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  1. Yeah same thing with my bro... Apparently they don't make them the cars to sell... They just make them to the customer spec... So he bought one that was in the show room and obviously they were trying to get rid of it before the new model comes out too Got a pretty good deal
  2. Hahaha was just about to write. I have one of those gear knobs and there really cool... Then realised... It's the one I bought My brother has a bmw 140... Cool cars.. Quick too.. Launch control
  3. Not a problem was just glad we had a good few car turn out!! Just a shame about the weather at the end would have liked a bit more time to get to meet more people there - had friends from other clubs at the event so by the time I had a nose around and said hi to them.. Ran out of time just hope ppl didn't think I was being rude as I say wasn't really a club event just muddled it together so people had a decent place to park and meet up... I'm pretty new to the 350z only had my car a few weeks but everyone seemed like a great bunch, really friendly, look forward to seeing you all again
  4. Hahaha love you trying to take a video and the kid coming over poking your car... Mummy does this come off.. No I think that was supposed to be attached son.. OK home time.. hahhaha
  5. ####REMEMBER DART CHARGE #### Thank you guys was awsome that everyone who said they were attending turned up filled our full quota for the stand I know a lot of others had no shows, and ppl dropping out Was a really good day weather was great until the end hahha.. Really nice to meet all you guys would have liked to chat a bit longer to some of yous and I know some was just a quick hi.... But hopefully see you all at some more events... Was some really nice cars a lot of food for thought on what to do next Just disappointed there was no Honda vtec song Hahhaha doesn't feel like a show without it.. Tho I think our tomei instrumental was much better Cheers guys hope to see you all soon If you used the bridge don't forget to pay the charge.. I always end up getting fined
  6. I would be interested but... Tbh not at that price they are £960 new now from hdev.. So with the age and the damage I couldnt go to close £750 pm me of you think about lowering the price
  7. Guys hope you all have a safe journey tomorrow... And the weather holds out I will bring with me a few spare passes.. Incase people spill coffee on them or they fly out the window or the dog eats them on the way... If you have any issues our stand is right near the main entrance from what I can see on the map.. So can meet ppl there quick enough drop off passes and such like Think we should have 10 cars attending so not a bad turn out really considering Regards Dan
  8. Maybe how many donuts they bringing...
  9. Right I have sent out the passes... Let me know if you haven't received the email If people want to meet up first any idea on a place if not can just meet on the stand it's pretty early entry at 7am so... Make sure they are printed out in colour guys
  10. Guys got a few messages with your email addresses will be sending out the bits today.. Just been a bit busy and the message part of the forum has been playing up in my phone, why I haven't replied
  11. Guys can you PM me your.... email address... So I can send out passes when they arrive.... I'm guessing this will be the easiest way and people print them off themselves
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