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  1. Are people avoiding ace cafe type meets?

    Is there not a video of this forum doing an event in Wales with people doing donuts on a mini roundabout
  2. The Grand Tour

    The footage of the classic Aston and Jag was incredible but I can't remember anything else
  3. Another wheel fitment thread

    then you need to move down from an 11j or carry out arch work unfortunately
  4. Drift experience/ training

    Still need to do cat sometime
  5. New Supra leaked ahead of revealing

    Yea I mean the NSX is a good example of this up close some of the details look rather mid 2000s
  6. New Supra leaked ahead of revealing

    Isnt that mostly just the FT1 concept that's done the rounds last few years?
  7. Colour.

    Spelt as yellow
  8. Cam Shaft Sensors

    Where the place to get Camshaft sensors these days, want to get some spares for when i cook mine again
  9. 350z Greddy Twin Turbo Croatia

    wheels suit yours so much more than mine
  10. Another wheel fitment thread

    Yes mate
  11. Another wheel fitment thread

    No mate that 10.5 in the rear only btw
  12. Another wheel fitment thread

    18x9.5 and 18x10.5