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  1. Don't know or haven't used brita purifiers but Been using final rinse water purifier and it's brilliant. Been blasting through clients cars with it and don't need to use a drying towel that much anymore .
  2. I've had the same problem with my z keychain it's like the attachment screw was to weak. Was it a bad batch maybe ? Not looking for a replacement just wanted to say Asad
  3. Amazing build thread enjoying it so far
  4. I think you should bump the price up to be honest 100%
  5. If I bought it then took the charger/mods out for my own z then sold yours would you be happy ? Cause I'm so tempted
  6. Will always got Tesco since it's gave me 2bhp more than vpower on the Dyno twice . Great for clubcard points also
  7. On going problem myself but I've just left the light on. I get it cleared and nothing comes up on reader with light on but figured out it's when I'm on full load and when exhaust pops and bangs a little. Hasn't effected anything with my car for past 3 years
  8. Perfection that is great zed
  9. PPod

    They Have Arrived.

    Look stunning
  10. It's great you managed to sell it to a forum member means it will be well looked after who knows could even end up buying it back few years later
  11. Depo set are brilliant and look much better than 05+ stock personally



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