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  1. well, you are more than welcome - be nice to meet more from here
  2. Hi all. There is another motors meet at OcUK again this coming Saturday - who is free to attend? Check out the gallery for the last event. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/gallery/ocuk-motors-meet-2018/ocuk-motors-meet-2018 Hi all, After the huge success of the last one, @Gibbo has signed off on another OcUK HQ meet - so that means we've got to make it bigger than before right? The last event went brilliantly with some amazing cars showing up, and some great laps being put in on the simulators! The aim is to have 200 cars this time out, so tell a friend to tell a friend to come on down. Please be sure to post on other forums and share the links here - All cars and clubs welcome! So get your names down! Please be sure to let me know what car you will be attending in also! So what's new this time out? ASUS ROGBUS The Asus Republic of Gamers Bus will be in attendance! What's a ROGBUS? Well simple, it's a bus kitted out with gaming machines, laptops and components on display and full demos available! For more information please check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ROGBusUK/ Woodfire Pizza Company OcUK will be bringing in the Woodfire Pizza company to take care of all the hungry petrolheads and gamers on the day! Ice cream van What's a car meet without pizza and ice cream right? Cosplay Models and Gamers Not too sure who wants to see the gamers, but there will be Cosplay models doing the rounds throughout the day - more information to follow. Discounts & Sales Products Details of products to be reduced and on sale for in-store ONLY bargains to be announced. You won't see these deals replicated online or anywhere else. You have to be at the store to take advantage! And some more to be announced with OcUK partners as the date gets closer! The usual stuff - The OcUK Motors Meet in the OcUK HQ car park - Passenger rides in willing Motors member's cars (national speed limit road around the corner from OcUK) - Show and shine - awards for the cleanest and the dirtiest cars will be available - We will actually be sure to follow up on this one this time! - Autobrite are returning with their fully kitted out van along to demo their products and have them available for sale. Pick up anything from your micro fibre products, to foam lances, shampoos etc. - Other PC systems available on the day for attendees to play an assortment of the latest games OCUK Racing Motors simulator Challenge - Car and circuit to be decided on the day to prevent 100s of practice laps - Fastest lap time wins a Noble Chair (model to be confirmed) - Slowest lap time wins the opportunity to wash a member's wheels in the car park The member who sets the fastest lap gets to choose the wheels which require cleaning Hopefully this again ticks a few boxes for many on the OcUK Motors forum - but if you feel there is something that could be done to further enhance the day, please post something constructive. Meet details: Time: Between 10:00-16:00 There is no fixed time to arrive for this meet, this is an all day meet so feel free to attend any time between 10am and 4pm, staying for as long as you like. Location: Overclockers UK Newcastle-Under-Lyme Staffordshire ST5 9BT Extra information to keep in mind during the day: Toilets: Though OcUK has rest rooms they are not for general public (insurance) as such we advise using Morrisons opposite. Food: OcUK will supply snacks and beverages. Those seeking other food, morrisons opposite, fish and chips top of road, subway also, KFC and McDonalds too. Discounts: Discounts on all hardware, anyone wanting a graphics card I will operate a strict policy of OcUK cost plus 10% margin, happy to show our cost on the day to any real potential buyer who wants a card for gaming. OcUK car park: Is huge, can easily accomodate 100+ cars, however strictly no driving fast, donuts etc. We are surrounded by fast roads which you can play on. Tour: Anyone who would like a tour of OcUK's internal operation just ask a member of staff and they shall take small groups around. In order to help guide people who never being to OcUK HQ before I've put my paintbrush skills to hand and done a parking layout people need to follow, there shall be marshals present on the event to guide people as it is important customers have a parking area near the door for carrying goods for example. To summarise directions to OcUK for those exiting A500 / M6 using postcode ST5 9EN or ST5 9BT will both get you to Milehouse Lane. - Coming from North, you will pass McDonalds on your left, then a Starbucks coffee on your right, also watch out for the 40mph gatso, at roundabout 3rd exit pass subway. Coming from South you will pass a KFC on your left, then a Pizza hut and reach subway on your left. First exit! - Reach a roundabout, on this roundabout is a Subway and Buffet Island (now closed and boarded up). Drive downhill pass subway. - At the bottom of the road is a Morrisons, at those lights turn left for Morrisons (toilettes, snacks) or turn right for OcUK and you are then on our industrial estate, the first left DO NOT ENTER, the second left is your parking area. IMPORTANT - RULES OF CONDUCT! Due to laws in Stoke, this event is a park up event and come in our store or hang about chatting to other fellow members, both in store and out of store. If any members start racing on our private land, revving their exhaust obnoxiously the Police will be forced to attend and clear you all off. As such respect the rules off: 1. Park up, engine off 2. Any revving, minimal, no bouncing of limiters or crazy popping and banging. 3. Strictly obey the 5mph speed limit at all times when entering the business park. 4. Most importantly ALL GET ALONG! Anyone breaks the rules will be ask to leave, if Police need to attend, the store event will finish. Enjoy the event for what it is, showing your car off and having polite discussion with other fellow car enthusiast and to check out the OcUK store and Autobrite cleaning product range. Some pics from the last time!
  3. This event is this coming Saturday.... lets get the zeds out in force people!
  4. No need to register but you can if you like. There is at least one other mustang coming I think too
  5. Hi guys. Overclockers UK arranged a meet in March, it happened but wasn't that big a turn-out due to it being the weekend of the Big Snow! The snow locally melted on the morning, but other areas of the country were screwed still. They are now running another meet again with better weather hopefully. 12th May. https://forums.overclockers.co.uk/threads/ocuk-hq-motors-meet-take-2-cars-computers-nostormemma-saturday-12th-may-2018.18813212/ The location is: Overclockers UK Newcastle-Under-Lyme Staffordshire ST5 9BT There is a planned free BBQ and should be around 100 cars in attendance. Who is game for it? Last time there were some good cars, but this time there will be more for sure. Here are a few pics from last time. There were a few R35 GT-R's, my 370z, a Jag F-Type SVR, a R34 GT-R, Scoobys, Audis, and a McLaren almongst the cars. Lets get as many 350z or 370z there this time so we can take over the show!
  6. I don't think any of you attended, considering the weather that was most understandable. There were some good cars that did attend. Around 40-50 cars made it in the end.
  7. I will take my SLR camera tomorrow and get some nice pics... not that I expect many gleamingly clean cars. Mine is filthy and I ain't washing it in this weather it can remain dirty with salt.
  8. The event is still on tomorrow. The snow has all gone in the local area. The orange arrow is the road that OcUK business park is on. Where I am standing is where I live It is me providing the Pizza, that is still on
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