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  1. What would you do?

    this is my issue job A will put me in an industry I want to be in although no the exact role, but would mean all my person goals say for example drifting on a competition level goes out the door
  2. What would you do?

    also to note its 3.3k before tax after tax the difference seems to be around 2.4-2.6k using online calculators then minus the travel cash in pocket difference is £4-700
  3. What would you do?

    Hey everyone, for those that didn't know I was made redundant in August. Today I have two job offers an am torn between them. just want your guy's opinions Top line difference between job A and job B is £3.3k Job A will require about £2k worth of travel costs a year, Job B has all travel costs included. Job A requires working weekends and bank hols with shifts covering 24hours a day, It also works on the following pattern. 7 Shifts on - 2 Shifts off - 7 Shifts on - 2 Shifts off - 7 shifts on - 4 days off, Job B is working Mon-Fri 8-4, Job A gets 25 days holidays and have to work bank hols your rota is on so like Christmas etc , Job B gets 26 days off plus bank hols, Job A is in an industry I have an interest in but I will be trained to do the job, with the possibility of moving to a different location on more money in future years Job B I have experience with but not so much an interest in, Both jobs are about 30-60 minutes travel depending on traffic away Now what would you do, I know the info is limited, I'm stuck between about the same amount after travel costs and tax are concerned but 1 requires losing a lot of freedom to do personal things at weekends and uring the week due to shift work but the other role doesn't seem to have the potential or growth behind it
  4. Anyone bought Zacks louvers?

    i got £1000 from his mouth???
  5. Anyone bought Zacks louvers?

    I'm sure s guy called Lewis did by the time it was in his hands he was over £1000 deep
  6. Tyre stretch issue 9.5/11x19

    keeping same profile is bollocks a 225/45/18 and a 265/45/18 won't work its the rolling radius ratio thats important Do you just want stretch tyres because your scared if they will fit or you want internet points? whats your offsets? as I ran 245/35/19 9.5j et20 275/35/19 10.5j et20 years back slammed no issues Just for refference although 18s the maths still works these are 255/40/18 9.5 et15 275/40/18 10.5 et 15 so a reasonable tyre will fit with a 9.5
  7. Finally, an MPS4 review I can trust

    im going to be that guy......................so "time to finally get some personal time with the MPS4s to see how they shape up against the MPSS" you mean MPS4 people might get confused
  8. Pop's & Bangs

    its a bit like dan. Interesting when its kept in small doses, but annoying as **** when all the time
  9. BDC Final Round Vlog

    Enjoy Also would like some feedback on what you would like to see more of in these types of video
  10. you do know there are trains and planes for that kinda thing