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  1. Caught a nice autumn sunset last Week
  2. Hi and welcome to the club! Great to see another NI member based just outside belfast myself
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2006-Nissan-350-Z-3-5-V6-2dr/274472395447?hash=item3fe7d462b7:g:z1UAAOSwnfpfgTNY if I was in the market for a zed id be all over this. from what I can see it has Nismo skirts, rear spoiler, lmgt4s and can anyone guide me on that front end?? just lovely!!
  4. As always well produced and shot & also great info on US postage not maybe fancy cleaning up that plenum whilst it was off lol??
  5. Few snaps At local beach on Saturday evening.
  6. been for sale for at least a year.... and I suspect it will be for sale for another year lol
  7. Thanks guys, yes honestly I’d imagined this look for a few years but never thought I’d get there. plenum cover off for powder coating in October and then maybe hydro dip some interior pieces and dye headliner. still dream of forced induction but may have to settle for a map lol
  8. friend of mine is a photographer and kindly offered his services recently. have another 2 stages to do with him of rolling shots and then some fun random things, but he sent me through a few early photos and then for a little fun naturally Im over the moon with how the car now looks.
  9. you guys are so lucky to have reg. zed meets. here in northern Ireland there are so few owners etc
  10. Personally love it. Can see design and heritage of old zed cars through the look and style. think it’ll look awesome in dark colours too
  11. Ok lol lesson learnt, don’t reply whilst making kids food lol. Edited above for clarity
  12. Talking about if they do have a flat rear end to the car it will give after market tuners a chance to run a ducktail option the gif was Ryan Reynolds drooling
  13. If we end up with a 400z with a Flat back end with a ducktail then drool





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