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  1. Many Thanks ZMan, you are such as source of help for us 350Z owners. Jeff
  2. The front Y pipe on my 2005 convertible needs replacing. Exhaust companies cannot locate a source. Ones on internet only fit coupes. They look the same as mine. What is the difference ? If just fixing brackets maybe can get fixed. If different connections then a problem. My car's exhaust is standard so no point in fitting high performance section. Any info. suggestions Jeff E
  3. And these people take their cars on the road. God help us. If there is a case for making car maintenance by qualified mechanics compulsory, this has to be it.
  4. I am unfortunately incapable of using the Search to find info. on the forum so please bear with me. At a track day event, after my first stint, when I restarted the car ( bit reluctant but assumed because it was hot ) the engine warning light came on and also the ESP and skid light. Coincidence or linked ? I have checked the brake fluid level, max., the brake lights work and the wheel nuts are all tight. Wheels and tyres are standard size but tyres worn and will need changing soon The car runs normally but does not start as quickly as it used to. Chap on US forum had the same happen af
  5. Agree with Ekona's verdict. I just did the slave cylinder and it has been fine since. If you plan to do it yourself do not let the system drain when you take off the slave cylinder like I did. Nip the flexible at the bottom. There are loads of examples on here and US sites of owners spending days to get the system bled. I ended up having to pumping fluid back up through the slave cylinder whilst having a slow flow of fluid from the master so that there were no bubbles when connected the pipe to the master. Difficult to explain but requires infinite dexterity and patience. Never again.
  6. If you search Top Gear when they have had to buy old cars they have dyno'd some of them and losses were mostly high.
  7. Like Johnnyboy I am confused. Mine boiled during last hot Sunday. Neither fan working. Connected battery directly to fan motor terminals. Drivers side both terminals worked. Near side only one worked. Replaced nearside motor and now, on the car, nearside comes on but not drivers side. Put AC on and still only nearside works. Should OEM's both come on together ? Do I have a separate problem with drivers side fan ,(relay ?) because it works when direct to battery. HELP !
  8. Late arrival to this thread. My car boiled up on Sunday crawling into the Helmingham Hall classic car show. Check at home and fans not working. Direct feed to fan motors and drivers side worked on both terminals but passenger side on only one of terminals worked.. Luckily sourced second hand fan locally put back together and passenger side fan works correctly, starts slow speed then up to full speed but drivers side does nothing. As a mentioned in Julie's earlier post what stops fan working if it works when connected to battery? Could it be the relay ?
  9. How would you like £ 185pa insurance , fully comp. and 6k per year mileage. You can have this with a full no claims bonus and being 72 years of age. I'd gladly pay your premiums if you care to swop !!!
  10. Jeff E

    oil pressure

    My 05 has done 95k and oil pressures same as yours. Just done a trackday, nuts and thrashed etc, no worries. Does not use as much oil as yours but at 130k ! Oil consumption and oil pressure not related issues. Just keep pouring the oil in and enjoy .
  11. They have to be worth something. No !
  12. Sorry but dream on, a pair in much better condition than yours went for 99p on e bay. Took mine to the tip and again in much better condition with all electrics working.
  13. Jeff E

    Grey hood

    Serious thanks for the pics and info. ZZZ . Your new look motor looks awesome and as I read it your grey hood is now redundant and you need a blue one. Surplus second hand grey hood for 50 quid , I pop down and as Ray around the corner from you ,he takes yours off, fits to mine for a consideration and job done ! I like the look of your grey hood and so will go with that colour and give Ray a call. cheers Jeff E
  14. Jeff E

    Grey hood

    Car Hoods Direct are based in Tonbridge in Kent. They say they fit hoods but then not for their customers. If you go on their web site and look in FAQ's you can see their comments which I found confusing. They were the only ones who did not reply to my enquiry which was for a fitted hood, before I had read their FAQ. I e mailed Car Trimming Company for a quote but the sample came from All Hoods Ltd based at same Romford address. Get impression they make their own hoods.On All Hoods web site products, find car and scroll down to shop and there is a picture of a Z, cost £390 ex VAT and shippin
  15. my recent post "slave cylinder replacement/bleeding" might help if you are DIY and get air in the system.
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