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  1. I was in same boat as yourself for a while. Managed to get a used Agency Power Single and Y Pipe. I’m fitting it in the spring, with my decats I’ve a feeling it will be just too loud even for a weekend/banter car so I’ll advertise it here if I decide to sell it on
  2. https://rmsmotoring.com/forum/threads/super-unleaded-99-ron-launch.223832/#post-3868059
  3. Place in loughbrockland in Newry does 99ron. Only place here. Owner has a high tuned GTR so brings it into his garage specially and offers at pumps
  4. that’s a smashing result. Are the tips titanium? Can I ask your process for them ??
  5. meant to ask how do you find the seat itself? is it a very narrow seat ? I'm 5'11 with a 36-38" waist, & I'm concerned about fitting lol
  6. love the bumper tuck, and going to try it myself in the new year when my single exit is fitted, but not sure about the diffuser, its hard to see in the photos, but does have a sniff of as you mentioned Wish.com about it. But if you like it thats the important thing
  7. Cool cool thanks for the reply. Will look at this then, I’m assuming seat sits lower than oem ?
  8. @Azurez33 just quick bump on this. did you ever come to a conclusion and get sorted here? Ive been offered a very cheap set of accord type r recaros, would need re-trim etc etc but not going to do it if the seat position is too high. I don't mind the bolted to floor option as the car is a fun weekend thing. so did your cobra floor mounted seat bolt just to the https://www.tegiwaimports.com/omp-hc-865d-r-h-seat-mount-subframe-fits-nissan-350z-03-right-side.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwreT8BRDTARIsAJLI0KIc89FhnM9iUS4GFdrJ9WnGehPMfYA1Glsqwo2Pn1ld
  9. I think I’ll know pretty quick, car is literally just an occasional weekend and meet car and maybe just change between the systems when I fancy it.
  10. so slight update inbound, was going to wait until install but can't hold my water. The Milltek is a great system and when paired with decats its a nice balance. But I wanted something with a little more 'personality' A used Agency Power titanium single exit exhaust popped up online and included a Stillen true Y pipe (currently running a cobra 2 into 1 Y pipe) This system will be paired with the decats and I expect it to sound similar to when Thor called down lightning on Helena in Thor Ragnorak. Ive been in touch with Horsham about
  11. 1. Zmanalex 2. Stu x2 3. harrison140 4. Kev T 5. Andy james 6. Nismoandy ×2 7. MBS 8. StormtrooperZ 9. Azurez33 10. Da.murf
  12. Would ya be willing to box up securely etc if I was to arrange courier etc to Northern Ireland ?
  13. yes I’d seen them and looked into it. But afaik they have stopped offering uprev on 350z’s??
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