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  1. Newbie in Essex area

    Welcome! Give me your seats.. best bit of these!
  2. Hi all

    However the 33 looked I bet it still made good noises. Welcome to Z life
  3. hello

    Yet another Honda - Z convert. Seems to be the go to step once bored of downshifting 9 times to overtake! Welcome
  4. Just joined the 350 family

    Wow - was this a NFS underground 2 title car rep? Same kinda scheme. Cars like this are great, usually have loads of stuff on to sell if you can see through the looks.
  5. New Z owner

    Sort the rest of your bolt ons first to really make the most of it. They love decats or high flows! Mine's a different car after being mapped, really pulls at the top now
  6. Koukicuda S14A, 350z handmedowns.

    Definitely keep the silly hat on! Those kits are cool
  7. Soon to be owner

    I had a DE previously and now an HR. I have to agree with the above, it's a far superior car not just for the engine but all the little touches throughout. The headlights are phenomenal! The later gearboxes are far stronger too.
  8. "M lights" or M235i / M240i

    Now that's interesting! I'll let him know. That one we went to look at had the ABS pump and HPFP in the history.. so certainly a thing on the e92 aswell as 87 Zs are certainly simpler, they have a few common issues but nothing that expensive really. They're a bit clunky to drive, gearbox isn't a quick changer.. Some of the early cars really do burn oil.. my first was a 53' DE which used a lot. I came from Hondas so was used to a bit.. but that was a lot. Was on 28k when I bought it too... My current one is a 57' and it's a much better engine in these later cars, you really do notice the difference.. but then you need to be aware of the oil gallery gaskets which are these useless paper gaskets, they will eventually fail and cause low pressure - I had mine changed just as a precaution so I could forget about it. If your budget lets you I'd seriously look at the later HR cars, lots of subtle tweaks the whole way through the car which just make it a lot nicer. Shame your about 2 hours west from me otherwise I'd say you're welcome to come look round and drive mine, get a feel for what to look for!
  9. "M lights" or M235i / M240i

    Oh absolutely, they're impressive but certainly not sporty! A brilliant do everything car.. which the Z simply isn't, boot space is truly woeful. The friend with that 120 is currently looking at E92 335i or 330i as he's often out alongside my Z and another friends R34 GTT.. the lack of noise upsets him 335 seem to have all kinds of issues though, we looked at one last weekend with some weird hesitation bang on 4k rpm. I'm looking to swap my Z out for something cheaper to run as I'm almost there with house deposit, pretty much sold on 120D from being in his. I've looked at 330D coupes before too, ridiculous figures for the running costs but the F interior is a big step from the E. Open to suggestions for things I should look at instead though!
  10. The EV problem.

    Surely the future is plug in hybrid though.. seems to have the largest benefit to me. Take the 330e - 25 mile electric only range up to 62mph before engine takes over, fully charged in 3 hours from regular house plug. That's free commuting all week, then at the weekend I can use the engine - in that it's the 320i 184bhp 4 pot turbo which lives in the cooper s among other things, it does the job. An M3E though.... there's a more interesting concept..
  11. Ok BMW, thats enough.... please....

    Let's all just settle down for a minute - the Cube is an utter masterpiece. On the main topic - has anyone seen the Audi Q2? Dear god.. what even is that.
  12. "M lights" or M235i / M240i

    For me BM are at the top for interior at the moment the whole F shape range are beaut inside (largely due to them being identical across the range!) I have a friend with a F20 120d which is mapped to 230/320 and keeps my Z honest until I really wind it up through the revs.. then does 60mpg to Germany and is £30 to tax.. how can you compete with that! I think the 1 is a good looking thing in 3 door guise, 5 is a bit odd.
  13. Koukicuda S14A, 350z handmedowns.

    These poor things are really showing their age now, just so rusty. I was between an S14 and DC2 when I was 19.. went for the DC2 in the end.. which are also old and rusty now or a million pounds.
  14. 08 HR Build

    As far as I'm aware rear wiper is one of those MOT items that if present it needs to work/be in good condition as many cars don't have them - I imagine that'll depend on tester though as you could argue if there's a switch for it, it should be there. For as low in that pic.. on our roads, I'd be looking at an air kit or leaving it standard! Love the profile on the rear tyres, proper meaty, I'd leave it at that height. These things are low enough already. Personally would forget the bumper tuck too, if you had a single exit then fair enough otherwise it just shows.. nothing really, diff? Not like some honda with flashy tie bars to show