier than zspeed but mine felt like it stiffened the front up a bit (though could have just been in my mind)..has fared fine against those speed bumps I've taken a bit too fast though!
  3. As title says - I've upgraded mine and have these bits taking up much needed room in storage. All items are in good condition, just need a clean up (which I didn't have time to do before taking the picture!). Can take more pictures if required. Under tray (the front lip section will be taken off and not part of the sale) - £40 Strut Brace - £65 Intakes - £150 Reflectors - £50 Open to offers. Collection from Bristol, or postage at buyer's expense. Apologies I don't have more/better pictures - I had limited space & time to work with! Thanks, Ryan Insert other media
  4. Foo56


    I got torqen one too. It also the vents at the bottom help suck hot air out of the engine bay, which is never a bad thing!
  5. Just to add to this - About 30 seconds after I'd clicked "search" I had a call from BeWiser saying "My colleague has just seen your online quote and has asked me to contact you as we think we can improve on that", I said OK and she passed me over to them... He had no information on me what so ever and had no idea about what she had said so it was a complete lie as I suspected. Extremely dishonest and if the company operates in that way, they won't be getting a penny from me.
  6. Just had quote for my motorbike - Was around same as compare the market etc. Will be looking elsewhere to be honest.
  7. Foo56

    Southwest breakfast meet

    Yea I reckon I could make this.
  8. Foo56

    HR induction kit comparison

    Also late to the party.. but thought I could hopefully add some value to the thread as I have Injen's now. I purchased Injen long tubes (black). Was easy enough to fit, though when I compare against Stillen pics, I think that the silicon tubes are wider than the aluminium ones on the Stillen. Bit of "body weight persuasion" needed to squeeze stuff in, but it comes with all the brackets for horn relocation and didn't require drilling like the Stillen kit.. and it was cheaper! Also, the Injen intakes sit lower on the front and more in-line with the airflow from the front vents. I've since had mine mapped (alongside several other mods) - Have posted dyno results in the thread FYI but my car is making very impressive gains and I think this mod contributory to that. I was warned off of long tube CAI due to heat soak and gains vs cost reasons when enquiring about maps etc. I decided to do more research and in the end decided it was worth the risk, especially after reading 350butcher's thread. I went for black as it dissipates heat better - Can't remember specific reasons why it does but I did my research before ordering (infra-red related if I remember correctly). During the mapping at Horsham, I kept a close eye on the ambient vs intake temps and found the intake temps to me marginally lower than ambient... and that's on a rolling road with a fan infront! Pic's FYI. I do think they're worth it, especially when done in hand with other breather mods. They look cool, give good gains (though I did this mod at the same time as several others) and sound cool when they're sucking in all that cold air!
  9. Foo56

    Dyno results info thread

    Took my '58 plate HR to Horsham on 16/10/18, was cool to see the process and would recommend them for sure. 55k on the clock, running Tesco momentum 99. I went to them with low expectations of getting no more than around 320 fwhp, was more after improving the drive, fueling and feel. Engine mods: Injen long tube CAI. DC sports SS exhaust manifolds. Torqen HFC. Custom cat back exhaust (Infinity exhaust in Bristol). Results: First dyno: 329.6 fwhp / 272.9 whp After map: 338.5 fwhp / 280.7 whp Really happy with that especially as I have been advised by a few people against the manifolds and CAI when I was doing my research pre-purchase - One of the highest HR's they had seen @H-Dev that's non FI apparently, and the drive is WAY smoother and more enjoyable now! Have also attached a picture showing the temperatures as I've been advised previously that long tube CAI suffer from heat soak (which is why I went for black Injen's over Stillen), but on this you can see (even just a fan in front of the car) that temperature on intakes is slightly lower than ambient, so actually driving this would be lower still.
  10. Foo56

    Flyboy Mirror Fold Module - cs2000

    I'll have one please! 1. TubbyZ 2. Shire 3. Foo56 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.  9. 10.  
  11. I'd like one too please!
  12. EDIT: Front's! (not rears as I originally posted in this response lol).
  13. I've been told that they will fit DE Brembo's as the 350z HR Brembo & DE Brembo setup's are the same. They're RTS streetmasters rears with the hats painted in black UHT - Brand new, just kept in storage as surplus to requirement!