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  1. Was a local Japanese show recently. few photos from it Below.
  2. No huge updates of late other than another service and coolant flush and change next little plan is to clean the variable valve solenoids and adjust the standard level of the headlights to make the throw a little longer on dipped Few photos to finish as always. This was from a short run from a local jdm group I’m part of
  3. slight update more for my own records. The ecu headed off recently to Horsham Developments Being the later models, my zed can take the multi map options, so have the performance map, valet mode and flame/pops n bangs map added. Whilst at it I also purchased the 8mm plenum spacer for the intake side of the v6 engine. Map took my current mod's and spacer into consideration and also removed the factory throttle limiters in 1st & 2nd gear. Feel wise the cars power delivery is certainly smoother across the range and id say the intake note sound more metallic and raw. is it faster ? feels more urgent and livelier in the pick up, but looking honestly the spacer is maybe accepted as a 10bhp mod if mapped and then the map itself, so maybe a 20-25bhp gain in total? was pleased with the performance at the RMS run (my local club) yesterday, seemed to outrun an e46 m3 and sat with some stuff I thought would have outran me. everyone seems to find the exhaust hilarious and it makes me smile which is the important thing even gave cough cough Porsche gt4 a run ha ha.... (total lies, I got taught a lesson lol) Car is running sweet as a nut and getting a full service and coolant flush this week to keep it this way. Next job is the one everyone hates and im off rattle hunting. A small vibration behind the head unit has started at 2.5k and has been exaggerated by the non-flex'd Y pipe and titanium exhaust lol. sorry for the essay, here's another photo
  4. Well that’s the ECU shipped off to @Jez @ H-Dev going for 4 maps inc a flame map (literally just for the child in me) and with the agency power and decats it should be ‘productive’ i literally cannot wait and also fitting a 8mm plenum spacer whilst at it.
  5. thanks, much too loud for me on a daily basis (used occasionally on decent days for work runs etc) so will be off end of July and for sale most likely lol
  6. Short drive by with Agency Power above is a little YouTube clip showing the sound at a 2nd gear pull
  7. So massive show here in Ireland over the weekend im handy with an iPhone but got some proper photos sent through
  8. Completed a bumper tuck today. Went the cabletie route so there where no screws in bumper etc so it’s entirely reversable
  9. 2 recent photos the new exhaust Agency Power Single Exit with decats (yes it’s loud lol)
  10. yeah it was still good & warm as I’d just completed at 80 mile work trip and doubled it as a chance to get it fitted on lunch break. the hot exhaust wasn’t great for his hands but he did mention it made getting old bolts off easier lol. also a cold start is waaaaay louder lol
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNcUEqt2kXs short clip of the first start up Decats, stillen Y pipe and AP Titanium exhaust lol..... it's truly mental
  12. Funny I’m looking at exactly same option to the 350z seems buddy club ultra low rails are way to go for them on the 350z anyway
  13. lol there is a bit of a Q already ha! but if the snow and storms give it a rest for a few days I will get it up on jacks and try it out lol
  14. the first response to this thread was misleading, whether it was failed sarcasm etc, a newbie member wouldn't have the background understanding that the £600 LMGT4 sales was a mental error (in my opinion) by the seller. I absolutely agree with ZMANALEX here, something would not have sat right with me about that. Yes everyone likes a bargain, but that was a very clear case of someone not knowing the worth of something and being taken advantage of. Gumtree sale etc might be slightly more understandable but in a owners forum I would be of the opinion we look out for other members, also one mans bargain just kills the value of others items. regarding the LMGT4 wheels themselves and the value, I can only see them rise, bearing in mind this is a prime choice wheel for R34 GTR's etc and you see the price they are going for now.
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