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  1. Wasn't aware they could be turned off,how is it done ?
  2. I think prices are holding up well,trade in will never be good as it is a narrow market,however if you can get a private sale you will get more cash. I also think mk1 Nismo should hold up well as there are not that many to be had.Just look at how Supra values have gone now they are becoming scarce !!
  3. My understanding was that it was the airbag that was the main problem of carrying a child under 12 in Z front seat,i of course could be wrong !!
  4. Makes you wonder whether your better buying an older higher mileage car with all the bugs sorted out !
  5. No idea what it's worth, but it's a lovely looking Zed !
  6. Havent found much difference between 350z and 370 gt edition in fuel consumtion .
  7. Interesting that they call it a hole,suggesting it may lead somewhere else.Given that it's thought they are created buy a massive collapsing star the hole theory seems a bit strange.Why cant it be a super compressed amount of matter not necessarily leading to anywhere ?
  8. If one thing has been proven by Brexit it is that we consistently vote in a shower of tossers whether they be right or left wing.
  9. Wouldn't get too hung up on road tax,supposing it was a tenner a week it's a lot cheaper than smoking or boozing.I used to have a low miles 296 and it did consume a little oil but not a worry.When buying I think it's as important to check out what the owners like and that will tell you a lot about how the cars been maintained,good luck.
  10. That was Noel Edmunds I think !!
  11. Ditto on the Supra mate,had 2, was offered a vvti some years back for £13k thought it was too dear !!!! now kicking myself .
  12. I went from 350z to 370z but now back to 350z,reason being 370z was a fairly new car and I just wasn't using it enough to justify the cost ,so got an older 350z which has not so much value in it .Yes it's a bit slower but interestingly although being fitted with 370z wheels it has far less road noise,very odd.
  13. It's Bosch battery I have so will wait to hear how you get on.
  14. Ok thanks ,that gives me something to go on.



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