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  1. Its funded by the Scottish government at the moment through Chargeplace Scotland who have website and app to show all charging locations.It's a push to encourage people into electric vehicles to meet pollution targets.There is talk at the moment of a charge being made if the charger is located at a privately owned business which is fair enough,but public chargers will be free at least for now.I have done 15k in the last 18 months with no fuel charge and no road tax which seems ok to me.I didn't buy my electric car new of course.
  2. Think that will appeal to a wider audience,looks great .
  3. Public car charging in Scotland is free ,no idea about south of the border.
  4. Yeh this was the route I took,my daily is a Nissan Leaf in which I do about 9k a year with no fuel cost or road tax and just run the Z on good days at week ends.
  5. Thanks for that,looks good location and reviews look pretty good,but always good to have contact with someone has stayed in the hotel,going for three or four nights by air ,looking for 4 or 5 star hotel that's close to metro and or some attractions,close to good resturants would also be a plus.
  6. Has anyone been to Rome recently who can recommend a hotel ?
  7. Admiring looks and comments,thats it.!
  8. Best plan is a test drive first,Nismo ,GT , then make your mind up which route you want to go,everybody has their own opinion.Coming from a Supra to a GT Edition it was like jumping into a luxury saloon
  9. Went from 13 plate Gt edition back to an older 350z I got on hear last year.Just felt I had too much cash lying at the door all the time and not being used .Miss the extra grunt though.
  10. I have a bad thread on one of my wheel spacer studs,the wheel nut is tight all the way off.Does anyone know if you can buy thes studs or do you need to get a new spacer,cheers
  11. Somebody on 370 general last night asking about this car .No more price drops it's too handy for me to have a look at
  12. Looks nice is it a USA model ?Still on my to do list to get American made strat,been a Gibson man many years but will get a Strat one of these days when I can stop spending on cars
  13. Really liked my 370, went well,in my opinion needed lowered a bit,but found the GT Edition comfortable for a sports car.My main gripe was road noise. Sold it as I wasn't using that much so am now back in a cheaper 350z which although slower still looks great.Despite having 370z wheels and being lowered it is considerably quieter than the 370 and since its a second car not so much value lying at the house unused.



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