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  1. Thank you, could also do with the bolts and nuts but no if issue if you don’t have it. if you find it drop me a pm and will sort out payment
  2. Hey guys, Im after a cat support bracket for a 350 de please. Alex hasn’t got any so hoping someone else has. thanks
  3. Noted. thanks for everyone’s help, saves me taking it to the garage if I can do it myself
  4. That’s good to know, thank you
  5. I think I just have a bit or paranoia about snapping one. Have you had any issues with removing any bolts on the engine cradle or W brace at all? Looking to get some por15 on them areas properly but as above worry about snapping bolts.
  6. Thank you buddy. Looking at replacing the subframe brace as it looks a little rusty and didn’t really want to do it if the bolts could of potentially snapped when trying to unbolt them.
  7. Hi guys, we recently had the banana arm replaced and was just wondering if the subframe brace would of had to of come off completely in order to replace it? Thanks
  8. Hey guys, I have a rev up 350z requiring a new steering rack. Our car currently has the power steering solenoid on the side of the rack. So my question is do we need to find a replacement rack with this solenoid or can we use a earlier rack without the solenoid? If so will it bring up any lights on the dash? thanks



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