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  1. Wow, makes it probably unique over here. Only 2003 reg cars in the US had it as an option. I was considering it myself....
  2. msitpro

    Oil coolers

    I recently got a Mocal 19-row kit (including 1/2" BSP dual port thermostatic sandwich plate from a retailed on eBay plus the 350Z specific bracket separately. MUCH cheaper than anywhere else I've seen. Hopefully fitting myself during an oil change next week along with a aam pan spacer - probably an extra 2-3L of oil...
  3. All makes sense now... Now ordering online (AAM35M-OPS)
  4. Ahh great - I can't work out those oil return ports - they look like they're on the inside?! I assume there's tapped holes at 10 and 4 o'clock that I can't see from that angle??
  5. What's the compression ratio and other spec of those pistons? What's the reason for selling the LSD? Too extreme for road?
  6. I can't see the Z1 spacer for DE available on your site Also listing '1200cc' tells me nothing in relation to the OEM pan volume
  7. Please let me know. Need to get an oil change done and want the extra capacity added. The Greddy DE pan - any documentation on how much extra oil it holds?
  8. Hi Adrian; are the AAM DE spacers currently in stock?
  9. Seems I am still looking as the above have been sold after I had asked for payment info!
  10. Seems like all the ones that used to be available are no longer available. Anybody have an actual carbon strut bar they're willing to part with? Looking to save a couple of KG.
  11. This is correct. The 06> bumper is slightly wider, including any 'Nismo V2' front bumper also as I discovered, so I run the 06+ arch liners on my 04 w/ v2 bumper.
  12. Hmm.... not that great reflections from a brand spanking new custom paint job. Looks a little cloudy on the doors.
  13. As title, would like to buy 06+ OEM bi-xenon headlights from rev-up DE or HR models for my 04 DE GT 350Z. Must be right hand drive items and come with ballasts etc. for a straight swap.
  14. Dew beading this morning after wax the other day (Farecla G3 retail range stuff)





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