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  1. Yeah, I kept the stereo brackets but every hole that I'm able to fit the stereo in, there is a massive gap on the bottom when installing the head unit into the centre console. I'm going to take it out this weekend, with work being crazy, I'm a little tired and mentally drained to be playing around with radios! Which extra front bracket do you mean @Tomato?
  2. Thanks all. I fixed it in the end after speaking with cs2000; I needed to buy an additional harness which I picked up in Halfords for £9, did the buster mod and now everything works! The last problem I have is that the head unit doesn't fit properly. I'll need to drill some new holes in the original radio mounts. For now, however, I'm happy that all speakers and bass are working, and it's ridiculously loud! There is only a little gap at the bottom but the centre console will not fit all the way in.
  3. So I was able to get the stereo working and it seemed that I was being an idiot and missed what was right in front of my eyes. There was a sticker on top of the wire that needed to be plugged into the bullet adapter. So amp works but I still have the same problem: I have 6 phono connections which are specifically for the front, rear and sub (left and right) but I have a red, white, black and yellow cable which doesn't appear to be designed for this head unit. I will probably have to speak to Pioneer to see if they supply an RCA adapter compatible with the zed. I wonder if there is a way of converting the two. But at least for now I can get sound working on the front and rear, but my sub isn't working. I think I need to take it to an auto electrician!
  4. I’ve managed to get the stereo working but now I have no sound. There is an amplifier remote turn on lead and I don’t know where to plug this in. There is also a pre out connector on my head unit but has 7 phono leads, whereas the incartec fk-256 only has 4-5 male phono cables. So I need yet another adaptor?
  5. These are the items that come with the head unit
  6. I don’t suppose you have a link for the parts? The kit I have doesn’t have the iso connection adapters (even though they said this would be all I need) and I don’t know what to get. I thought this would be a plug and play job, but clearly not at the moment!
  7. I was debating the Sony one, and was pretty close to buying it. The pioneer one has just come out and it has wireless CarPlay so that sold it for me. Let me know how you get on with the Sony!
  8. Anyone got this in their car? After trying to install a replacement Bose, I gave up keeping it original and just bought this. Not great with electronics and all, but it has 3 preouts at 2v. Heard that there may be some problems with that? Not too sure on the ohms, and I think I read that the 350z Bose system was 2Ohms and I shouldn't mix them up otherwise I'll have to replace the entire setup. Hopefully will have it delivered by the afternoon tomorrow and play a little hookie with work.
  9. Yes, I was very worried that I may have had to replace it with a replica. I found a boat builder who deals with fibre glass all day and he agreed to repair it for me!
  10. Back in June, my car got hit by some guy in a car park. Since then I’ve been sourcing parts from everywhere including members on this forum. Work is now in progress after a 2 month long waiting list to get my car into the body shop (he’s always busy). I now have some pictures of updates as to what the repair job looks like. If it’s even half as good as the pictures let on, I’m going to be really happy.
  11. Anyone got one of these lying around? Need one for the drivers side as mine is bent and needs replacing.
  12. It was supposed to be divorced and ready to install and pair with a new ECU
  13. Just bought a Bose head unit from a forum member on here but when I connect it up and power it on, it says “SECURE” on the LCD display. Does this mean the head unit is still paired to another ECU?
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