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  1. Car is still off the road, I might pop down but I’ll be in the daily sadly
  2. I fancy this, when do you need a definite answer by?
  3. Welcome to another member from Stoke
  4. Mike1989

    350z HR bonnet

    Pretty sure you’ve taken a deposit for this
  5. Haha made me laugh, hope the 3 points were worth it you d**k head!
  6. Mike1989

    hr bonnet

    ok guys cheers for replies.....
  7. Mike1989

    hr bonnet

    anyone got a hr bonnet out there they want to sell. colour isn't a problem.
  8. I'll take it if sale falls through!
  9. I like the eye lids, might get myself a set! Needs the hr bonnet to make it look more aggressive!
  10. Nice car buddy, best colour haha!! Great surroundings on the photos, where's that at?
  11. Michael Moore feel free to add guys
  12. No mate I'm afraid, although I've put my car in the garage so I haven't brought a new mirror yet either!
  13. I've had the same issue bud. It happened to my passenger side, struggled like mad get the casing. All breakers don't want separate them!



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