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  1. Newbie

    I'd probably try and match the fronts with a bit tint on the new lights, or just more of an updated look to them. If you aren't in any rush for them, I'd say fit the headlights first and see if you get any inspiration for the rears once you see them in the flesh.
  2. Newbie

    That's not a bad price to be fair, I've seen a couple of Z's with these lights and they really look the part. Loving the angel eyes too but I'm more of a sucker for demon eyes! Definitely post some pictures when you get them installed, it'll be good to have a straight swap between old and new
  3. Buying my Zed Saturday

    Welcome to the forum bud, you'll have to post some pics when you do pick it up. Is it going to be a daily or a bit of both showy off and daily? Just wondering because of the RB kit . Will look great either way.
  4. Newbie

    Tinted rear lights look good I think. On your colour I think they'll suit nicely. Each to their own. Should look good either way you decide to go
  5. Newbie

    That's understandable, there was a big selection. Whichever style you do decide to go for, make sure to take some pics
  6. Newbie

    Neither do I, I was lucky that my brother has done a few of them before so I was in good hands, we done it together but I was more looking what he was doing and helping so I didn't mess it up . There are a good few instructions on the forum about changing lights if you wanted to get an idea of how to do it. Are you able to customise the lights before you buy them?
  7. Newbie

    Thanks mate, definitely worth doing if you're changing lights
  8. Newbie

    Not the best pics but just to show you. The demon eyes are I promise, not pink, phone isn't good in low light pictures . Clear lenses are good too, really spreads the light better than the stock frosted one.
  9. Newbie

    The lights look good man, it'll be nice to have a straight swap, I put clear lenses and demon eyes in mine, and it was a biggish job, headlights out, bake them to open them up etc. Well worth it though, they look amazing, if you can get clear lenses in your new headlights, subtle change but big difference. I had a good speaker set up in my Civic Type R, so I always compare mine to that, but probably shouldn't . Unable to help there I'm afraid buddy, I've only changed my sidelights when the headlights were out, haven't changed indicators front or rear. I'm sure someone will be able to tell you though, let me know how you get on.
  10. Newbie

    No worries mate, yeah I think upgrading the speakers is a must if you're into your music, not the greatest system, need to get the tape deck out of mine and upgrade to one of them fancy touch screen ones too. When you say change the fronts, do you mean the reflectors or the actual lights? They may pop up, you never know!
  11. Newbie

    Welcome to the forum buddy! Car is looking pretty aggressive already. Got any further plans for the Z?
  12. Exhaust Valve Timing on HR

    Ah fair enough, at least you know it's not that then. I might bite the bullet and get an uprev remap done after changing the plugs. Just a shame that we and many others have to put up with it haha
  13. Exhaust Valve Timing on HR

    Hey mate, sorry, just seen your post! Sorry to hear it still didn't work. Annoyingly, mine is slowly coming back, so I think it might be a bit more of a serious issue. I spoke a chap at a meet who is a moderator on here, coldel, great guy who suggested changing the spark plugs as that may cause the jerkiness as well so I'll be changing them before forking out for a new clutch!
  14. Rota Grids 19" 9.5 F 10.5 R ET20....What Colour???

    Likewise buddy. Couldn't fault your car either . I think I'm sold on the white now, it'll really make the colour pop! Hopefully I'll see you around. I'll keep an eye on the upcoming meets.
  15. Exhaust Valve Timing on HR

    Shame to hear it didn't work for you man. I've heard it's the exhaust cam timing? I can't speak for everyone but it definitely worked for me, turned the car on, waited for it to warm up, lights off, A/C off, don't think radio matters but I had it off also, kept revs in between 1800 and 2K for 20 seconds, not expecting anything, pulled away, and voila, no jumping. I purposely made sure that it wasn't coincidence, so I put it in 3rd going about 20mph, mine used to get jumpy around 1500rpm, and there was a nice smooth rise in the revs, so as far as I know, it seems to have worked, done the same thing a few more times to make sure it wasn't a fluke and it was all smooth. Not bad for a bit of free advice. I'd definitely recommend trying it again, just unfortunate if it doesn't work for you, means you may need a remap and/or clutch. Let me know how you get on