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  1. Sooooo clean underneath there
  2. PPod

    Red 350GT- update: new wheels

    Great daily wouldn't mind one of them myself to be honest.
  3. Spotted you both but was in the daily polo as usual
  4. PPod


    Yeah pics and full spec please
  5. Yeeah exactly that it's what I've asked for Christmas so I'll get my family to order it up soon
  6. Do you have any red options for the nrg wheel ? I had a look on the tarmac site but couldn't see any. Was wondering if red would be possible. Cheers
  7. PPod

    400bhp 370z at SEMA

    Love it
  8. Wouldn't put the price down just wait it out till after winter cause the price is very reasonable. Unless your really wanting to sell it then knock it down a bit but I wouldn't.
  9. PPod

    *** TORQEN *** 350z Nismo 380RS Acceleration pedal

    What model of z do you have ? Should always fit to be honest
  10. PPod

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Will give that a go thanks. Usually use ez car care ghost as a drying aid but I do have sonex and chemical guy detailer also.
  11. PPod

    Does snowfoam work

    I became so obsessed with my paintwork I ended up changing the car from black to red just because it hides the swirls slightly better A blame nissan for such soft paint for my problems. Tried every snowfoam and wash technique but in the end swirls came back just slowed the process down.
  12. PPod

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    What did you use
  13. PPod

    My 240z Project

    Loooove this
  14. PPod

    What does flyered mean?

    A 370z body with a 350z inside it would look so cool and would only be one sticker. Like the evolution of it