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  1. Cant believe it I got out of my car and caught the black door finisher and it snapped in a pyramid shape now I've got to purchase a new one or second hand one..can anybody help...
  2. Is there anyone else I need to contact other than waiting for customer services to reply
  3. Yeah I agree trying to sell it on would be hard
  4. That's true than I suppose the insurance would just pay out as a standard theft of the vehicle than the fun starts by trying fo convince the insurers how much it's worth
  5. So I I could say it's a safety issue if they refuse to pay for the repair
  6. That did cross my mind but than perhaps you could say that when it was stolen they did everything they could to steal it I.e smashing the mechanism etc .its probably how they would steal it..no different perhaps in breaking the standard steering lock on a standard steering wheel .
  7. For the record is the complaint procedure I sent to customer service the right way to start the ball rolling or is there someone or somewhere different u need to contact Thanks kev
  8. But how old were the vehicles mines 2009 so there probably use that as a get out clause if yours was in warranty than that's no more than you would of expected
  9. Hi I've just put a complaint into Nissan uk regarding the recall of 2009 370Z steering lock mechanism. Apparently in the states they were recalled and had the part renewed or replaced but this never happened in the uk...mine has packed up and the RAC were able to isolate it so I can still drive it..I'm waiting for there response on the issue..I've been told by nissan that this isn't usually a goodwill gesture to repair free of charge cos I dont have it serviced locally at nissan...I did say regardless where its serviced it's still a design fault that needs to he addressed...watch this space
  10. Havent been on for a while but I wanna put this out to anybody that can come up with a better price or knows someone that doesn't charge the earth for a 2009 370z steering lock mechanism I've been quoted £700 for the part and another £60 to marry up the 2 keys ridiculous price and with vat costing upwards of £800..I've neutralised the lock so I can still drive it safely..any thoughts or ideas please advise cheers kec





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