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  1. To 'Z', or not to 'Z'

    Since your young keep your Volvo as the daily then the z as the weekend toy. If I never ran the polo as my daily I wouldn't of been able to afford it due to fuel to be honest.
  2. Lurch silverburn

    Not seen your car for ages changed a fair bit haha
  3. Scottish meets 2018

    Ohhh I'll be up for this
  4. 350z Greddy Twin Turbo Croatia

    Great look forward to it
  5. 350z Greddy Twin Turbo Croatia

    Please give us videos of this weapon haha.
  6. Dodo Juice

    Yeah dodo juice blue velvet for dark colour cars is unreal. It's the only wax I use in the summer for that super wet/gloss look.
  7. DEPO headlights - who has installed? Q's..

    Few clips ,very poor quality due to phone and I have one bulb that I haven't changed so one looks yellow and other white haha VID_20180204_163348.mp4 VID_20180207_195720.mp4 VID_20180207_200006.mp4
  8. Dodo Juice

    Such a nice colour
  9. DEPO headlights - who has installed? Q's..

    Sorry haven't been home to get vid yet will hopefully load one up tonight though
  10. *** TORQEN *** 350z HR and 370z High Flow Cats

    Budget with a z. Impossible
  11. Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    Any Scottish z's going ?
  12. DEPO headlights - who has installed? Q's..

    Unfortunately not as I have a new phone but I'm back on Thursday can send you a video of the lights in action if you want
  13. DEPO headlights - who has installed? Q's..

    Yeah I have the orange side lights actually really like them like that but white would look cleaner. On my lights written with white tipp-ex it had rhd on them and I haven't touch the setting yet. Also passed its MOT fine but I have a very friendly tester haha. At the time I asked torqen about if he had any rhd version and I'm sure he had two left and they wouldn't produce them again (well adjust them for UK sellers)
  14. DEPO headlights - who has installed? Q's..

    My set from torqen came set up for right hand drive and was plug and play (not sure all sets come rhd though) obviously had to unscrew the ballasts from my stock lights and screw them onto these. For indicator problem were for me my hazards came on each time I indicated ,on drivers side headlight there is a blue wire you snip to fix this problem. Order some new O rings from torqen and they shouldn't leak and place some silica gel packs inside for safety. For bulbs I used my old led set W5W sidelight D2S bulbs for main beam For indicator bulbs found it difficult to find a set that fitted perfectly but these are the correct fitment https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-x-3157A-180-CAR-BULBS-AMBER-WEDGE-BRAKE-TAIL-FOG-REVERSE-INDICATOR-12V-27-7W/111245333422?hash=item19e6bd13ae:g:TdwAAOxyaTxTQJWB 3157A Love the lights really to be honest much needed mod