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  1. Haha nice, all great photographers have to have one lol
  2. Only the fronts to go and then you'll feel a proper difference. You'll have to take an updated photo when it's done
  3. that's fair enough, I personally prefer functional cars too!
  4. Yeah that is pretty low . I think you'd scrape on a leaf lol. Do you want keep it as a fast road car or keep it relatively stanced?
  5. Hiya Everyone :)

    Nismo have a good few different styles/aggressiveness, check out RT performance, Tarmac sportz etc. They have a could of parts that may interest you
  6. Don't blame you man, the prices of some parts for cars of that age and legend are ridiculous. Had a friend at work who done the same, sold his supra and got a Chaser. How are you enjoying the Z life so far?
  7. Hiya Everyone :)

    All of the above sounds like a good plan . When I first saw the LED strips, I thought they looked cheap but I'm liking them more and more every time I see them . What type of kit are thinking for the body? Unable to help with the seat height I'm afraid...I'm not tall enough for that problem haha. I'm sure someone will be able to give you a hand.
  8. Hiya Everyone :)

    Welcome to the forum buddy. Do like the Azure blue. Any plans for the Z?
  9. Welcome to the forum buddy. What made you change from the Supra to the Z?
  10. Carbon Fibre Hydrodipped Bonnet

    I can appreciate that, the reason I want to wrap it first is simply because it's a tenth of the price of a new Seibon Carbon bonnet and then I can see if I actually like it instead of forking out for a real one and then end up liking the stock one more, but yeah the weight savings with a real one would make it worthwhile
  11. Carbon Fibre Hydrodipped Bonnet

    I don't think my bath is big enough to do the whole bonnet...I'm all up for wrapping it by myself but I wouldn't do a bonnet as a first attempt. I'm speaking with zippypooz at the moment who does wrapping, his work looks amazing, so will hopefully have it done soon , ideally before Japfest.
  12. New member

    I know it doesn't always do it justice but maybe watch some videos on the internet to see what you like, some exhausts sound more raspy than others. Pretty sure the Stillen is a solid option though. Is it a single or dual exit? I think if you stick with them mods to start, you'll be perfectly happy and then once you get more comfortable with the car, move on to other mods.
  13. New to the forum - Here is my Zed

    Will PM you closer to the time of Japfest to sort things out properly
  14. New member

    Welcome to the forum buddy, better late than never! Plenty of exhausts available, all depends on what you like.
  15. New Member

    Welcome to the forum buddy! Best colour there is (not being biased of course, not like I have the same....), I have the black interior, the frost one is a rare beauty! Enjoy!