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  1. This is more about making money than solving pollution,those with money will still have any car they want.You can pay a lot of road tax for the price of a electric car !
  2. I feel sorry for the N.H.S staff who must be dog tired and worn out by now.Instead of getting a breather Boris is now setting them up for more customers,i take it the economy now has priority.
  3. I don't get it ,how desperate can you be for a KFC or Costa when death could be a result !
  4. I saw one quote that said if all holidays booked this year were refunded via Atol they possibly couldn't cover them all !!
  5. Very similar to my own Journey,i too was desperate for a RX8 and very nearly bought one but after the collapse of prices was glad I didn't.Instead I bought a Supra then Audi tt,followed by Asure blue 296 Z.When I retired thought I was too old for sporty cars and got a diesel Leon Cupra,which was a great family car but I couldn't shake the urge for another Z,so like you I bought a white GT edition 370 and I agree great for our roads however didn't get much chance to drive it as I was always shunting kids and grandkids around in the family car,so it was sold.Then two years ago I bought a 350z in black on here and love it .Now nearly 72 and will keep driving sports cars till I cant get in them anymore,cant shake the addiction
  6. Our local supermarket had no flour either or eggs,and no fruit or veg,no crisps,cereal of any kind,and pretty low in a multitude of other items ,rural living ! Oops sorry not very upbeat.
  7. Drove a very similar car on track last year near wet myself,yeh quick !
  8. Heard today people were disinfecting their shopping when they brought it home ,also their mail ,anyone on here doing that ?
  9. I agree totally.I live in a rural area we have one Co-op and a Tesco Express,there is very little to buy,beginning to like a poverty struck country.I think now is the time for Ration books to stop all these TWATS stockpiling.
  10. Interesting that a virus achieves in 3 months what all the climate activists have been trying to do for years.!
  11. Yeh very interesting,heard on the news Government is going to ask other engineering companies to gear up for Ventilator manufacture,including the car industry. When this outbreak started news broadcasters were telling us not to panic as more people die with flu each year,seems everyone is panicking now,whats changed !
  12. Not only the panic buying,some are exploiting the situation with rip off price increases.My daughter usualy buys follow on milk for her 8 month old baby on Amazon as we live in a rural location,in the past few weeks it has gone from £65 per pack to £110 and another supplier is £129,sickening !
  13. Im sure her intentions are good,however I am old enough to remember loads of other people standing up for what they believed.John Lennon (all you need is love and peace) the Flower Power mob,they are all grown up now, and Ban the Bomb .There are of course others and mostly they achieved nothing .





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