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  1. Parking Protection From Dings Inside Car Parks

    Yeh this,i bought an old Honda for £400 ,lasted 3 years park it where you want with no stress.After seeing your pic I realise i'm not really paranoid at all
  2. Storm White Paint Quality: Prone To Scratches?

    Never had any problems with my storm white gt edition but it was very well treated during washes,didn't even have problems with that many stone chips.
  3. 370Z Nismo

    Yeh guess that was it, fluid leaking into the clutch flywheel area as I recall.
  4. 370Z Nismo

    Price looks ok to me,if you push for another years warranty you will probably get it at a reduced rate.Never had a Nismo but have heard of clutch issues with the Mk1,someone with more knowledge will be along shortly I would think.
  5. New 2018 370z Finance Offer

    Always difficult to justify big cash spend on a week end car,i wanted to get another Supra but prices have gone mad and I didn't want to spend £18k on an old car.If I were you I would wait to get a nice used Nismo from a Nissan dealer with warranty,probably between £22 and £25k.
  6. New 2018 370z Finance Offer

    Out of interest how did you like the Z4,was it reliable ?
  7. Russia out of Europe?

    I like the conspiracy theory, but until the government give us concrete evidence it's impossible to make a decision.
  8. New 2018 370z Finance Offer

    Great choice,i got my Zed from them,Gents to deal with
  9. New 2018 370z Finance Offer

    This hits it on the head.Put a question on any forum and you will get plenty of opinions.I am into guitars as well as cars,would I buy a new guitar,no ,always bought second hand, but my eldest son just spent £1500 on a new one because that's what he wanted,so get what you want, we are only here a short time.As a matter of interest which dealer did you choose ?
  10. New 2018 370z Finance Offer

    If all you are worried about is reliability why not buy a used Zed from a Nissan dealer with one year free warranty and pay to add additional years.
  11. Service cost

    I have a 13reg 370z that is on 42k miles and is due a service,according to a Nissan dealer their cost for this is £680 ,is this typical?
  12. BMW 4 SERIES

    Ok thanks for that !
  13. Recently had a track day in a 6 week old Hurracan ,amaaaaaazzzzing drive and a soundtrack to die for,life is cruel !!
  14. BMW 4 SERIES

    Well I have a few concerns about reliability,these may be unfounded but my daughter has a 1 series which hasn't been that reliable.Are the Germans ultimate driving machine all they are cracked up to be.In other words will they be as good as a Z or should I be looking elsewhere ?
  15. BMW 4 SERIES

    Sadly I think I need to get a car with occasional back seats,anyone know anything about BM 4 series was thinking 435i coupe in particular.Any other suggestions welcome,and no ,I cant afford a GTR !!