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  1. Hrma

    LPG conversion

    Personally I wouldnt even consider it. I do daily mine around £100 per week in fuel. I don't think they would respond well. 350z are known for being bad on fuel like any big ltr petrol engine. lpg you use 15-20% extra but it is cheaper 350z boot is small a best never mind with a extra large lpg tank in although you could use a doughnut tank but will loose your spare wheel. If you were going that route I would of looked for a z all ready installed with a kit let some else take the hit on the install cost. Also average v6 lpg install must be around £3500 how many miles could you do with 3500 worth of petrol. There's other things to take in to consideration with lpg if you break down for what ever reason the AA or rac will not work on your car they will just tow it due to it being gassed.my view Steer clear lpg sports cars.
  2. Hrma

    Invidia Flexi pipe

    Or could it be time to change your exhaust. Speed bumps are a complete ball ache not really applicable to you as your in a major city but I just have to detour certain routes and I am on stock suspension. I had full unresonated cobra exhaust cheap and cheerful sounded good but I went for the single exit as tomie don't offer a dual option which to be fair looks in my opinion crap how ever style is subjective but I brought it for the sound not the looks. In the US they have loads of tomie/single exit exhaust uk how ever not so many and I unfortunately due to work got chance to go to a meet to hear one but I went from not ideal and would never do it normally YouTube videos and it's renowned to be loudest exhaust and wow my god it is loud!!! the tomie is absolutely awesome yes it p**es some folks off even more when I get the pops and bang map but long as your not gunning it every where stay below 3000 rpm but personally I don't care. My mate has it on his r35 again still looks stupid but sounds even better. I certainly woulnt recommend it if you like listening to anything whilst driving bar an exhaust, talking any one or don't like unwanted attention.Want to do any track days as it's to loud that does suck but I daily drive mine and I have another z for the track now I did have berk test pipes but with the tomie had to take them off. as that was way to loud.
  3. Hrma

    RJM Clutch Pedal

    Yeah seen that vid that's what made me want one but we could only get them here this year. it's actually more time consuming to fit the RHD than the LHD got tdi north fitting it next couple weeks cheers.
  4. Hi bud any chance you could fit a 350z my RJM clutch pedal and cost of labour  I left a voicemail however I forgot it's a sat. Cheers Paul


  5. Hrma

    RJM Clutch Pedal

    Hi guys, hope you can help. I bought a 2nd 350z can anybody recommend a garage that will do l an RJM clutch pedal install. So many don't want to fit them. I am in Stoke on Trent and don't mind traveling.
  6. Is this still available cheers Rod if so can you pm me with your price
  7. Hey folks bad news I am affaid. I wont be attending due to fixing the oil gallery gasket which is now all done. not cheap fix and 1 hell of labour intensive job.
  8. Cheers lads nice one
  9. Hey folks bad news today my 350z 2008 hr oil gallery gasket has given Up the ghost. any one had this issue? If so cost. I have heard that hr 07+ cost alot more compared to the DE and rev up. Any Info
  10. Hi do you have the boot aucuator and does it work? If so how much cheers
  11. Not on any social media bud. I pm you with my mob no
  12. Cant do the silverstone one as working but Donnington I can.
  13. Hey bud I live in Kidsgrove will have to meet up some time



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