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  1. There was a few people at the time getting it done, we all went to this chap and he did a good job, just send off the old one and even would post it back all done. I think it cost about £180 all in to have retrimmed http://royalsteeringwheels.com
  2. For sale, Re-trimmed in black alcantara with 1mm of padding to make it a thicker in the hand. Was only on my zed for roughly 1000 miles but removed before sale. Standard Zed wheel so airbag and stereo controls just screw on to this from your current one. Condition is as new. £80 delivered or £70 collected in Rickmansworth, Herts
  3. Having just finally replaced the shed vector estate and having sold the zed before xmas I bought a Golf R mk6. I cant really see me wanting anything else for the money. does it all brilliantly, Looks nice, quietly sporty but not chivvy (civic type r) comfortable and quiet on the daily, yet a good drive when giving it poke. Goes like a bas***d can put the baby in the back and an acceptable boot. 4 wheel drive for the 2 days a year we have snow.
  4. Any sort of credibility has been lost already, Shmee150 has bought one.
  5. Here I am selling my much loved Nissan 350z. I have owned this car for nearly 8 years and have loved every single minute of it. The car has 76730 miles on the clock but this may increase slightly. Just had a new MOT put on for the buyer, I have upgraded this car with top of the range accessories to great expense and no cheap parts which will fail in a years time, it has also been fully serviced by myself with the best oils and parts. New spark plugs 3000 miles ago, whilst I was doing these I also changed to gearbox oil and the differential fluid. It has had new uprated EBF brake discs and pads, Autotechnic braided lines, and RBF Brake fluid with loads of meat left so nothing to worry about there for years to come. All the tyres are Hancook V12 ventus EVO with roughly 7mm of tread. MOT until 30/7/18. It starts and runs perfectly every time, its an extremely fun car to drive on open roads but not at all harsh or loud on the motorway and will happily cruise at 70 with the radio and heated seats on for long distances. List of all modifications; Stainless steel exhaust from Y pipe back GT spec braces to add body rigidity but not effect ride quality KW spec coilovers (over £1000 worth) Mishimoto silicone hoses Mishimoto oil cooler with thermostatic sandwich plate which allows the engine to warm up before cooling the oil and keeping it at 80* Defi oil temperature gauge K&N typhoon induction kit Plenum spacer to give all cylinders equal airflow Aluminium under tray (replaces crappy nissan plastic one) Facelift LED rear tail lights Rays 18" alloys Nismo bodykit and spoiler It also has had its steering wheel re-trimmed recently which feels great to hold, Heated electric leather seats, electric folding mirrors, CD/Radio. The 350z must be run on super unleaded, don't listen to anyone who tells you it doesnt, I have all receipts proving it has been run on nothing but shell V power in all the time I have owned it. Im only selling due to having a baby. The only bad points are i only have 1 key and the front bumper has some damage to the bottom from speed humps. Other than that it is a fantastic car and I have loved every single minute with it and always get positive comments from people. Japanese import One more thing I should add. ABSOLUTLY NO RUST!!!!! £4500
  6. I like the model S and X but the 3 is a really ugly car imo, just totally way out of proportion with the top of the car is too tall in proportion to everything below the the bottom of the glass. oh and the boot is stupid.
  7. It would be shame if its the rapture as my boy will only be 6 weeks old. on the other hand I want my 5 minutes back!!
  8. I'm getting the serious hump with this!! Why can't they release them at a time when I'm not at work!!!!
  9. I can see the forum being split down the middle on this, gang warfare!!
  10. Pffft no chance!!! Mario miles better than sonic every time!! But I would say that I'm a plumber





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