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  1. Gave the z a good run tonight, love this pic
  2. Thanks guys for all the help, I presume it’s over applying the polish I reckon. Will give some quick detailer a go with a clean cloth and see if that helps
  3. Hey guys, just spent the last 3hrs washing and polishing the car and noticed I have a load of smear marks over the car when the sun hits it (didn’t notice earlier as the sun wasn’t on it). Is there a reason why it’s done this? Not using any crap products, used chemical guys black light shampoo followed by chemical guys v38 polish by hand. I have to admit I used oldish microfibres which were clean but I wash with fabric softener (usually throw these in with a few other it of clothing), could this be the issue? Any help appreciated, pic below shows what I mean. @ilogikal1 I know you know your @*!#
  4. Welcome to the forum, looks like a really clean example you have there
  5. Where are you getting this done? How much is it costing if you don’t mind me asking? Will be curious to see what this looks like when done, I’m considering getting this done on my 350
  6. 100% true buddy. My partner is furloughed and was not going to give up trying to get the refund. I thought it would take a while to get through to them as I had heard that a lot of people were struggling to get there money back too. Have you tried ringing them? All I can offer for advice would be to ring at some point mid morning/lunchtime and be persistent. Hope you get your money back soon.
  7. We were suppose to be going abroad on 8th June with TUI. We had a email come through Monday that it was getting cancelled due to covid. We rang TUI Tuesday morning at 9am although couldn’t get through until about 10.30 then on hold for an hour. When we finally got through to someone they offered a refund straight away with no hesitation, they said it way take up to a week for money to come through. Wednesday we had the money back in our account.
  8. @napp has some gram lights for sale in the parts for sale section
  9. Sorry should of updated this. I got some from chippychip.
  10. Cn12345

    De Bumpers

    pm @ZMANALEX he will most likely have what you need
  11. Lovely looking zed you have there, looks like it’s been really looked after. Looks fantastic after a good clean, paint looks immaculate nice and shiny. Keep up the good work
  12. Your missing boxers number one trait ...FART
  13. We already have 2 fitted, where would you suggest we fit the extra P clip? We have been speaking to HEL and they are saying that they were asked to redesign the lines like this by someone on the forum 11 years ago. According to HEL they used to supply with the oem union (like the goodridge ones). Does anyone have a pic of the correct way that these should be installed?
  14. So finally got round to using the chemical guys v line compound. Took your advise @ilogikal1 and rinsed, washed, clayed, v36 orange pad on deeper scratches, v38 on green pad rest of the car followed by valet pro beading marvellous. Have to say I’m really impressed with the v38 polish really made the painwork shine. There were still some scratches after using the v36 but made a massive difference. Few pics below.
  15. Beautiful looking car buddy. Think painting the grill has made a massive difference. Looks stunning in red with that kit and the black additions





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