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  1. StevoD

    ZeppoJeff Returns

    Yes and yes
  2. StevoD

    XXR Wheels

  3. StevoD

    Back 2 Bizzness

  4. StevoD

    World Cup

    the same team didnt come out in the 2nd half
  5. StevoD

    Need to drop that arch gap

    pfffft snap oversteer
  6. StevoD


    Jesus that's hideous in them pics
  7. StevoD

    ST Coilovers

    Never heard anything bad about them
  8. StevoD

    XXR Wheels

    Bump £630
  9. StevoD

    Motorcycle change discussion

    Didn't mean ride meant more quality on switch gear etc.
  10. StevoD

    Motorcycle change discussion

    Oh wow wasn't aware of that, seems most company's are killing off or not refreshing super sports as much now a days money is going into adventure and naked/retro stuff. Which I'll be honest is more my thing , I'm looking for something to get on but my budge of around 4k is putting me with er6n and sv650s haha
  11. StevoD

    Motorcycle change discussion

    Granted I've not ridden them but i have always been told the proper zx bikes are animals that want to throw you off. Have you ridden the s1000rr? Love the blue they came in
  12. StevoD

    Motorcycle change discussion

    I think coming from ducati to kawa you will be disappointed in the feel of everything.
  13. StevoD

    Nissan falsifying emissions tests

    Thought this was standard practise
  14. StevoD

    Back 2 Bizzness

  15. StevoD

    Back 2 Bizzness