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  1. I currently have 9.5 +23 on the front of mine and have also run 10.0 +25 . The latter is very close to the upright - probably about 4mm gap, but never hit it. Ideal would be a 9.5 +30 with a 660mm tall tyre to keep optimal scrub radius. (255/40/18 , 255/35/19) This would give a very small stretch (supposedly good for sidewall stiffness/turn-in) , edge of the wheel will be ideal poke and the tyre will tuck lovely under the arches. Even my Trofeo R 265/35/19 which are actually as wide on the shoulder as a UHP 285 tyre tuck under without issue.
  2. 330bhp (at flywheel) is around 290 at the wheels. You WILL need at least a set of aftermarket cams with 256-262 degrees of duration. Something like the JWT S1, S2 or C2 cams. The latter being a bit more aggressive than the 'S' models. Plus full exhaust, high flow cats, higher flow air filter, plenum spacer and a UpRev dyno tune. You should hit 285-290 at the wheels with that combo. All in, around £3500-4000 if paying for the cam install and tune.
  3. I have one - PM me if you still need one.
  4. msitpro

    Matt J

    I think C2 is actually closer to original Nissan spec for the Z33 in terms of HTHS viscosity in mPas (2.9-3.5) Although C3 certainly won't hurt, especially if you don't have an external oil cooler and drive the car hard.
  5. Hmm didn't realise how solid it was or that was it's intention. Will defo use in future if so. With my Nismo V3 rear bumper, access is a breeze to the diff.
  6. Did you get the door cards refinished by a professional? How does the leather material 'wrap' around the edges of the plastic etc? If it even wraps around - maybe it's stitched through the plastic? How is the fit? Maybe you can post some close-up photos of the edges and/or back side of those parts of the door cards.
  7. Sounds like you have the right spots. I tend to jack the rear on the 'kidney stays' - UK cars have a plastic diff cover which tends to deform greatly if you tried to jack the car on it.
  8. Yep, what I have on my Z - TV2 code.
  9. Newer stuff has far lower CO2. Even something like a RC F with n/a V8 is 268 g/km CO2 vs the Z's 280g/km A 2GR-FSE in a Lexus barge does 230 ish g/km
  10. Based on CO2 anyway which isn't tested because you can't really reduce it except an engine swap or significant de-tuning.
  11. Totally normal result for good condition catalysts. Mine had basically the same result when I had stock cats on a couple years ago. WAIT - missed the HC reading - that's not reading right. 😅
  12. 1) PAYCO - Datsun 510 SSS 2) nismoandy 350z registered & paid 3) msitpro - 350Z registered and paid
  13. Thanks for that - will analyse a bit later. 🧐 I assume fuel map is fuel compensation for the observed real AFR vs the AFR target?
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