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  1. I recently had massive steering wheel vibration while braking on a track day which turned out to be a bad front driver's side wheel bearing.
  2. Stance so on point - might have to change my 265/35 285/35 setup for 255/40 275/40. I'm low but gaping arch gaps!
  3. These rust like bastard don't they?! I bought new OEM from stealer when I did a full rear subframe refresh and I seem to remember they were a bit of dolla! (also from Japan stock I think)
  4. msitpro

    Wheel suggestions?

    Most things from Advan's catalogue.... Optimal sizing would be 18x9.5 +15 front, 18x10.5 +25 rear in my experience, with 265/35/18 F and 285/35/18 R
  5. lol - change the fuelling via a remap and you'll gain power I'd love to suddenly find my engine running lean while still giving normal power - means there's more power on the table.
  6. Ahh - didn't fully engage my focus on the 'custom' bit. Wise choice of design IMO as I said - very easy to make a Z un-liveable noise wise, as I discovered and have now drawn back from.
  7. Not heard of this exhaust before - even googling now i can't find it? Seems a very sensible choice with the big oval centre box... I know this from personal experience of perforated eardrums
  8. Camber visually looks similar to what I'm running currently on the back (I adjusted in some more neg camber recently by eye using my adjustable camber arms). I recently did a track day and tyre wear was not an issue on the inside shoulder and seemed even across the tread - so probably the ideal camber which I guess is around -1.5 -2 ? By comparison his front looks very upright (close to 0) although depending on stiffness of springs, as the car brakes this would increase neg camber. But then as you come off brakes and ease back onto throttle I guess will got back to 0 deg, which while cornering will wear the outside shoulders....
  9. Thanks Carlie - I spoke to a colleague the other day. Unfortunately you don't offer agreed valuation policies unless the car is under cover or the Flexcover Flux do. I will consider you for one-off track cover in future though. I understand the 5 pack isn't available unless main policy is with you.
  10. As I've discovered, it's not difficult!
  11. Bit like between R34 and R35 era... The 350Z was launched right in the middle and carried the candle.





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