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  1. ILikeDolphins

    Midlands Meet - Sunday 4th November

    Gt4 Celcia, I doubt he’ll appreictiate the ‘lesser’ cars :D
  2. ILikeDolphins

    Midlands Meet - Sunday 4th November

    1. Davey_83 2. nissanman312 (Maybe) 3. 14N 4. OnlyAfro 5. Matt jb88 6. Jay84 7. CLASSIX 8. Killick.z 9. Cob1980 10. Negget 11. ILikeDolphins 12. Im in! Yet to do a meet since joining the forum so this’ll be an first. Is its 350 only or I’ll bring my GT4 mate?
  3. ILikeDolphins

    Cheltenham & Gloucester Meet

    Cars in the body shop that week or I'd be game. Up for the next one tho.
  4. ILikeDolphins

    ABS Help

    Hi All, Got a query regarding the ABS / electronic system in the car. I've had my 350 for around 18 months now, and pretty much since I got it its had an issue where the car pulls heavily to the right under braking. The car seems to know there's a fault, as after a few miles it shuts off the ABS (along with all other driver aids). With ABS off, the car brakes straight. The garage I've taken it to diagnosed the issue as a faulty speed sensor on the passenger front side. Once replaced the fault went away for around a month, before returning. I've now had the sensor replaced 3 times with the fault repairing each time so something appears to breaking them. I'm not the most technical with this so my question is what else could be affecting this? From my limited understanding of the sensor it is just that, a small wired device with no mechanical parts that should be breaking. Appreciate any assistance. Thanks.
  5. ILikeDolphins

    Japfest Donington 2018

    Is anyone going to Japfest Donington this year?