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  1. Hi All, I fitted some of these 2 weeks ago, bargain price!!! I have no affiliation to the company, but i wanted to share my findings as it seems a decent product for only £250!!! see my full video here
  2. here is one on my recent exhaust install for anyone who is interested. Just uploaded it now.
  3. Hi All, Was great to meet you all, it was my first show in the 370 Nismo, (i know!!), it was a good day and great fun! hope to see you guys again soon. I will get a video up soon, hopefully by the tail end of this week. Subscribe to my channel, and hit the notifications button, i will let you know when the video is up on here. https://www.youtube.com/user/Danny4q
  4. anyone got a spare pass? i missed out on the advanced tickets, have to pay on the door. if anyone has one, please send it over
  5. Room for one more on this? or have i missed the boat? i will bring my 2017 Nismo.
  6. I just want nissan to take some ownership. The case is already with Nissan GB. Spoke with my case manager today, and she said she will speak to the technical team once she receives the images taken yesterday at Mill Hill. Although she spoke to them and they didn't tell her that they had the images. I told her I will send her a video link to my youtube video, to which she was open. Let's see what comes of it. I don't know about others but the service received from Nissan from day 1 has been utter rubbish. They need to take accountability for something. As for proper washing it would have been done if I knew the car had no protection on the paint at all. As I said I would have gotten ppf or ceramic coating. The whole thing is a joke. I am happy to take it further if I have to. Watchdog perhaps??
  7. Hahahaha, I don't know why you have got your knickers in a twist about this all. But read your initial posts back and they are rude and sarcy. I didn't say I was an expert. You are the one making claims and asking me to prove it. So thought you must have affiliation to Nissan or the product. Anyway, opinions, arse holes. Let's leave it there shall we. I HAVE been mis sold a product and my intention was to know if anyone else had it, and could tell me their experiences with it. If you have expertise I advise that in future, you introduce yourself by saying you are a detailer and from your experience x.. y.. z.. so that you do not come across as condescending as you are.
  8. I get that, but it is supposed to be self healing for light scratches and that's my beef here. It was called scratch proof paint or scratch resistant paint in the brochure when I chose the option. It is also known as Nissan Scratchshield.
  9. You clearly have done little research on the subject but have a lot to say. I bought the stuff, so i think i know a little bit about it. Have you got shares in the company? why you so protective over it? I don't know why or how people who don't have any first hand experience of the product, can claim expertise by reading a few articles on the internet? Are you are paint specialist? work in a body shop? Proof as attached (a snip from my actual invoice).
  10. Thanks for understanding, not sure what the other guys beef is, i think he might have shares in Nissan "Scratch Proof" Paint. Anti scratch paint, scratch shield, scratch proof paint, regardless of how it is named, it is supposed to protect the paint and is sold as such. I the German video the guy takes a wire brush to the car. The fact that the master technician at Nissan London West knew nothing about scratch shield and neither did anyone else there, and the fact that I was educating them. Appalling. Same at Mill Hill.
  11. Oh right, that's why it was listed as an option called "scratch proof paint" I know it has other names and how it works. But it hasn't worked on my car and that's the point. Have any of you lot got it on your car and does it work?
  12. I am so pi**ed off at nissan, guys I have started a youtube channel, so if you would like to find out the trials and tribulations of what is happening with my scratch proof paint, subscribe to my channel. Anyway here is the video for those that are interest. https://youtu.be/X5h3XxWpfGQ
  13. If you mean on the front bumper then those actually come out. So might be worth popping it out and having a play?
  14. Looks diff thats for sure I prefer it all compact personally.
  15. Another characteristic of the car then lol! Not really a big issue, as long as it doesn't get worse.
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