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  1. thanks for the reply, car is with mechanic early am on Thursday morning, will def need b.arms but will hold off till then for order incase needs any other suspension bits n pieces thanks on separate note, the Enkei rpf1 wheels, 18x9.5 +22 and 18x10.5 +22 what's the wait time on these wheels and is there any up coming offers etc on them? thanks
  2. Hi @Adrian@TORQEN what are you like for availability on b.arms at minute?? Thanks David
  3. Bet he hit his fuel cap searching for the tsc button lol very loud (but secretly I love that lol)
  4. Cant say I noticed the female drivers getting help. Felt the course was a good equaliser and the variation in skill level was obvious. Especially mid season with Mx5 and girl in e30 and also s15 convertible.
  5. this is awesome, well done for having the talent and knowledge to do this. might try and swing one for my birthday at end of august from the wife lol, she's getting me a throttle controller also lol, so this might add nicely to it lol!!
  6. nightmare right there!! that's where a traffic camera would save your ass
  7. Seen this on the news and few camera angles at it. Initially one news channel said they where racing, but you can see the gt86 pulls out in front of the zed. Terrible accident that was totally avoidable. Heart goes out to everyone involved. I’m sure we have all been there at meets either videoing or a quick blip of the exhaust etc. Shows how quickly south things can head
  8. The wheels and poke look great, little fettling and the drivability will be back. As as I mentioned before I’ve been humming and ha’in over these for a while but your photos have confirmed I need them in my life lol (in Northern Ireland so no probs about ending up parked beside each other at a meet lol) ive been looking at lots of tires and options what did you go for yourself? I’m assuming a bit more stretch than what I’m thinking cause of the offset? (I’m going et23 all round with 9.5 fronts and 10.5 rears)
  9. They look awesome mate. Do you think the rubbing is down to the offset rather than the width? Also what tires you running? the drawing looks awesome btw. Such a clean looking car!!
  10. Was a mates deal but typically around the 250/300 mark for rear and sides for a proper perfect job. Any aftermarket tint on drivers or passenger side front is not legal if it didn’t come out of factory like that. Gonna try and blag mot when time comes but doubtful Thanks mate. Totally over the moon with the look.
  11. so a few updates recently. main one being I had the side and rear windows tinted by a local company in Lisburn. Had the rears tinted midnight and sides smoked. love how it looks. better photos to follow
  12. are you looking second hand? unless im missing something the one in the link looks pretty good value for money?
  13. hey mate, any updates on the car?



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