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  1. Hi, my mechanic says in order to fit the Toyosports one he has had to remove a plastic guard off the diff, or it would have melted? Anyone else have this problem?
  2. Thanks very much for that, going to order.
  3. I need a new back box and mid pipe pretty soon. I am looking to go stainless to slow down corrosion problems, but I do not really want anything louder than standard if possible. I was looking at this from Toyosports, if anyone can advise how loud it is an if it fits OK: https://www.toyosports.co.uk/stainless-steel-exhaust-system-for-nissan-350z--skyline-infinity-g35-1741-p.asp I'd consider an entire new exhaust system in stainless if there is one reasonably priced. Thanks in advance.
  4. Same here. There are some on eBay, but not sure of the quality. I've just been quoted £310 + £130 labour by Nissan dealer.
  5. Tonight I sheared my drivers' side mirror off. It sheared on the black bit (not sure what the material is but looks quite brittle and crystaline) and the mirror body is in tact. I have ordered a second hand one but no orange ones on eBay, so I am wondering if it is possible to fit the orange body onto the whole assembly I have coming? Unfortunately I have had to cut the cable as I can't get the door card and mirror off tonight and I need the car for a very long day tomorrow first thing in the morning, so had no option. I can live with the silver mirror until I respray or find an orange one if not. Cheers
  6. I bought a code reader today, as my check engine light came on last night. There are no error codes apparently, even thought the light is on. Problem is I can't turn the light off now? It says error when I try to erase codes, presumably as there aren't any. Had the light come on last year and too it to my mate with a laptop, who couldn't find anything wrong but turned the light off somehow. Does the check engine light come on for service interval also? The code reader I have is StreetWize OBDII. Doesn't say in the book how to turn off the light! Cheers in advance
  7. I currently have blue antifreeze in my car and I am unsure of its age. I'd like to replace it, but I ordered pink by mistake. If I were to completely drain and flush through the old blue, would there be any issue in replacing with the pink? I personally don't see why there would be an issue, I know you shouldn't top up with different types, but a mechanic has said it shouldn't be done. Cheers in advance.
  8. OK, I'm sure this will come accross weird, but here goes: 2007-2008: Ford Escort Encore 1.3, 1995 2008: Ford Cougar V6 2.5 automatic, 1999 2008: Ford Puma 1.7, 1999 2008-2009: Ford Cougar 2.0, 1998 2009: Ford Focus 1.8, 1999 2009-2011: Ford Cougar V6 2.5, 1999 2011-2013: Ford Fiesta ST, 2005 2013-2015: Ford Focus ST, 2008 2015: Ford Focus CC 2.0 diesel, 2009 2015-2016: Honda Civic Type R, 2007 2016-: Nissan 350Z, 2004
  9. 20-25 is quite good if you describe yourself as heavy footed ha ha. I average 25mph normally but I don't usually hammer the car. Yesterday on a largely motorway run from North Lincs to Holmfirth I managed 35mpg, which I think is great.
  10. I've used Black Circles lately as there is a fitting centre partnered with them just up from my house/work.
  11. Sorry, could you take a look at these and possibly guide me, I am seriously thick when it comes to this sort of thing. There is also this in the HU manual, not sure which I need?
  12. Thanks Blade, it is the standard Bose system yeah. As I say, I was told it was plug and play, so I will have to take it to someone I guess, I haven't soldered anything since school haha. It's definitely nothing to do with the ground wires or their location is it?
  13. Hi guys, I have just fitted - or rather tried to fit - a Sony WX-GT90BT head unit. I have power and steering wheel control, but no sound from the speakers. I've used the following gear. Forgive me for being poorly educated in electronics, but I was told if I used everything below it would simply be a case of 'plug and play' with no wiring or soldering needed. I used the ground/earth wire that came with the above, attaching it to the top right bolt below the sat nav screen. I attached the ground from the car to the opposite, left-hand side bolt under the sat nav. I've also used a Sony patch lead in the setup, but I can't find a pic to show. Any help would be appreciated - thanks in advance!





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