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  1. PPod

    Custom Vented front wings

    Perfection that is great zed
  2. PPod

    What can I get for my budget

    Seen this for £3k
  3. PPod

    They Have Arrived.

    Look stunning
  4. PPod

    Twin turbo 350z build.

    It's great you managed to sell it to a forum member means it will be well looked after who knows could even end up buying it back few years later
  5. PPod

    WANTED: pair of headlights

    Depo set are brilliant and look much better than 05+ stock personally
  6. I'm 6'4 and still have room left above my head legs are very long so they are close to the wheel but still comfortable.
  7. PPod

    HEL Braided Lines Clearance

    Yeah that's what I'm thinking also
  8. PPod

    HEL Braided Lines Clearance

    I'm still running my hel lines but I've heard quite a few bad things about them
  9. PPod

    Decats or art pipes?

    True less rasp with art pipes that's why I love mine
  10. PPod

    2x Falken 452 tyres, 245/35/19

    Ohhhh I might grab these off you need to do a quick check
  11. It's great you've kept the z. Would have been a shame if you sold it because it's such a great example to get rid of
  12. PPod


    I'm ready
  13. Sooooo clean underneath there
  14. PPod

    Red 350GT- update: new wheels

    Great daily wouldn't mind one of them myself to be honest.