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  1. Bump, still need a passenger side jet if anyone has one.
  2. Page 5-13 refers to max engine speed, DEs are 6600, RevUp is 7000 and HR is 7500, I think some of the technical info is slightly different but most of the manual is the same.
  3. What year 350Z is it for? The manuals are slightly different depending on facelift.
  4. It's alright, you just have to let them know that they're forged, and they need to cure at a lower temperature, it'll take longer to cure that's all.
  5. It's all overblown to be honest, Chinese tech is used in nearly everything nowadays, including the US military. They are one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world, a little ban won't stop them. P20 pictures look superb.
  6. Hi all, does anyone know any garages in the North West which know how to change the oil gallery gaskets on the HR engine, and how much am I looking to spend? Thanks.
  7. Sorry to hear that, thanks for letting me know, will wait to see what happens.
  8. That's a very shiny centre console
  9. I did, he hasn't got any at the moment.
  10. Hi all, Wondering if anyone has a spare facelift P/S headlight washer jet for sale? I only really need the bracket that goes around the jet itself, however am happy to pay for the whole thing. I don't need the cover that goes on the bumper. Looks like image related which I am borrowing from silvrZed's post. Thanks.
  11. Did mine earlier, sucked the excess oil out through the dipstick pipe using an oil pump as well, filled up with a 5L drum and had a little bit left over at the end. You can use any decent SN rated oil. Drain plug should be reusable.
  12. Hi guys, my 350Z seems to be a UK model 350Z with the HR engine and all GT spec, except for the VDC system. I have a button labelled TCS Off, and a TCS indicator on the gauge cluster. Everything else is GT spec, dual steering wheel controls, Brembo brakes, BOSE speaker system, but the car only has TCS. Was there ever any GT spec UK models made after 2006 without VDC? Not an import because the rear light cluster is combined and the key is the "UK style" key without auto boot opening?
  13. Hi all, Wanting to buy a pre-owned passenger side facelift headlight for my 350Z HR. Someone bumped into the side of me and broke the plastic cover. Should come with all bulbs and ballast ideally. Thanks.



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