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  1. formatzero

    Black Rose

    Just a curiosity question really,some three years ago was keen on getting a black rose Z ,looked at one which wasn't in great condition but since then haven't seen any for sale are they mega scarce ?particularly coupe version.
  2. formatzero

    Purple 370z show standard!

    Certainly looks different !
  3. formatzero

    350z passenger airbag

    Ok thanks.
  4. formatzero

    350z passenger airbag

    As per the heading, wondering if there was a switch for passenger airbag ,I know 370 doesn't have one.
  5. formatzero

    [SOLD]For Sale: 370Z GT Manual £13000

    2009 I would say.
  6. formatzero

    Looking for 2013 Mk1 Nismo No 0075

  7. formatzero

    Looking for 2013 Mk1 Nismo No 0075

    That wasn't the one with red interior was it?It was back at Churches,recently.
  8. formatzero

    want to view a few 370z's - thoughts on these?

    You will one year free Nissan warranty.I negotiated the second year down to £250.
  9. formatzero

    Paddle shifters

    Depends what driving you do,i had a GT Edition auto and loved it after having it a while.In auto it was great for the usual traffic jam town driving and the paddles great for the open road.However as previously stated you cant expect it to be like a GTR or similar cars as it's not in their price range.Extended test drive if you can get one is a good idea.According to Auto Express the auto model "numbs the driving experience" I didn't find that.
  10. formatzero

    Parking Protection From Dings Inside Car Parks

    Yeh this,i bought an old Honda for £400 ,lasted 3 years park it where you want with no stress.After seeing your pic I realise i'm not really paranoid at all
  11. formatzero

    Storm White Paint Quality: Prone To Scratches?

    Never had any problems with my storm white gt edition but it was very well treated during washes,didn't even have problems with that many stone chips.
  12. formatzero

    370Z Nismo

    Yeh guess that was it, fluid leaking into the clutch flywheel area as I recall.
  13. formatzero

    370Z Nismo

    Price looks ok to me,if you push for another years warranty you will probably get it at a reduced rate.Never had a Nismo but have heard of clutch issues with the Mk1,someone with more knowledge will be along shortly I would think.
  14. formatzero

    New 2018 370z Finance Offer

    Always difficult to justify big cash spend on a week end car,i wanted to get another Supra but prices have gone mad and I didn't want to spend £18k on an old car.If I were you I would wait to get a nice used Nismo from a Nissan dealer with warranty,probably between £22 and £25k.