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  1. whats the cheapest place in the Uk to get these little clips?
  2. guy in the white r33 at start of the video now drift's a 350z
  3. Hello, im looking for the internals of a 350z or 370z LSD
  4. I need your help Can you confirm what the part number on your SRS control unit (between your seats under the center console) is please. if you can help your a full on legend Thanks
  5. So I stupidly stripped my car out in 2018 with the idea of being a 'track only car' Now my dumb ass couldn't see the obvious here that it was unlikely. Now I did remove the Srs module and seat belts. And I have lost them it seems. Now will I need a specific jdm module from car with the same set of srs items (wheel airbag/ dash airbag/ seat belt) so have to replace this or will any 2002/3 module work. I'm assuming if I get a UK one it's going to look for seat airbags which arnt there, and give me an error light.
  6. Has anyone got any experience with Weapon-R parts? Currently running a lmt 4" intake and looking to go down to a 3.5" to get more bonnet clearance. trying to decide if the WR is any good or go for the like of Z1 race intake, or another USA homebrew job like admin or RZG need to mate to a 75mm TB.
  7. Was the equivalent of watching Gemma Collins mirror Tourvil and Dean,
  8. how much does the diesel 5 wagon have?
  9. It will be FAR beyond my budget but i do want 1, think there is great potential in it
  10. Did they ask chevy for help on the front bumper
  11. Think its finally time to let the drift dream die For sale: 2003 Fairlady z Import (Registered in the UK 2006) 130k Silver Engine: Limp mode tuning 4" intake, NWP 75mm Throttle body Plenum spacer Decat Stainless Y pipe Japspeed exhuast Uprev license tuned by abbey with the ARC License to allow burnouts/Left foot braking whilst under throttle, Made 277 to the hubs on abbeys dyno Suspension: HSD coilovers 10k Fr/8k Rr, PBM rear camber arms, PBM rear traction arms, PBM rear Toe arm, Whiteline adjustable rear droplinks, NIsmo Front ARB, Nismo Rear ARB, ISR lockout bolts Driveline: Lighten flywheel KAAZ 2 way LSD, Whiteline Diff bushings, Dual Caliper brackets Hydraulic Handbrake mounting plate, Interior: Hydraulic Handbrake mounting plate, Cobra alarm/immobilizer, 80% stripped, HKB boss, Personal neo grinta wheel, Corbeau forza sport seats, Buddyclub rails, luke 4 point harnesses, Graffiti motorsport SCCA harness bar, Hydro mount bracket NRG quick releases Hub Extras/notes: New battery fitted, Cobra immobilizer, Car will come with 8 Rays wheels (including the ones fitted), Car has always been ran on vpower/momentum since ownership, Suspension Member Stay Brackets for rear subframe have just been replaced Known issues: Bodywork is a bit tatty from track/drift use Gearbox is a early cd001 so has some synchro issues mostly around 5th gear, No current MOT £3990 Its more of a trailer turn key everything you need beginner drift car, but only some cats away from an MOT, Private plate is not included, i will not pretend this is a concourse show car and many have seen on this forum this car has seen it used at drift days and track event, however the cars has been taken care of and areas where i felt a professional need to carry out work it has been taken to the likes of garage-d and abbey motorsport. If you plan to arrive and haggle over bodywork condition etc dont waste either of ours time.
  12. ****ing feel it at times
  13. I have a civic 1.6 tdi tourer perfectly great to bomb along the motorway in and still get 60ish mpg
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