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  1. Hope all this exploration continues,dont know if i will live long enough to see a manned mission there but would love to.I believe one day there will be a colony and if humans can survive long enough they may be able to terraform it .
  2. The main snag for this will be the need for higher power chargers for these batteries ,existing network has too many different systems and too few chargers.
  3. Had two Dolly Sprints in my youth and loved them,they were however prone to overheating and doin cylinder head gaskets,quick in their day though
  4. That takes me back to my youth,tempted by old classics as a summer car ,Zodiac, or first model Capri, !
  5. Dont think i would risk an Evo and i did drive a Scooby sti a few years back but although quick i found it a bit agricultural .
  6. The time has come for me to get a run the grandchildren about car that is not electric ! Obviously would like something that looks good and goes well but has four doors.I was initially drawn to something diesel Bmw or Audi with three litre power however i am being told by all and sundry that because my mileage is around town and stop start with very few long distance runs i will have big DPF problems.I have also read that these big Germans are not that reliable so do i stick with something Jap like a type r ?I have about £22k to spend.Feel free to stick in your tuppence worth
  7. Well i have an Electric car which i use in town running grandkids to school,nursery and doing hospital and shopping trips for family members.I have had it nearly three years and it has cost me nothing to tax nothing for fuel and is great to drive in town ,great turning circle,quiet and has needed nothing but tyres and wiper blades. I had until recently a 350 which i used for week ends and days away for me and the missus.I am a car person and love a sports car and will have another when we can once again go somewhere. So i think it's horses for courses,long distance in electric is a s
  8. Be interesting to see if anything changes,Obama had two terms to do something about BLM but nothing was resolved,so i'm a bit sceptical.
  9. Maybe in 20 years they might have enough chargers for the revolution !!
  10. When i sold a car early September i used another car to lead the buyer on a test drive with no problems ,after checking he had insurance of course !
  11. Jings i'm just a boy at 72
  12. Thanks Alex,top man as usual
  13. https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=1fMxQfAx&id=A19D6394EF55711C78617C0D354D397C4D02D1F3&thid=OIP.1fMxQfAxFEDgolen66rkbwHaFQ&mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2fwww.five-fifths.com%2fskyline%2fupperIMC.jpg&exph=426&expw=600&q=350z+plenum+diagram&simid=608011225636603241&ck=DB6F858BAD10863E5C2881B34387D47D&selectedIndex=0&FORM=IRPRST&ajaxhist=0 Pipe coming out beside bolt 11
  14. Had engine management light come on and garage identified car running extremely lean.Turns out this is due to air being drawn in a small metal tube on the left hand side of the Motordyne plenum cover.Garage dont know if this should have a tube fitted to it or it should be blanked off as blanking it off returns fuel levels perfectly,anyone any clues?cheers
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