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  1. New Car!!

    Had a run in a 65 reg previous model yesterday,felt very quick,i liked it .Motoring press say your newer model is even better.Have been looking for something to replace the Zed, with occasional rear seats for a child but finding it difficult to find something that has the wow factor for reasonable money.

    Roads are disintegrating here also !!
  3. Where is The North?

    The North is where you get free education and free prescriptions and the South pay for it
  4. 2015 370z for sale (modified)

    I agree ,some people selling MK1,s for more than that.
  5. 2015 370z for sale (modified)

    Looks nice with good mods
  6. Another - what would you get for 30-50k post.

    It seems they are making one with more grunt but looks may well be the same !
  7. Another - what would you get for 30-50k post.

    How about a new Alpine A110 due here next year,just under £50k new,no need to worry about warranty,gets good write up and is pretty quick !
  8. Nissan Leaf

    Thanks for the reply's very informative,will give it some more thought,not in a big rush.
  9. Nissan Leaf

    Anyone got one of these as a daily driver?I do around 100 miles a week round town and longest trip once every 5 weeks of 80 mile,s was wondering what the real life distance on one charge was.
  10. T-Charge

    It's being discussed for area's of Glasgow but no mention of the charge so far.Oxford seems to be going a step further just banning petrol and diesel vehicles,not sure when it starts.
  11. On the congested A roads where I live your lucky to attain the national limit, usualy there are trains of vehicles crawling along !
  12. StarTrek and Expanse

    I find a lot of shows like that nowadays,cant quite understand why it should be with technology supposedly better than ever !!
  13. Unleaded or Super unleaded

    There is an octane label inside the fuel filler cap for Super,thats what I use, £1.28 a litre up here .
  14. Regarding value of Mk1 I think it may well hold value quite well.Ive had a couple of Supra's and wish i'd kept one,good ones are becoming scarce and values are rising.Other cars with crazy values are the R.S. Ford focus mk2 which are not so scarce but holding value well !
  15. Your dream job?

    Being in the big time playing music.Too late now spent 50 years playing in a small time band,but had a great time.Doing something you love as a job must be a dream job for anyone !!