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  1. As the title says I’m looking for the following: first on my list and main priority would be the amuse style boot spoiler or something similar. then , sport cats and lastly a nismo or a better looking rear bumper.
  2. It has armytrix exhaust , no problems other than needing a service and new discs or pads as it’s slightly shuttering when breaking over 50mph . Car is 112k so not a low mileage, tho it has almost new pilot sport 4s front and rear and wheels look like new . Retrimmed steering wheel and some other goodies
  3. Bought a 370z FOR 8.5k. Thread can be closed , thanks everyone !
  4. What should I check for considering the mileage and should I go for a 350z with lower mileage ? is the high mileage gonna be an issue reliability wise ?
  5. Exactly, from what I see hr are just better built and seem to be more reliable overall.
  6. Agree , but decided to wait and go for an HR , after reading everything there is about the two , I’m 100% sure I wanna go for a 100k miles HR rather than a 50k DE
  7. If only it wouldn’t be like 2k more than what I can spend 😑
  8. I’ll make sure to have a look 🙏 thanks
  9. Thanks for the tips , I’m just gonna enjoy it for a few months and maybe track it once as I never tracked any of my cars . And most probably will go from there with mods . Most probably visual mods at first if a HR .
  10. So finally time has come for me to buy one of my dream cars . First I wanna say I am looking for a HR and I was wondering what king of money would be fair to pay for a under 120k mileage hr ?😁 Secound , should I go for a stock one or slightly modified example ? ps: if anyone has a nice one for sale please pm me . my budget is 8k for the right one . can px with a 96k TT 225 Quattro + money your way .
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