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  1. Thanks all, assuming mine are original, then they are 16 years old on 91,000 miles. Dare I ask what do you think I would be looking at for a pair of new ones from Nissan?
  2. I'm looking to replace my fairly badly corroded OEM cats (suspect cause of P0430 code and nasty sound) with something stainless. I'm not bothered about sound and would be looking for something that would fit into the OEM position. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations?
  3. Got a P0430 code now. Searching the forums it seems an exhaust leak can possibly cause this? Also is it possible that running for 6 miles or so with two coil packs wired wrong way round could have buggered the cat slightly? Any way of cleaning it if so? Seen all the additives and stuff but not sure if any good at best of times, let alone for this. I reckon there is a slight whooshing noise from the exhaust towards about 5,000 revs plus. Exhaust seems quieter than before as well, less of a hum on motorway. MPG seems unaffected.
  4. OK so there were two codes on that my old machine couldn't detect. Both wiped and the power is back to normal now. Still sounds a bit weird but is an exhaust leak I think, probably from all the shaking under misfire So virtually the end of the story. Cheers all.
  5. 011418-ACECCDAFDD-00AAF Cheers
  6. From eBay: Spark Plugs 6x FOR NISSAN 350Z 02->07 3.5 VQ35DE Z33 Bosch Double Iridium
  7. Bosch double iridium 2004
  8. Cheers - plugs at least should be right as I got them myself!
  9. Well the story doesn’t quite end there I guess because when I go out for a drive there is definitely a loss of power compared to before the plug change (but a lot better than what it was before wire swap). Engine management light was flashing before wires swapped correctly but stayed on until I drove 10 miles. It’s now not on at all. Maybe engine is trying to sort itself out after the 6 miles I drove with them wrong? Cheers in advance.
  10. Wires swapped, running sweet as a nut. Thanks very much again guys. Lesson learned for a dummy like me haha.
  11. Sorry for the double post and continuing to be thick...but am I OK just to swap the wire's over rather than take the packs themselves out?
  12. Thanks very much for that guys will give it a crack tomorrow. What causes the smell just out of interest? Absolutely hideous and lingering in the cabin for hours!
  13. Blackstar

    Huge misfire

    Had slight misfire on idle for the past few months, slightly lumpy and twitching rev counter. But was pretty fine while driving including accelerating. Booked in for spark plug change today and it's now massively misfiring on idle and driving/acceleration. Any ideas on what the garage could have done? They assumed it was like that before hence why I brought it in for plug changes. They said it could be compression or injectors but is a big job so will need it back for a couple of days (which I am doing). I think they said they knew which cylinder it was and that they'd changed the coil packs over so it wasn't that? Can't help but think they have damaged/disturbed something by accident, seems coincidence that it was running relatively OK this morning but also also acknowledge it was probably a problem waiting to happen! Thanks in advance, would just like an idea as I'm not great on engines and don't want to be a totally ignorant customer.
  14. Hi, my mechanic says in order to fit the Toyosports one he has had to remove a plastic guard off the diff, or it would have melted? Anyone else have this problem?
  15. Thanks very much for that, going to order.





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