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  1. PPod


    Depos look amazing pretty cheap also compared to facelift 05+ lights. My vote is always for depo
  2. PPod

    Prepping my LMGTs for winter.

    Can never be too early when using c5 lasts months even years to be honest haha
  3. PPod

    Prepping my LMGTs for winter.

    Just done the exact process with basically same stuff as you got my c5 on just now haha but found I screw in my rear tyre
  4. PPod

    Pops & Bangs with stock cats

    Same as me pops and bangs when close to the redline on motordyne with art pipes. Such a loud gunshot love it haha
  5. PPod

    Stone chip protection kits...

    I seriously need this but need a respray first
  6. PPod

    Black 370 Cumbernauld

    Nah was basic model seemed an older guy
  7. Black 370 on Cumbernauld heading towards old ins roundabout never seen you before gave a wee flash. about 8.45pm today
  8. PPod

    10th Birthday Present.

    Such beauty here's to another 10 years
  9. Glad I found this thread really enjoyed your video. Subscribed and look forward to seeing the next
  10. PPod

    Love cleaning OEM tips

    That ginge sure does shine
  11. PPod

    350z T shirts

    1. SuperStu - In for a large blue. 2. Jay84 - I'll take a black in large. 3. andy James - Large white please. 4. GeraldD - White XX2 5. GeraldD - Blue XX2 6. GeraldD - Black XX2 7. Rabbitstew - Large blue one for me too. 8. PPOD - White XL 9.