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  1. Those are my dream seats right there lol. If you ever think of selling them Please keep me in mind lol. car looking great!!
  2. yeah garage is taking it back Thursday, and I’d be 100% confident in the mechanics ability as he is a good friend and really took his time and care on it Ive touched base with supplier to let them know im having issues and it’s being investigated. im so hoping it’s just a faulty bearing or faulty slave cylinder.
  3. But less than 6 months after full flush and, new lines and slave cylinder ?
  4. It’s a DE Rev Up. pedal feel is there but, would a failed slave cylinder on lose the pedal??
  5. Hi Everyone, In a complete pickle here!! In march I installed a new xtreme clutch/lightweight flywheel, koyo release bearing/oem slave cylinder and braided clutch line to my 350z. it has done 2500 miles since then, all the miles have been relatively easy to run everything in etc. Car was going great until saturday. On way home gear change started to get a bit 'resistant' it was getting tough to push it into each gear. And then at a stop it became impossible. Clutch in, and nope not accepting the gear. No grind etc etc. Car was sitting still, no handbrake etc car was def noisier pulling away just before it became impossible to drive. Then weirdest part was when the car was at standstill, clutch in, when it wouldn't go into gear, but as I tried to push it into first, the clutch still in, the car began to start to creep forward. turned car off. got the gear shift into first with clutch in, when to start and the car bumped forward on the starter motor with the clutch in. Then when I put car back into 'neutral' and switched off engine, released the clutch, something seemed to free up, and i could deject gears etc ok again and car was 'drivable' Clutch pedal was very stiff though and also small clunk 1/2 way up pedal travel. It's off to mechanic this thursday to drop the gearbox to inspect the release bearing, clutch and flywheel etc etc. BUT has anyone come across this or something like it before and shed some thoughts or light??? I fear it's inside the gearbox, but as mentioned it was driving and selecting gears ok after something free'd up again. Any help, thoughts or experiences welcome. Thanks
  6. some mpg. was that mainly motorways? My mpg has risen to approx 30mpg commuting to work etc but that is all main roads etc 30mph
  7. My nice new Nismo LMGT4's refurbed in Hyper Silver. @ZMANALEX kindly supplied the new decals, centre nuts and value stems etc. 5mm spacers added all round. Chuffed to say the least!
  8. few updates recently. Spotted a set of LMGT4's on eBay and turned out to be a seller on here. HAdn't planned on moving on wheels this summer as I had been saving for enkeis, but at the money including good tires I couldn't say no and a deal was done. They arrived in BMW Shadow Chrome and honestly looked pretty good. But I decided to go Hyper Silver and am pleased I did. I added 5mm spacers front and rear, may go another 10mm in rear in the future, but will see how I go or if anything turns up 2nd hand lol. Next step is to smooth front bumper and run a magnet behind to allow a plate to be removable and also add a Tarmac Sports Ducktail without the rivets. But very very happy how she sites right now.
  9. love the work so far. have you a link to the wipe delete?
  10. da.murf

    350Z rear spats.

    They where fitted for 24hrs then I changed my mind on direction of style of kit I was going for. tarmac sportz supplied them. Fitting was good, you can see in first 3 photos the small holes I had tapped for small screws to get the fitting perfect. forth photo shows only mark. Small rub on the finish from storage in last year. let me know if you are interested. If not then onto eBay with them lol. Forgot I even had them lol.
  11. da.murf

    350Z rear spats.

    Sorry lad will do it now. Clean forgot
  12. da.murf

    350Z rear spats.

    have a set here. will snap a photo when I get home soon.
  13. brilliant! would love to hear a video of it?
  14. Did arches require rolling etc? And you running standard ride height ?
  15. just a bump here mate @Tarmac@TarmacSportz will these work with lmgt4's? Thanks





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