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  1. I’d say they’d look incredible. Mine Are the 19” staggered Option. that Nismo looks lovely. Think it’s one of the few cars I’d leave my zed for
  2. Was sent this of my car yesterday love how it’s sitting right now. Away this weekend for a subtle sound build
  3. I didn’t know he also did repairs?
  4. he has been saying no one is able or wants to tackle his broken zed roof motors.... anyone have any ideas who could do it??
  5. i find his energy and enthusiasm refreshing. Yes he can be a bit full on in certain ways but he isn't afraid to laugh at himself and seems to seriously have a decent broad knowledge across a good few car types/brands and scenes. I glance through his car park meet stuff but I think that's his bread and butter for content. He has done a few very good show videos over the last little while.
  6. Few Photos from cleaning recently after the MOT
  7. Well been a weird 6-7months with the zed. Feels as if it’s been 1 step forward and 2 steps back in every department. But sometimes that’s how it goes. Below is pretty much an update from last October to today.so last autumn the car was prep’d for going away during winter months. Washed etc, headlights cleared, cleaned and treated by local detailer at PMG and new badge popped on front to freshen up the car. the car was suffering from bad brake shuddering, and despite the pads and discs less than 18 months old They where badly warped. They where skimmed, car sat on stand
  8. had knocking over last little while, thought no, not banana arms etc etc etc went to change lower control arms as MOT man advised bush was gone in lower arm, thought, '65k may as well do banana arms too' only seen how bad the joints where when they came off. looked and tested fine on ramps etc
  9. Very sad..... all we can hope is that their parts helped others live on .... and as more die our decent ones rise in value
  10. I’ll have that! Ship ok to Northern Ireland? Royal Mail postage is still United Kingdom thanks
  11. lol exactly. Buy for 4K ish, take wheels, stick on oem wheels, sell for 3k perhaps. cheep lmgt4’s lol
  12. maybe the plan is to break it? Wheels worth 2.5k all day going by current prices?
  13. Looks so promising. What way are you thinking of engine management/fueling?
  14. I miss Sunny days and drives! can’t wait for car meets to start again.
  15. ohhh I recognise that car in the background of this forum lol....
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