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  1. Aftermarket Air Filters - any benefits

    When this was taking place was the bonnet up?
  2. Aftermarket Air Filters - any benefits

    Mine suffers massive heat soak seeing intake temps almost triple after a few pulls so avoid anything thats metal And Not coated as an intake
  3. Next Corvette

    Be interesting to see if it stays in the same price bracket now
  4. Next Corvette

    Did someone photoshop corvette lights on a nsx
  5. Whats it worth thread.

    Whats it Worth? 2003 import 130k MOT till September Manual oil and filter changed very often by myself Engine, Uprev tuned to 277 at the wheels NWP 75mm Throttle Body LMT 4" intake Agency power exhaust Tarmac sports Y pipe gutted cats Plenum Spacer Suspension/drivetrain, HSD Coilovers AME rear camber arms Whiteline rear ARB drop links 2 way Kaaz Diff Wheel tyres, 18x9.75 xxr550 235/40/18 square spacers on the rear Interior, mostly stripped out personal steering wheel with quick release corbeau forza sport seats luke 4 point harnesses Graffiti motorsport K harness bar Hydro mount bracket Exterior, Nismo Pu lip Car has scuffs and dings Yellow headlights wrap PS PLEASE MORE TO CORRECT SECTION
  6. are they allowed or not I forget
  7. Understeer

    So your saying my car is bdc worthy hmmm.......
  8. Only asking as rocket bunny don't even have splitter. Also the guys in that video seems a off, basically says don't use aero to get air to your wheels (brakes) quite sure a few race cars use this. Maybe hes @*!# at presenting and didn't get his point across Or comes across f1 aero logic applys to all cars
  9. Is the front lip supposed to that high, is it not now channeling air under the car,?
  10. 350Z W brace Required

    It's not a structural part of the car so can't be failed for it
  11. Understeer

    How have you never heard that!!!
  12. Understeer

    I really need to try drifting an S body again after drifting the z for years, in theory it should be easiest thing going
  13. Can any traders on here beat this?

    Cobra system is loud You know nothing till driving a stripped out car with decats and an agency power
  14. Improving acceleration

    Ls swap
  15. Mars next stop :)

    But isn't there big man floating in space so, course we aren't alone?