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  1. StevoD

    Payco’s latest mod

    those T7r-2p look Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
  2. Was the VQ actaully French or is that Clarkson talk I'm sure Nissan had been using the VQ long before Renault
  3. Looks awesome, curious on the spacers needed for that fitment
  4. People still buy Rotas ?
  5. StevoD

    Tyre Lettering

    You need a reasonable side wall or they look a bit daft. On some 18s with a 275/40 look fine on some 19s probably not enough
  6. StevoD


    Same as japspeed as I understand it
  7. Or could lap as fast as a zl1
  8. StevoD

    Alloy wheels wanted

    Bizz is selling some cosmis mrii for cheap if your interested
  9. Wtd: 350z true rear coilovers
  10. StevoD

    'New' Ferrari...

    i still cant believe they use the stupid indicators look like the got them from a mk1 mx5
  11. then we can enjoy all that happening and leavers claiming Brexit had nothing to do with it, was going to happen anyway
  12. just run meth injection instead



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