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  1. Time to hit the photos/build thread! Nice, Nice wheels, Nice, like the colour, Nice I sold mine elsewhere in the end though..
  2. Cimanu

    Motordyne ART Pipes - 350Z HR / 370Z

    I bought the ART pipes first and then was looking for either a Cobra non-res or Buddyclub as I was after impact I ran a non-res with stock cats on my DE before my HR so went with that again in the end. With the non-res my setup was a little raspy between 2-3 but that's what kept it drone free in that zone, the resonated mid pipe probably would have improved the sound but it would have lost some volume which I was keen to keep, above 3 it opened up nicely and howled at the top, the idle was exactly like valy says, deep and aggressive. My HR would completely drown out my friends R34 yet his droned like crazy inside.. as I said before I could not have been happier with it. Nice and loud but silent inside when needed - oh and as with normal decats full gunshots when on the pop/bang map. Compared to how normal decats sound on a non-res cobra (horrific rasp-fest) compared to how mine sounded, that probably shows best how much ARTs do to help. I'm sure on a usually deep tone exhaust like the buddyclub it would sound unreal! Reminder though - These ones are for an HR & 370s, will not fit DE
  3. Cimanu

    Motordyne ART Pipes - 350Z HR / 370Z

    Still for sale - bump
  4. Cimanu

    Motordyne ART Pipes - 350Z HR / 370Z

    Payday bump - still have these, someone snap them!
  5. Cimanu

    Motordyne ART Pipes - 350Z HR / 370Z

    Unfortunately no, these won't
  6. My ART pipes are for sale - removed from my HR 350Z but also fit 370Z:
  7. As my HR Z has been sold the ART pipes are now available. Bought from a forum member late 2016, have been on my car for about 12k. The best decats you can buy for an HR, none of the rasp from regular decats with superb power gains (297 at the wheel on my HR with a cobra non-res - abbey mapped). Sounded lethal, 104.8db static with that setup but nice and quiet below 3k rpm, so no drone at all at motorway speeds - could not have been happier with the setup. Condition wise they're great with just a small scuff on the bottom of each plenum - lowest part of the car on mine. As these are over £600 new, I'm looking for £450 and can post anywhere in the UK for £13.50 on top or welcome to collect from IP31. Any questions let me know, Cheers
  8. Cimanu

    ART Test Pipes

    Quick question lads - 350 HR ART pipes fit 370 too right? If so I have a set available ;) I ran them with a Cobra non-res on my 350, 104.8db static. Raspy between 2-3k which was perfect for motorway and an amazing noise once the flow is there for the weird plenum to do it's stuff. I swapped mine out for MOT and yep, all the fuel smell.. decat straight through will always do that. You don't want to idle against a wall or something for long like that.. Pretty amazing though how something that loud can have absolutely no drone and be basically silent part throttle at 80.. could barely hear it over road/tyre noise.
  9. Cimanu

    Motorcycle change discussion

    Ah I rode an earlier SP blade, not the current model. I left Honda in 2014. From the sounds of it yes they're having a ton of trouble with them.. we had some rather concerning issues with the brakes on the ABS blades 09-12... If you're after exclusivity and a bit of size how about an H2 ;)?
  10. Cimanu

    The Crew 2

    I played the first one for a little, it was a cool concept Kinda reminds me of Test Drive Unlimited? About time a game filled that gap I'll probably get it when it's £9 like I did with the first
  11. Cimanu

    Motorcycle change discussion

    I worked for Honda up until 2014 so rode everything I worked on and trade ins we had - so any litre to 14' I can help you on! (yes, even the awful RC8) I'm no racer so I can't tell you what they're like on the limit or anything like that.. The Honda/Gsxr of that age are much of a muchness, nothing wrong with either. ZX10 is noticably faster, S1000RR feels faster still over the others (nasty clicky BMW switches though..!). RSV is a nice thing to listen to but under the fairings it's a real mess. I'm not even going to mention the crossplane R1... get one before that engine if you want a Yam. Of that age I would have gone ZX10 as it's a real lary bugger (and green..) - I imagine the current one is much the same! Don't look so much at the 'race' tech on them, i.e HP4 bmw, you're not going to notice any of that on road. I rode the first SP blades with the ohlins and brembos, felt the same as a standard one to me.. little smoother engine. Depends what you're after bike wise, whether just for fun or longer distance? I like anything 10k rpm+, one of my favs was always a street triple R.. crazy little thing to ride but prob an effort on a long run. Ask me stuff, there's a good chance I've ridden one and worked on them..
  12. Cimanu

    New Jimny

    I worked for Honda bikes for a bit, dealer was car/bike split with a Suzuki bolt on.. I drove one of these about 30 miles motorway, felt so sick after. I'm sure they're awesome little mountain goats off road but on road my god they're terrible D: Must admit though - that looks cool the new one.. like a baby G Wagon? Rebadge it put it next to one.
  13. Lighter.. faster.. I don't see a problem here?
  14. Cimanu

    370Z rays on a 350Z

    Too nice a wheel to be in black, the shape would get lost! Silver on a dark colour they look so good.
  15. Cimanu

    HR 350z

    Yep and fairly local to you.. PM me ^^