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  1. Probably a good idea to remove my name from the list as I don't own it anymore. It was number 073. Thank you.
  2. The bonnet scoop, apart from helping cool the engine, helps reduce lift. As does the aluminium under tray that runs the length of the car. The rear wing creates 66lbs of downforce at 124Mph (I don't know if that's a lot as far as downforce goes) and the little knobbly bits on the roof are vortex generators that assist with airflow over the rear wing. The side skirts also assist. I think it's touted as a negative lift package. I don't know if that's another word for downforce but there it is. Regardless, I love the car. It is awesome
  3. Until/if they bring out the new one. I think it's still in concept stage at the moment but it's supposedly has a GT-R engine
  4. If it helps. the 'Aero kit' actually works and isn't just for show. Although it probably comes in to its own on a track. I assume whenever the car is in motion it'll be doing something though
  5. I found opinions on the looks a lot like Marmite with this car. You either like it or you don't. I wasn't sure myself to start with, but the more I looked at pictures and when I 'd actually seen one in the flesh it grew on me every time. They're still high revving engines. Can't say I've noticed the V-Tec kicking in as you get the usual 'pull' when the turbo is active, which, when you're giving it some beans is all the time
  6. Steel Lynx

    New Car!!

    Decided to sell the 370Z and try something else out. Since I've always loved Japanese cars (and bikes) I decided to get the new FK8 Type R. I have to say, I am very impressed with it.
  7. Hi Jay. As usual, as soon as I asked the question, I found where to create the album (and have done so) I will now have a go at doing the signature Thanks for the reply though!!
  8. Hi all! It's been quite a while since I've been active on the forum. Everything has changed!!! I watched the video Stu put up but can't seem to find anything regarding what I'm trying to do (my forum skills are pretty crap at the best of times!) I decided to sell the 370Z and get something a bit more mundane. Thing is, I can't seem to find where to change my signature or add/create a new album for the new car (in case anyone is actually interested in seeing it)
  9. Welcome to the forum, lots of knowledge on here!!





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