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  1. formatzero

    What Did You Come From - How Does It Compare?

    Ditto on the Supra mate,had 2, was offered a vvti some years back for £13k thought it was too dear !!!! now kicking myself .
  2. formatzero

    What Did You Come From - How Does It Compare?

    I went from 350z to 370z but now back to 350z,reason being 370z was a fairly new car and I just wasn't using it enough to justify the cost ,so got an older 350z which has not so much value in it .Yes it's a bit slower but interestingly although being fitted with 370z wheels it has far less road noise,very odd.
  3. formatzero

    Jump start pack

    It's Bosch battery I have so will wait to hear how you get on.
  4. formatzero

    Jump start pack

    Ok thanks ,that gives me something to go on.
  5. formatzero

    Jump start pack

    As per the title,can anyone recommend a portable jump start pack suitable for the 350z. There seems to be a plethora available so any feedback appreciated.
  6. formatzero

    GT Edition & Facelift questions

    Had a 370z gt edition for a year and a half and had no issues at all.Comfortable and quick was under warranty so had no worries,looks great in white.
  7. formatzero

    370z Nismo automatic in UK? do they exist?

    This is a good plan,amazed the Gtr is noisier than a 370,i found the the road noise from my 370gt edition a real pain,so I have gone back to basics with a 350,lots of mods and not nearly as much road noise despite the fact its wearing 370 boots !
  8. formatzero

    Air Ride Suspension

    Thanks for the replies,i had been looking at a car for sale with Havair air ride,but where I live getting someone to repair it if it fails could be a challenge as i'm a hundred miles from nearest city.
  9. formatzero

    Air Ride Suspension

    Whats the feelings on this ,is it good,reliable, or should it be avoided ? How difficult and expensive to change back to original if required ?
  10. formatzero

    Considering a 370 again chaps ;-)

    Yes very comfortable car,and mine was reliable however I found road noise on Motorways a bit of a pain(depending on surface)mind you I am an old git !!
  11. formatzero

    370z 12 plate alarm going off randomly

    Iv'e had this problem with another Nissan model if I leave window open and lock the car .
  12. formatzero

    Black Rose

    Just a curiosity question really,some three years ago was keen on getting a black rose Z ,looked at one which wasn't in great condition but since then haven't seen any for sale are they mega scarce ?particularly coupe version.
  13. formatzero

    Purple 370z show standard!

    Certainly looks different !