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  1. Bump, price drop. £9000. Remap done by Horsham Developments, running 308.5hp. Sorted out the HR jerkiness as well.
  2. Ah, my apologies! Will edit it now. Thanks.
  3. Hi All, Testing the waters a little here, want to sell my Z as I am currently looking at purchasing an Evo 8. It has been a fantastic car to own and always turns heads wherever it goes. Been seen at a few shows and always gets compliments. It is currently sitting just under 62K miles but will slowly increase as it is a daily, always maintained correctly, looked after and cared for. Awaiting an Up Rev remap from Horsham Developments on the 16th of July to make the driving of the Z even more enjoyable. It currently has Cobra non resonated mid pipe and backbox, Tein lowering springs, Rota Grids, clear reflectors, and other little bits to make it a bit more special. Want to see how it goes, was originally going to advertise at Beaulieu at the end of July, but wanted to see if it gets interest on here first. If you want to know any more, let me know. Realistically looking for £9000 for the Z but will work around it for the right price. Remap now done by Horsham Developments and is at 305.8hp. Would hate to see it go but need to the money to put towards something else. Thanks. Eroll
  4. eroll_350z

    Rota Grids 19" White Now Fitted!

    Rears look fine, although it looks like they'll stick out when the tyre is on, and the fronts will be the same, you may have to roll the arches ornthink about having a bit of camber to tuck it underneath. I'm sure someone can suggest something else if they've had the same issues as mine were a straight fit without having to do any exterior work.
  5. eroll_350z

    Rota Grids 19" White Now Fitted!

    Hi, sorry, didn't see the message until now. Fronts are 245/35/19 and rears are 275/35/19. Bearing in mind, mine are 19". Do you need to roll your arches with the rears on or are you ok? Quite aggressive fitment so they'll look good, good looking wheels as well.
  6. eroll_350z

    New owner

    Welcome to the forum buddy
  7. eroll_350z

    200sx S14a Next Car??

    This was my thought process for the Evo. First of all, both of my brother in law's worked for ralli art, and one still works at Mitsubishi, so I'm lucky in the sense that, when I do go to look at one, I can take either of them and they can show me what to look for, also the do's and don'ts of owning one. I know the fluids have to be kept on top of as a must. They are a great investment at this time, especially as I plan to keep it relatively stock, new wheels, intercooler and remap upgrade. 4 doors, turbocharged, good power, 4wd and in turn, a great daily to a certain extent. Not much of a rust problem either, on imports or UK specs, but it does mean, I'd have to get rid of the Z....but, it's a turbo jap car, a friend of mine has one and has kindly said he'll let me have a go in his to get an idea of what they are like to drive.
  8. eroll_350z

    Rota Grids 19" White Now Fitted!

    Thanks! There were many good looking Z's
  9. eroll_350z

    Rota Grids 19" White Now Fitted!

    Thank you! A lot of people loved the wheels, I was surprised! I think it's because it's such a contrast to the blue :). It was a great day, so many nice cars and people, just unfortunately left as a lobster
  10. eroll_350z

    200sx S14a Next Car??

    No worries at all man, I'm happy to see others taking an interest into turning back the clock when it comes to cars! I was considering an R34 GTT myself and almost did buy one, I haven't done the same amount of research on them as I have S14s but I don't know if they carry the same types of problems. A friend of mine owned one for a year or 2 and had hardly any problems, but saying that, any car can have it's problems, you can drive a brand new one off the forecourt and something could go wrong. If you go for a looked after one, there's no reason why it won't look after you. Obviously being an older car, its main thing will most likely be rust issues, but as long as it's kept on top of, can't see why you shouldn't go for it. Just do your research before jumping in. As much as I would love an S14a, that's probably a while away for me, currently saving to get possibly an Evo 8/9, I'm sure that will scratch the turbo itch for the time being haha.
  11. eroll_350z

    200sx S14a Next Car??

    Sounds good! Well, enjoy it man! Be sure to try and get a few more pics up of it
  12. eroll_350z

    200sx S14a Next Car??

    Oh I bet that was tonnes of fun to race around in. Yeah unfortunately like coldel says, photobucket doesn't work, but I'll be wanting to see what it looks like. Any plans for more track days once it's all up and running?
  13. eroll_350z

    200sx S14a Next Car??

    Wow, so many problems as a daily. Bet it was fun while it lasted though. How was it as a track car? Did you replace the turbo with a bigger or go same turbo?
  14. eroll_350z

    200sx S14a Next Car??

    Ah nice man! Bet you're itching to get it ready! I think I've decided on what I'm going to do regarding the s14. I'm going to keep my Z for now and possibly in the upcoming months, purchase an S body, simply for a small project/weekend car, same sort of idea, nothing crazy power wise, just as a fun car to drive on the weekends/to shows. Makes sense rather than trying to daily an s body and risk the problems, but I'm looking forward to it none the less!
  15. eroll_350z

    Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    Tickets all printed off now . Really cannot wait. Be great to see you all there!