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  1. Sorry forgot to update this. Ordered a new OEM set from dealer last week
  2. https://www.z1motorsports.com/front-windshield-and-trim/nissan/oem-350z-coupe-pillar-finisher-p-10693.html https://conceptzperformance.com/nissan-infiniti-nissan-oem-76836-cd002-rh-front-pillar-exterior-finisher-ax6-nissan-350z-03-08-z33_p_18777.php Shitter....
  3. You might be onto something there. I'm interested as my car is in bodyshop atm, sans windscreen. Just waiting for the call to say 'these seals aren't up to snuff - need new ones'
  4. At least it was all my own labour and gave me an excuse to replace the awful fitting Energy Suspension compression arm bushings with Whiteline ones.
  5. very interested to know the part number of these - that 7zap drawing is almost useless and nobody online has a photo of the actual item.
  6. I had a clunk over rough surfaces for months and replaced a few parts before discovering the top nut on the coilover was slightly loose as well
  7. Disagree!!! Love em. Now if only they were maybe £200 a corner and in 18-19" sizes....
  8. @GoHashiri well this thread is going to die off, isn't it? The return to track wasn't kind on the engine.
  9. Yep, OEM size fits. I have a Z Speed alu one on mine. However if you buy one of these, get it powder coated or painted well first - mine had bad aluminium corrosion only 6-9 months and 4000 miles after installing it!
  10. That's some slick work - loving the ducted oil cooler. And a transmission cooler! That's going to be able to take some abuse on track!
  11. @Mark@Abbey m/s Think he's referring to fast idle emissions, which isn't usually affected by map, because it's always a light load 14.7:1 fuel target part. @Nardo_Z I'd go for dual HFCs on each branch like I will be... I have a 3rd cat currently after the Y-pipe area which has a 5" mantle/body and 3" in/out, the largest you can get off the shelf. (It's a Jetex Euro 5) This still only just passes emissions for me, due to the ones installed by a custom exhaust fab shop likely being terrible quality - they wouldn't go less than 0.35% CO even when brand new. And the fact it's much further down the exhaust than it's designed for, so less hot/efficient - Note that a single 3" in/out 5" brick/mantle is rated for around 350hp by HJS who make a lot of HFC for motorsport and supercar aftermarket systems. So my 3rd cat is also currently a potential bottleneck if I had an engine capable - https://www.hjs-motorsport.de/products/tuning/universal-catalysts.html Looks like they now do a 3.5" / 6" model with 500PS peak and 3" / 5.5" with 450PS peak since I last looked. Note - picked HJS info above because they have diagrams and power estimates readily available - they are very expensive and I can't find any evidence whether they are more effective at removing CO and HC than other decent makes. Personally I've ordered a couple of Magnaflow 3"/5" off eBay to add to my existing upper cats. I'm aiming to get my CO% at or below 0.15% for peace of mind once I have quad cats like OEM. For reference I think a stock Z does around 0.02% CO with it's quad cats. (each side/unit has 2 bricks/mantles)
  12. Perfect, I've ordered a set for when I get my car back from the bodyshop
  13. As Mark has elaborated on - 'short' rather than long tube headers like my DC sports then fit standard DE cats (or HR if you buy HR compatible headers) - or DE HFC as I have. Beware that a single HFC cat on each branch will likely only just squeak past MOT limits on CO % for a year or two. I'm having a second HFC after the bend, as the OEM cat unit have - 2 mantles. 'Long tube' headers are designed for either no cats, or something custom fitment after that. (which isn't difficult for a custom exhaust place to do - order some Magnaflow or HJS if you feel fancy) On the cams - a fair bit yeah - Mark might be best to answer better regards to emissions / MOT testing with cams. Although I suspect what he'll say is any customer he knows with higher duration cams are running without cats and pay off their tester if it's a road car You can work out overlap versus OEM if that's your thing by Googling 'Jim Wolf VQ35 cam card' and look at the PDF that comes up.
  14. Yeah I think we witnessed this with my car - probably only 5whp more than a DE with stock headers.





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