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  1. StevoD

    Tyre Paint

    IMO if your going for tyre text it needs to be done with the rubber sticker kits, not cheap but then you get what you pay for.
  2. StevoD

    350z front bumper

    its an esprit bumper if its a genuine one
  3. You got a pair of the Kidney crossmembers in a reasonable condition? and the rear subframe support?
  4. Anyone have a UK 350z positive battery terminal for sale?
  5. StevoD

    De Bumpers

    After a front and rear bumper Ideally KY0 silver Ideally import front ( no washer jets) Ideally rear bumper with no parking sensors holes.
  6. Is the 3.0TT a a merc lump? unfortunately general nissan cars are @*!# now, i went to look at the new pulsar and the noise when you shut the door was hilarious such a thin tinney twang, Nissan very much has a bargain basement feel in the normal cars the Dacia of japan
  7. as long as they are serviceable and fit a 350z im interested.
  8. Might be barking up the wrong tree but didnt that orange Nissan USA Built sema Clubsport 370z have the q50/60 3.0TT lump with a manual box?
  9. The only videos i have seen is people walking around with meters beeping like mad because the battery is almost flat trying to pass it as a radiation reading.
  10. Just looking for a pair of non brembos 350z rear calipers.
  11. 350z ultra racing W brace collection from SG8 £140





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