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  1. Foo56

    350z lots of parts

    I’ll take the boot mat and the fuel cap mate! You anywhere newr Bristol? If not I’ll need posting please.
  2. Manifold’s sold - open to offers on other bits.
  3. Foo56

    350z Insurance HELP !!!!!

    Not sure it'd be worth it.... You guys were miserable on the phone to me, had me repeat details a total of 4 times (3 to the same person) and came in at £5k, cheapest compared to that with a stronger policy was £1300.
  4. Manifolds sold subject the payment. open to any reasonable offers on the rest!
  5. Foo56

    Single or dual

    Seems as though no real clarity on this - I’m going to be pulling the trigger on a custom exhaust soon and was asking the same question! in my mind, as long as it’s as close to a straight line as it can be then single would be lighter provided manufactured well enough to ensure Its not restrictive on airflow... True dual looks cooler but twice(?) the weight? for me weight is important and I’m trying to keep that down so may just go single for now but if there are gains to true dual (even if only small) I’ll more likely lean on that side if the fence.
  6. Foo56

    *** TORQEN *** 350z DE, 350z HR and 370z High Flow Cats

    Finally got mine fitted... video below (torqen hfc and stock HR exhaust).
  7. I assume this won't fit a 350 HR? :O
  8. Foo56

    350z/370z RTS STAGE 1 CLUTCH & FLYWHEEL Packages

    What kind of weight saving over OEM do these give?
  9. Foo56

    Wanted Nismo v2 spoiler

    Seen some for sale on FB group(s) - worth a look on there! It's where I got my (seibon carbon) one from too!
  10. Hi all, I've got a few bits for sale from my HR 350 that I need to clear out of storage and go towards my new clutch fund! 2x RTS street master front discs - The discs are new and unused (surplus to requirement as mis-ordered!).. I painted the centre hub bit with heat paint. - £120 1x OEM rear boot lip (Pearl white) - Good condition and for sale as replaced with Nismo N2 replica. Tiny mark on underside I made when removing but not noticeable when it's on (circled in picture - All other marks are just dirt that I didn't have time to clean) - £100 1x Pair of stainless steel exhaust manifolds (DE & comes with gaskets) - I was assured when I bought these off a FB group member that they would fit my HR. I made the mistake of believing him, only to find out the flanges to the CATs are different when my mechanic was fitting them. These have never been used on a car (only one fitted and removed shortly after realized wouldn't fit) - £100 Will take offers on any of these, collection from Bristol or posted at buyer's expense. Cheers!
  11. Foo56

    Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    Looks good.... (though I'm not exactly an authority on these things lol) I was wondering if it would be possible to take the reflectors out and route from there? I've been thinking about getting long tube stillens/injens myself and was considering whether this would be viable to help airflow to them (or just help keep engine bay temps down). Haven't had a chance to take the front bumper off yet and figure it out (not to mention being fairly green to all this modding business).
  12. Foo56

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    A wild Zed appears!
  13. Foo56

    Ginger Zed Build

    This is the Scooby they had on Wheeler Dealers when they did the Skyline GTS lol