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  1. Hi guys, just thought I’d better let you know that, annoyingly, I won’t be making it tomorrow. This fuel things caught me out and I can’t make it down. Hopefully I’ll meet some of you at a show soon enough. If you know of anyone that wants two tickets for free let me know.
  2. Cheers mate, appreciate it! Would definitely be nice to see some more shows locally. To be honest, I hadn’t noticed how dirty it was but I guess that’s the thing with black cars, at least they always look sick when clean though. Maybe catch you at a show sometime!
  3. Hi bud, I'm thinking this was me (pic for ref) but not sure if there was another with different wheels as you mentioned but I definitely gave the old thumbs. I had no idea there was an event on, I'd just came to get fuel and there were cars everywhere! Yours was the black one at the lights right? There was another white one with decals behind you, both cars were awesome 😎
  4. Hi mate, can I get the Whiteline Lower Rear Outer Toe Arm Spring Bucket Bushing Kit (W62535)?
  5. 1) PAYCO - Datsun 510 SSS 2) nismoandy 350z registered & paid 3) msitpro - 350Z registered and paid 4) Bunning - 370Z registered and paid 5) Jinshim +1 - 370z registered and paid 6) Nino - 370z registered and paid 7) NICECUBED - 350z registered and paid
  6. Evening everyone, I've just purchased a set of BC coilovers for my Z and have done a bit of reading on the need for adjustable drop links. Now I think I understand that the standard ones will work but will wear quickly and start to knock? But my main question is, what do people recommend? I've seen the tarmac sportz own brand ones but they only appear to be for the rear and currently out of stock anyways. Is the rear the main focus too? Sorry if this a little jumbled just too many stupids in my brain Thanks for any insight given
  7. Nice little evening drive after getting her back from the exhaust shop!
  8. Cheers guys, excited to be here. Yes it's a HR and yes the spacers make an insane difference. No these were taken in Glemsford and Chevington, I believe the other side of Suffolk!
  9. 1. andy James PAID 2. Sebastian PAID - Track 12.40 3. Stephanie 4. Andy_Muxlow PAID 5. SHEZZA PAID 6. Silverthorn PAID 7. Cs2000 PAID - Track 14:40 8. nissmoandy PAID 9. Paul K - PAID 10. V1H PAID 11. Matthew Thain PAID 12. Jamie Thain PAID 13. whitevanman. PAID 14. Mark350Z. PAID - Track 14.40 15. luigi350z PAID 16. Sarah PAID 17. zzincubus (Len Meakin) PAID 18. Flashback - PAID 19. FruitPolo PAID 20. BUSTER PAID 21. Trott + 1 PAID 22. George (tarmacsportz) -PAID 23. Valy - PAID 25. MattRwebB - will pay end of month 26. Terry - Paid 27. Jamie - paid 28. checkle91 - PAID 29. AndrewK - Paid 30. Jenso - PAID 31. Tauvp - paid 32. 14N - PAID 33. Ross dean- PAID -track 15-20 34. Face_Eator PAID + Handling course 35. jamstar007 PAID Track time 9.40 36. ILikeDolphins PAID 37. kostask PAID 38. ASugars888 - Paid 39. Humpy - PAID 40.KBAD - Paid 41. Alex 350 - Paid 42. silky- Paid (rolled over ticket) 43.Ry4n -Paid 44.NICECUBED - PAID
  10. Cheers, looking forward to getting into this
  11. Hi everyone! Been putting doing this post for a while for no apparent reason really but hey here we are! I'm located in Suffolk and bought my first 350z just before Christmas and couldn't be happier, just wish there was more of a chance to go places at the moment but hey ho! So far I've only done a service of all of the fluids bar the brake fluid as the nipples are rusted in, (If anyone has any tips for this I would be greatly appreciative). Added some wheel spacers and given it a nice clean. I've also purchased a new W brace and kidney braces (Thanks Torqen & Tarmac) with the aim of tackling the rust although I'm not looking forward to being under it for that long with a wire brush 😩 Eventually, money permitting, I'll get some bigger mods sorted but I'd like to sort the little bits first i.e. gaping toe eye cover hole, stubby aerial then get onto sorting the height and the cool stuff. Hopefully Japfest will go ahead and I'll get to see some of your awesome cars for inspiration! Cheers for reading, Aidan
  12. The email I received said that tickets purchased for last years event would be carried over and that they would be distributed at a later date.
  13. First post but looking forward to going to this and meeting peoples! Aidan
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