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  1. note: seriously considering moving to Millers Nanodrive CFS NT+ 5w40 from the next change onwards.
  2. RE the Z... 64600 miles. just done third oil change in my ownership since May 2018 @ 53000. First change @ 53000 miles / June 2018 - Motul Eco-nergy 8100 5w30 - HKS oil filter - tbh didn't monitor oil consumption - wasn't really aware it was such an issue, especially on a 53000 mile engine... upon second change there certainly wasn't a full sump - oops. Second change @ 59000 miles / Dec 2018 - Fuchs Titan XTR 5w30 - HKS oil filter - considerable consumption - maybe 0.5L every 1500 miles. Topping up with Petronas Syntium 5w30 C3. Third change @ 64000 miles / Feb 2020 - Motul Eco-nergy 8100 5w30 - Nissan oil filter - 19 row Mocal oil cooler - AAM oil pan spacer - sitting at half dipstick today. Noticed around 10-15 psi pressure increase switching to Nissan OEM filter across the rev range.
  3. I believe C3 standard is aimed at Diesels to protect DPFs but also direct injection petrols from injector contamination. I have a BMW 325i with N53B30 direct injection engine, BMW spec is 'LL-04' standard which basically means ACEA C3 - Low SAPS spec. Bought the BM in Jan 2019 and didn't notice until I did a oil and filter change after 9k miles that the garage's mechanic has written in tip-ex '5w40' on the oil cap. Over those first 5-6 months it used maybe 0.25-0.5L oil. Changed oil to Opie recommended 5w30 C3 Fuchs last summer, and has consumed maybe a litre of oil every 2000 miles!!! Fuel economy is no better either. (solid 30.0 MPG) Sooo.... was thinking of getting 0w40 Mobil 1 ESP X3. 0w for the cold start performance (40°c viscosity rating - lots of 15 min work commutes through town) and 40 weight to keep the damn oil from burning! This looks to be the only 0W40 C3 spec oil on sale in the UK. I also have the classic N53 engine cold start misfire... which I wonder is due to oil consumption! (fouling plugs and injectors)
  4. Just seen the other thread - this is supposed to read 5w30, right? (based on photo in other thread) (It's what I'm now on my second lot of, after Fuchs XTR last year which had mucho consumption. Recently made 269bhp @ hubs on the Motul at Abbey)
  5. Dave, wondering do you suffer with much oil consumption...? I'm doing maybe half a litre every 1000-1500 miles over the prior 12-18 months of ownership since I've been roughly monitoring it. Just wondering about the oil you're using - quite on the economical side and possibly not great for spirited driving where oil temps might go (well) over 120°c. (maybe you don't thrash it very often??) (Note: Apparently the Rev-up and HR engines had a oil temp sensor plumbed in to the ECU and triggers limp mode at 130°c. The thread is apparently there on the DE but blocked off as it's not used.) I've recently added a oil cooler and pan spacer in the hope it subdues my consumption by keeping the oil cooler (thicker), less prone to shearing, evaporating and generally protecting the engine more effectively. As soon as I'd installed the oil cooler, after a few minutes idling it was roasting hot! Very satisfying after the time spent installing. I've also been looking at different oils - I'm on Motul 8100 Eco-nergy 5w30 which apparently is great for fuel economy and power as it has a low viscosity but would be prone to shearing at high temps. (the 8100 X-Clean offers better shear resistance for example (HTHS rating)) Hopefully the oil cooler will help combat that on my 7krpm runs If it doesn't help consumption, then I might go to a 5w40 Ester oil like the Millers NT+... and get a temp sensor installed.
  6. I think this is the weekend before rearranged N24 too
  7. Perfect Just need to stop myself doing it BEFORE full respray next month.
  8. As title... Looking for a clear sealer or wax protection to spray on liberally onto suspension components such as coilover threads, suspension arms, etc. Something that will aide in future cleaning by preventing salt and grime getting embedded and corroding suspension components. Also looking for a black coloured wax or sealant protector for arch wells (around brake lines, between arch liners etc) Let me know what you think
  9. Ok, let me re-phrase - "AM considering it myself" Although now I know somebody else in the UK has it...
  10. Wow, makes it probably unique over here. Only 2003 reg cars in the US had it as an option. I was considering it myself....
  11. msitpro

    Oil coolers

    I recently got a Mocal 19-row kit (including 1/2" BSP dual port thermostatic sandwich plate from a retailed on eBay plus the 350Z specific bracket separately. MUCH cheaper than anywhere else I've seen. Hopefully fitting myself during an oil change next week along with a aam pan spacer - probably an extra 2-3L of oil...
  12. All makes sense now... Now ordering online (AAM35M-OPS)
  13. Ahh great - I can't work out those oil return ports - they look like they're on the inside?! I assume there's tapped holes at 10 and 4 o'clock that I can't see from that angle??
  14. What's the compression ratio and other spec of those pistons? What's the reason for selling the LSD? Too extreme for road?





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