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  1. Looks nice is it a USA model ?Still on my to do list to get American made strat,been a Gibson man many years but will get a Strat one of these days when I can stop spending on cars
  2. Really liked my 370, went well,in my opinion needed lowered a bit,but found the GT Edition comfortable for a sports car.My main gripe was road noise. Sold it as I wasn't using that much so am now back in a cheaper 350z which although slower still looks great.Despite having 370z wheels and being lowered it is considerably quieter than the 370 and since its a second car not so much value lying at the house unused.
  3. I'm just glad it's not a cooling cycle were having,seem to remember reading it got a bit chilly up here when we had the last one !!
  4. I would suggest a set of 370z wheels and 30mm lowering kit OR Ceramic paint coating ,I have both and they look fantastic.
  5. Ok thanks for that !
  6. Meant to ask were your Zeds later models ? mine is a 55 plate so early engine.
  7. That's good info,lots of guys round here in the same boat because although we are remote we were used to this filling station having the fuel(,been that way for many years ) so there quite a few performance cars around.
  8. The only filling station in my hometown suppling higher that 95 ron fuel are doing away with it and replacing with additional diesel pomps ! Next nearest station is 45miles away so not ideal,are additives any good ?and if so are any better than others ?
  9. Wasn't aware they could be turned off,how is it done ?
  10. I think prices are holding up well,trade in will never be good as it is a narrow market,however if you can get a private sale you will get more cash. I also think mk1 Nismo should hold up well as there are not that many to be had.Just look at how Supra values have gone now they are becoming scarce !!
  11. My understanding was that it was the airbag that was the main problem of carrying a child under 12 in Z front seat,i of course could be wrong !!
  12. Makes you wonder whether your better buying an older higher mileage car with all the bugs sorted out !
  13. No idea what it's worth, but it's a lovely looking Zed !



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