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  1. Yeh was reading this this morning,lots of exiting space projects over the next few years cant wait for all the developments.
  2. Yeh I would go for the private sale around spring time,that's what I intend to do.Not a car problem more an age bad back problem
  3. What a shame you have had to drop this so far bud, it looks a fantastic car and is now a true bargain for someone,good luck.
  4. Great info mate,will get checks done ,thanks a lot
  5. Just said lean bank 2 ! No other codes were present.
  6. Fault code PO174 came up on the car,had a mechanic friend plug a reader in and it came up with that code Lean bank 2.This came up as a stored code rather than a current fault and it reset ok.Had a look online to see cause and there was quite a list of possibilities .Whats the best way to narrow down these possibilities should it happen again ,cheers
  7. The leavers have been told for the last 3 years that at the referendum they didn't know what they were voting for.I think most just wanted out that was the deal.Now there have been several attempts at deals I would be interested to know how many of the voting public, either leave or remain have read the deal in it's entirety,not many I would guess !
  8. I don't think Scottish independence is inevitable, they have too many unanswered questions to deal with before any logical Scot would vote for it.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QI7tAJuzfeY&t=6s This was how I felt about M.P's ten years ago,not much has changed it seems !
  10. You are right about the taxes being imposed,i believe the goverment are already looking into how to fill the black hole which will be created if they stop getting the big receipts from fuel duty.
  11. Yeh I get the seeing more of them around cos you have one bit,however my seeing more of them is due to difficulty accessing the charging points which previously I could do easily.Not only full electrics but hybrids like Mitsubushi, Volvo, Honda and Audi.In the summer season it was worse as there were a load of Tesla,s up here and not many Superchargers so they take a fair bit longer to charge.Maybe more to do with the roll out of the charging system which is not quite up to speed yet.
  12. Already owning an electric I agree with a lot of what you say,although I find the uptake in my area has increased quite a bit in the last year.This of course could be due to the fact that for now, in Scotland public charging is free.Regarding the range issue Kia have gone some way with this in the E-niro but battery tech needs a big push.They are currently trying to develop carbon based battery packs which should charge as quick as filling a diesel but I suspect this will take a long time.
  13. I think Glasgow is doing something similar in 2021,banning Diesel cars older than 15 plate from city centre,however I have a son who works in car sales and says they are still selling loads of second hand diesels !
  14. You could go big power Supra for around £22k





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