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  1. Blue 350z in the carpark at the Nurburgring. Anyone on here? Had a forum sticker in the back quarter window.
  2. Mike1989

    carbon bonnet

    Hi, yes sorry forgot to mention. It's for a 2004 de model.
  3. Mike1989

    carbon bonnet

    I'm after a carbon bonnet, i'd prefer one with the hump.
  4. Car is still off the road, I might pop down but I’ll be in the daily sadly
  5. I fancy this, when do you need a definite answer by?
  6. Welcome to another member from Stoke
  7. Pretty sure you’ve taken a deposit for this
  8. Haha made me laugh, hope the 3 points were worth it you d**k head!
  9. Mike1989

    hr bonnet

    ok guys cheers for replies.....
  10. Mike1989

    hr bonnet

    anyone got a hr bonnet out there they want to sell. colour isn't a problem.
  11. I'll take it if sale falls through!
  12. I like the eye lids, might get myself a set! Needs the hr bonnet to make it look more aggressive!
  13. Nice car buddy, best colour haha!! Great surroundings on the photos, where's that at?
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