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  1. No worries - if you have any in stock in future let me know! cheers ryan
  2. Does this have the face lift interior?’ if so I’m after the door plastics that the window switches sit in for my HR. cheers Ryan
  3. Nope, still got them and need to shift them!
  4. I’ve got the foam/polystyrene available - for a HR and unsure if different for a DE? bristol based.
  5. Foo56

    Standard air intake

    I have oem instakes for sale for a HR also.. unsure if you’re already sorted or this is for DE/HR?
  6. Nice one. Where you based? Edit; never mind.. just read Bournemouth! I’d have to get them collected so will see how much that is if they’re not taken
  7. Where are you based? I’ll snap these up if there still available!
  8. Hi - if this is still on the table I’m interested. I’ve got black leather heated seats in similar condition, based in Bristol.
  9. know of any good meets round ‘ere?
  10. Yea fair point. Had to box them up for now so if any one is genuinely interested I’ll unpack and measure.
  11. Foo56

    NA Build

    I found for HR that exhaust manifolds, long tube cai, custom exhaust & hfc gave a really nice gain bhp wise...But from a drivers perspective, the cams (also Tomei’s 10mm lift) helped the power curve, paired with the JWT light weight clutch upgrade it now drives amazing and I’d say that they (and poly bushes) have been the best mods I’ve done so far as have made the car so much nicer to drive.. also just upgraded suspension which has made it feel awesome! Completely agree with 350Butcher on the numbers side of things. I’ve spent ££££ on it now, especially as I don’t have a garage and have to rely on my mechanic more than I’d like... if you can do the engine work yourself you’ll save loads! By now I’d of paid most of FI build off but I wanted to keep NA for now at least. if you want 400bhp you will have to FI.. I got 347 but will need to throw loads more at it to increase it now. Also, if you’re doing the cams you should replace the other acillarys & (gallery) gaskets too.
  12. Foo56

    Braum seats

    Yep I’ve seen a few people on the battalion z group with them. Rails need adjusting apparently and need to make sure you go for the lowest ones when buying otherwise it nearly touches the roof... but they look amazing and can’t wait to get some!
  13. Bump - need the space so open to any offers.
  14. What year is it? I’m after interior plastics (low centre console section/door & vent trim pieces) for my Hr.





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