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  1. Dodo juice blue velvet is great on an azure paintwork. Amazing gloss levels personally
  2. BC sorted me out with the same rating of springs very happy and only £70 for both. 9 day waiting time but worth it Thanks @andybp
  3. Thank you very much just contacted BC to see if they can help me It was torqen coilovers but my rear spring has snapped
  4. Hi, my rear spring has snapped in two places and I'm looking for a replacement with the same spec as they have been adjusted (coilovers) They are 230mm 10kg anyone know of any springs like this for sale. also anyone know the rating of stock spring by any chance cheers
  5. Could I please get one for 350z when the next batch is up
  6. I would if I could. Such a fan of these
  7. Please get some spacers makes the car look more aggressive
  8. Sesso wax from dirty details. So surprised I still have nice beading with such a heavy amount of dust sitting on my car from the trees near me
  9. Great coilovers had mine on for 3 years now and can't fault them
  10. Don't know or haven't used brita purifiers but Been using final rinse water purifier and it's brilliant. Been blasting through clients cars with it and don't need to use a drying towel that much anymore .
  11. I've had the same problem with my z keychain it's like the attachment screw was to weak. Was it a bad batch maybe ? Not looking for a replacement just wanted to say Asad
  12. Amazing build thread enjoying it so far



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