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  1. Is it a lhd or Rhd specific kit?
  2. Enjoyed reading your updates. Any videos of it in action? Must be brutal acceleration! Did meister look after you ok ?
  3. Yes ill take one can you send me PayPal info via pm? 2006 manual 350z Rev up. thanks david
  4. think it was jack royal. looks great in my car lol!
  5. had this fitted last month what a difference!! below is a side by side comparison with oem setup https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=t3lUk7lj_-E&feature=emb_title
  6. Was it switched to a dateless Northern Ireland plate ? letter letter letter four numbers NI part of uk and dvla etc so not sure it explains overseas part especially if registered on mainland first
  7. yup I'll take this if no one has bid already
  8. I have a southbend clutch weighted knob and love it
  9. Ordered one of these off Ewen last week. Will be fitted start of Feb. Will update then how I get on
  10. da.murf

    Club Calendar 2020

    Firstly I’m so pleasantly surprised my zed made it into the calendar as Mr October. It’s more sutble than a lot of the other entries but I really appreciate that it was considered good enough. is it too late to get a calendar ?
  11. How’d you get on with this ?
  12. Hey mate have a link to this kit. Ordering a smf and clutch kit this week. Thanks
  13. da.murf

    Club Calendar 2020

    is there anywhere we can see the photos selected?
  14. da.murf

    Club Calendar 2020

    How much is a calendar?





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