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  1. After seeing a car at Beaulieu the other month with a Nismo V2 spoiler I now want one. I wondered if anyone had bought one either OEM or replica with a carbon blade and where it came from as they seem to range from £250-£1200+ so just wanted to make sure I make the right purchase. If it was a replica (Which most seem to be) how much good was the fitment? Was the carbon good quality and what company did it come from so I can start looking? Thanks!
  2. Finally ordered some of these on Friday, arrived this morning and they are 100% perfect and the quality is unreal. Thanks very much. EDIT: Wrong thread but still applies!
  3. Myself and a guy at work are following this, shame it's like 5x the price of the car to do but when the motors come down in price I'm 100% game.
  4. Wheels and handles finally on, headliner covered just need to find some black sun visors. Does anyone know if the coupe and convertible sun visors are the same or not as there are plenty of black leather for sale from a convertible.
  5. Hi Chris, could you let me know how much for the side skirts along with condition please when you get a chance. They would get sprayed just need to know if they're cracked/damage and need repairing. Handles arrived btw thanks for that, all sprayed up and on the car. Thanks
  6. The more I see your car the more I fall in love with mine, the carbon/black just makes the orange look so much better. Where did you get your carbon bits from? I was going to get a ducktail spoiler but the carbon nismo is swaying me over. Also looking at carbon wing mirrors but unsure were to go to make sure the fitment is spot on.
  7. Hi, do you know what brand these are and if they're plug and play?
  8. That would’ve been me! Didn’t see any other Z’s Around though.
  9. Any chance you still have: Exterior door handles Front number plate holder Boot struts (If still working)
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