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  1. As would I and have done many times. I was always taught if on a multi lane carriageway undertaking is legal if done with due care. Once you add excess speed into the equation you border on careless/ dangerous behaviour if you are undertaking. My advice would be to always have an escape route on the nearside before drawing up on a vehicle on the offside. That could be a hard shoulder lane one etc. A motorist in lane two traffic for example wants to undertake slower moving offside traffic in lane three. The undertake should occur ideally when the section of lane one opposite the off
  2. I was in the VX and you drove past. I still miss the noise of a Z, thanks for the reminder.
  3. Spotted south section of the M25 today, bonnet up on the hard shoulder. Hope it was nothing serious.
  4. All good fun and all a bit Dunning Kruger. We live on a globe, FE is just nonsense. Nasa or indeed any of the other space agencies don't fake things, they are pioneers. If money was no object we would probably be on Mars already. Moon deniers are my fave, loony tunes. The Internet is full of garbage that will substantiate anyone's viewpoint without evidence. Science is ever evolving as we are. At least it admits when it's wrong. The end.
  5. A difference in opinion is the driving force in discovering new things. I particularly liked the study on the rate of universal expansion based on stars going nova. They said a nova is a cosmic constant regardless of star type. I'm lot a physicist but have an interest in all of this and find it fascinating. Every day brings a new discovery and thats living I do feel a little sorry for those basing their lives on Internet propaganda that supports their viewpoint on the earth being flat or us not going to the moon, believing in deities etc. All I know is this, if the planet was r
  6. The DC5 is a cracker, you could always go down the more practical route and save more cash by getting an EP3. There are some bargains out there and in my opinion knock the spots of an FN2 for driving pleasure.
  7. Yes mate it was a good turn out at the PA. I don't own a Z anymore but would be up for a meet in the VX220
  8. I fall into the not keen on the looks but impressed by the engineering catagory. Huge type r fan so I can't criticise to much, enjoy the car.
  9. Yeah that seems to be quite the issue amongst owners the biscuit debate. I think it adds a touch of class to the spartan interior. I don't like the blue or red centres as I think it looks a bit Halfords . Black is ok but cheap looking and boring. I plan a retrim at some stage but have yet to decide on what colour combo. Each to their own though If I do go down the black route it will probably be carbon trim on the doors and a black and dark blue centre on the seats. No idea yet.
  10. Loads of enthusiasts out on the road today, Aston, Porsche, Ferrari, Mclaren and me in the poor man's wheels Also got a flash and wave from an S2 so I returned the compliment. All in all the perfect petrol head day aside from visiting a track.
  11. That's awful mate, sorry to hear that. It's normal to feel the way you do, his age also compounds it somewhat. It will feel like a terrible injustice and unfair and the "what if" questions will continue to do the rounds for some considerable time. The only way to help everyone to recover is to be there for each other through this tough time. It's easy to detach from this sort of thing until it happens close to you, your reaction is perfectly normal for such a tragic incident. You will all miss him terribly and showing strength and unity to his wife is all you can do. This is even more im
  12. Zeezeebaba

    Thank You!

    There are some top people on this forum I no longer own a Z but still visit regularly. Loads of ex owners do, that alone speaks volumes.
  13. Beat me to it My nan was a Lancashire lass and the north south debate always revolved around food. Chips gravy and mushy peas quoted regularly. We always agreed the South was Oxford and below with the Midlands up to just past Brummy then you hit the North
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