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  1. StevoD


    You need to contact GrunDy
  2. StevoD

    'New' Ferrari...

    i still cant believe they use the stupid indicators look like the got them from a mk1 mx5
  3. StevoD

    Brexit again

    then we can enjoy all that happening and leavers claiming Brexit had nothing to do with it, was going to happen anyway
  4. StevoD

    Super Charger Cold Air Intake

    just run meth injection instead
  5. StevoD

    wheel sticker colour ?

    Now that is a genius idea
  6. StevoD

    wheel sticker colour ?

    Anyone worth there salt when it comes to wheels will know there not Volks anyway so expect lots of awkward conversations if you put volk stickers on
  7. StevoD

    Brexit again

    Ultimately Remains will say its brexit Leavers will say its could/would of happened anyway We hit a point in 2016 where the country was and will always be split. We now have decades of its brexit fault/ it would have happened regardless. And the same people will bat the same side and nothing actually progressive happens.
  8. StevoD

    Brexit again

    but thats going to go both ways.
  9. StevoD

    Brexit again

    I though Brexit was going to benefit fishing? or so all the leavers keep saying
  10. StevoD

    Tyre Query

    I will say like with tyres steering wheels you get what you pay for the construction of something from nardi or personal is miles higher than what I have seen from NRG for example
  11. StevoD

    Brexit again

    But but but...... **** the forginers, hashtag project fear we will be better off with all these companies moving operations to stay in the EU and we can let some rich slimey bastard in Westminster make rules apose to the rich slimey bastard in Brussels. Power to the erm people.
  12. StevoD

    Tyre Query

    Personal neo grinta best wheel I have ever owned
  13. StevoD

    Tyre Query

    I had the 453 and the old mpss on my z and the 453 didn't come close to the mpss I have driven an is200 on 510s and it was OK not really the car I could test them out as such. If there was £100 difference in a set of 510 or the mps4s, I would be going mps4s
  14. StevoD

    Looking for opinions

    Looks poo to me tbh
  15. StevoD

    XXR Wheels £530

    Bump £500