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  1. Clown

    Invidia Flexi pipe

    Thanks for the feedback lads, seems like welding in new sections is the way to go for me
  2. Hi all, it's been a while! Are these easy to get fixed or replaced? I was searching the web for Invidia Gemini but every picture I've found looks different to the ones under my car (pic attached). P.S. I hate speed humps in London!
  3. This was probably me The car was filthy!
  4. Adrian sorted me right out, what a pleasure to be able to support him at Torqen after being one of the prominent members on here for some time! I've got some HFCs waiting for me to pick up, just need to work out where to get them fitted and get an Uprev sorted out!
  5. Sly sorted me right out again! New clutch, brake pads and discs all around, front bushes and a full service before taking it for the MOT. I don't believe nobody has taken their car to him since February though?
  6. Damn I was in the cinema, that is pretty epic!
  7. You're still here! Congratulations on finding a lady who would accept the Ferrari tattoo! I quite like those MX5s! I'm good, living and all that We've come a long way since being parked outside Mothercare!
  8. Hey! I'm good, been busy with life. Leaving my job in September after 13 years which will be weird. I still have my Z but I'm looking to chop it in soon. I'm still around though Hope you're well? How is everyone here
  9. Someone else used to buy them I actually came back to the forum because I might need you lol
  10. I bought 45 pack of bog roll... I think this means I'm a grown-up now!
  11. I had exactly this and the Zed Shed fixed it by removing all the built up dust and crap that was around the pads and disks. Thanks Keyser and Bob
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