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  1. PC Builds - Show us yours!

    This is more like it! Get the car build threads out of the way. I'll post mine up later, PC is fairly plain looking but paired to a race rig, triple monitor and Vive VR to cover all requirements
  2. Insuring a Cat D,C,N,S Car

    My understanding is that the insurance is largely unaffected, it's just the vehicle value that takes a hit. Harder to resell too but with a lower purchase price that should come out in the wash.. As you say if it's been well documented and repaired correctly, shouldn't be any issues.
  3. Stunning. I used to be a bike tech at Honda so have ridden a stupid number of bikes. Big fan of RSVs, build quality on the early mille bikes were shocking (they also look like an RS125..) but later and current are spot on. Any 1000 is too much for the road so you won't notice differences in top end power - side by side on a trackday maybe. That said, I always found the Bm S1000RR a noticable difference over a blade but you're talking a 20bhp difference there. The only one to avoid is the KTM, constant gearbox issues. Bikes look stunning but they're really not good. Just that RC, the dukes and off road are sublime. I'm a rev-head so the V-twins aren't really my ideal thing. SP1/2 are brilliant bikes too, they hold their money for a reason unfortunately. I always quite enjoyed the bonkers 600s before they discontinued, R6 with a 17k redline for example, daft. We sold one 600RR the 4 years I was at Honda and that was the demonstrator... After changing the belts on a 999 I'm completly off Ducatis... I did ride a 1098 though and it was pretty special, they look better than anything so I totally get the appeal!
  4. 640d

    City centre bans perhaps, but not so much a ban as a charge I imagine. I doubt very much they'll change tax on older models, will just be new cars affected as they gradually bring it in. Certainly got a good few years on it yet!
  5. I'm fairly certain I've heard this before and it sounds like nothing else..! Nice car, almost perfect just needs the frost leather
  6. Engine bay progress update

    That looks stunning, top job!
  7. Hi to all, New to the Forum

    Welcome, Zs are pretty simple to shop for.. no confusing trim levels! Post some pics once you've found one

    I'm guessing the 1 series was a petrol? The diesel and 6 cylinder engines are the best of the bunch on the F chassis, that 2 litre petrol has a fair few issues from what I've heard/read. 435 will be a delight for sure, that engine has been around awhile in various forms so should be fairly solid, makes very very strong power after a map too: https://www.celtictuning.co.uk/services/performance-stats/bmw/4-series-f3x-2013/petrol/435i-301-bhp-2013-ECU-remap-chiptuning/stage-1#t3-content Comparing to the Z is pointless as they're cars from different eras. The 4 will be infinitely nicer day to day and with the noise that engine puts out certainly no less of an event when you open it up! It feels NA up in the revs, seriously impressive thing. Options on BM are fun.. best suggestion I can give is to make an account on here http://www.blue-print.com/blueprintlive/?lang=GB then on catalogue when you put a reg in you'll get given the VIN. Take that VIN to here: https://www.bmwvin.com/ and it'll give you a breakdown of the options fitted at factory. Super useful when buying private as they rarely list out everything. HK audio system is a must if you can find it
  9. The F interior is one of the best right now, I love the current M sport steering wheel. The auto box is a delight in these too, that's a good buy for sure!
  10. 640d

    F chassis 6 is a stunning car, beautiful inside too. I would go for the 640D as it's an absolute monster of an engine that can roadtrip with good fuel costs too. 8 speed ZF auto is a delight in BMs so I don't think the lack of manual takes much away from them. The 640 lacks the V8 already so what about a 435i? They can map to make very strong power (https://www.celtictuning.co.uk/services/performance-stats/bmw/4-series-f3x-2013/petrol/435i-301-bhp-2013-ECU-remap-chiptuning/stage-1#t3-content), available in manual and a little smaller yet more practical. Still look stunning and with that same F interior that works so well.
  11. My Yank's come home

    Stunning, a rare beast over here. My motortrend subscription keeps me with an itch for something like this...
  12. Spotted on the internet . . . LOL

    A photoshop you say? Oh no sir, welcome to the world of Donks...
  13. Wanted: Used Aftermarket Exhaust

    Try and find a scorpion - my HR came with one on and it was exactly what you describe. Slightly louder than stock, no drone whatsoever. Was too tame for me so I swapped out