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  1. Hi, might be worth sending a PM checking if @ZMANALEX has any in stock.
  2. If it's not overheating (thought it could be because you said only both fronts showed the discolouration), it could also be an foreign fluid (could be as Glen said) that has spread on the discs. Get a clean rag and spray a little brake cleaner on it and lightly dab the disc to see if the discolouration goes away. Don't get any brake cleaner on the caliper or wheels, it will eat the paint away. Do this after the car has been sitting for an hour to cool down.
  3. Based on what you've said it looks like you've cooked the discs, possible if the brakes are not allowed to cool enough between each heavy braking cycle. They will still work, but are a lot more likely to crack and warp under heavy braking; they need replacing. Change the pads with the discs, always, then drive and brake gently for the first hundred miles.
  4. Leaking bushing or strut perhaps? Have you had a look under the boot liner if anything has leaked in there?
  5. Get some brake fluid ready and make sure to test the brakes too, you don't want to be stuck on the side of the road with a seized caliper, or worse still have a line blow and have no brakes, might need a few gentle brake runs to clear off any residual rust on the discs, then give it a few emergency stops on a safe road. Mushy/weak pedal and the calipers need bleeding.
  6. Is that a Banana arm bushing in that boot net pic?
  7. Tread pattern makes a big difference for driving in the wet too, Michelin PS4s are great, if you don't want PS4s, then Goodyear Eagle F1 asy 5 are a good alternative, Costco usually has sales on the Michelins and Goodyears, might be worth getting a membership card. The most important thing is the driver though, premium tyres won't save you if you floor it when aquaplaning or apply sudden rapid steering input around a sharp bend, "adapt your driving to the appropriate type and condition of the road you are on".
  8. The racing thing is boy racers, there will always be folks like that - there's a place to race and that's at the track, other people use the roads too. Happy to rev the zed to entertain though, gives them something to work towards (and it sounds great with the custom exhaust).
  9. Brake checking a truck? That's a Darwin award candidate.
  10. Hi all, after some cheap alloys which will clear the brembos, ideally bare wheel or with winters mounted. Not looking to spend a fortune as they'll only be used in winter for safety and not style (few scratches and chips are fine) so ideally below £200 collected in North West region.
  11. Stock

    LPG conversion

    Probably work out better and cheaper to do an electric conversion than LPG at this point.
  12. Stock

    350z discs and pads

    Might also be worth checking out MTEC OEM replacements as well, used them before on my other cars and they are fine for daily driving, never tracked them before though. The owner of MTEC also has or had a 350z too. I'd stick with official Brembo pads though.
  13. Thanks Alex, do you sell the hoses complete with clamp, radiator cap and 10L of coolant? How much would I be looking at incl. postage? I assume I'd only have to do a "partial" flush of the coolant system (rad only) and not bleed the whole block.
  14. Hi all, coolant has come out near my rad cap and upper coolant hose, sprayed itself towards the passenger side of my engine bay and down under. Nothing on drivers side, suspect upper coolant hose leak? Oil shows no signs of coolant (head gasket), and engine temps have been fine so far, coolant overflow tank is at max. Just a bit concerned as it looks like it's been there a while, little speck of coolant also visible there too, so might be spraying sporadically. The car is a HR (2007+), do they have different hoses to the DEs? Many thanks!





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