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  1. Pop's & Bangs

    its a bit like dan. Interesting when its kept in small doses, but annoying as **** when all the time
  2. BDC Final Round Vlog

    Enjoy Also would like some feedback on what you would like to see more of in these types of video
  3. you do know there are trains and planes for that kinda thing
  4. New weekend car? 6-15k?

    is the original a 2005?
  5. New weekend car? 6-15k?

    Just go buy a cayman or a gt86 and a sprintex supercharger
  6. New weekend car? 6-15k?

    Find me an original Elise that runs 13.7 1/4s
  7. id avoid ekona he's a typical Essex chav with a bright orange car with a massive spoiler on the back
  8. TVR back tomorrow!

    not sure if I'm surprised or disappointed to see it got the coyote from the Mustang Edit: looks like a few bits of switch gear and trim are from the ford parts bin
  9. TVR back tomorrow!

    looks like a lexus lc500 and amg gt got on it in the stationary cupboard
  10. Budget 4k action cameras

    that SJ7 star doesnt look to bad tbh
  11. Budget 4k action cameras

    My views on it are you get what you pay for. Tbh that footage from the raft looks ****ing terrible. I have played with budget cameras from £120 1080p stuff back in 2008 and Kodaks first 360-degree budget video camera and they were both ****. TBH i don't really rate GoPro footage especially if it was the main source of media for a project if you're just going to mess about with it and never touch it again save your money and go out for a drink or something if you have stuff you want to document you can pick up some good quality point and shoots camera like the g7x etc which will do 100% better job than any 'action' camera
  12. DE vs HR engines

  13. Can rays look good?

    it just looks very, how can I put it................ missionary
  14. Can rays look good?

    Spacers dont make the difference imo
  15. Can rays look good?

    ok I'm trying to find evidence that 350z rays look good, now I don't mean you painted them red or fitted some spacers looking for evidence of cars build with an aggressive look but retain the rays something like this, anyone got anything?