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  1. Best way to find out the quality is to let the tuners look at it, actual practical results instead of hearsay. With the launch of this one, there will be 3 now, V Power, Momentum and Esso Supreme+. I am still gutted that Costco stopped the 99 RON, always used to fill up with that.
  2. This sounds fantastic, you should talk to some of the UK traders to see if they want to put orders in to resell in the UK.
  3. Most insurers should be OK with salvage cars, however the market value may be lower than expected. With Cat S cars, the damage is there, even if it isn't visible, so make sure it gets inspected properly as it may well need jigging / welding work done.
  4. While it is nice to use the entire rev range of an engine, most people won't dare take it past 3K RPM, so the power is needed down low. Diesels are quite good for this, and this is also why there are a lot of small turbocharged engines - emissions is another reason of course. Automatics partly solve this problem by taking away the control of the rev range from the driver.
  5. Depends on how light they can make it, got to remember it is also sporting a 3.0 TT engine, so not a huge amount of headroom to ensure long term reliability / servicing. Could probably eek out an extra 50 BHP from factory, but then you'd have R35 maintenance costs. What I'm more interested in finding out, is the drag coefficient of the new design compared to the 350Z and 370Z.
  6. I can see that buying a new 370z from a dealership and slapping some turbos on would make for a much more powerful alternative. There is no replacement for displacement, if this is the 3.0 TT engine. That Nismo (render?) looks really good though.
  7. Stock

    w brace

    Might be worth mentioning just in case, that many aftermarket ones won't fit with the OEM W brace plastic covers. You don't need the plastic covers though, so don't worry about them.
  8. Hi, have messaged you, thanks. Hi, appreciate the offer, Chester is a little far for me unfortunately given current situation. GLWS though,
  9. Sounds like blockage/debris in the clutch line to me, first thing I'd do is a flush, and if you replace them, replace both cylinders.
  10. The fuses are behind the clear plastic cover on the terminals, leading to the engine harness. I don't believe there is an easy way of replacing them.
  11. Your best bet is to order through Nissan directly, the fuses are the tricky part in these.
  12. I thought the OBD2 power was on all the time, even when the car is locked? Couldn't that cause some residual drain?
  13. Worth mentioning that depending on how far you push it, the rear end will fish tail in low grip situations, e.g. bad road camber, oil on road, wet surface, uneven road surface, even with VDC enabled. I'd definitely check the tyres first.





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