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  1. Easy access to E85 will be why. Over here you'd either need to run race fuel or methanol injection to hit the same power without detonation blowing it. ... or lower compression via forged pistons of course. Limit after that would likely be around 700whp on 97-99RON fuel from what I've seen.
  2. Lockdown low motivation to get photoshop out and chop out the plate
  3. Ignore this I re-read thread - irrelevant question
  4. The video linked above is hosted on YouTube I've watched previous vids, just couldn't remember whether it was his own personal garage.
  5. Wheels in the silver for me, rather than bronze for the trim and the wheels.
  6. A lot of sense spoken Ian I'm at similar money now on my Z, and if my relationship was at a more advanced stage then I think it would have been in danger during my recent respray part of the project. Prices on hoses/fittings is mental isn't it... Although cheaper fittings than AN style/braided ones would do the job more than adequately I am sure, for a fraction of the cost?
  7. Btw - is that a home garage/your own place? So very jealous of a lift... all my work is done on driveway and axle stands
  8. Defo watching this later.... In many places on the bottom it looks much worse than mine was, but maybe the inner arches not as bad. This was the state of mine - Yes, it's been re-fabbed now:
  9. Could maybe get a Amuse or similar bodykit instead - similar vibe/look and rarer. The driving dynamics could be improved beyond Nismo spec with aftermarket suspension components - KW or Ohlins coils maybe, adjustable FUCA, rear camber and toe arms....
  10. That's OK though right - you enjoyed it?
  11. Need a definition of 'finished' haha. Does it mean 1000hp engine on a engine dyno, or in a rolling working road-worthy car with adequate wheels, tyres, suspension etc? As we all know, a project car is very rarely finished!





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