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  1. Hi, I think it may be something mechanical. It has been tuned by TDI North. It makes some strange noises too like clunking when changing gears. Unsure if it's possibly the diff?
  2. Hi guys, This problem has been getting worse on my car to the point where it's shown new symptoms. I have an 07 HR 350z. When warmed up the car sometimes judders / bunny hops very intermittently (like once every 30 or so times i set off). The other day though I was driving at around 80 and put my foot down, my car just juddered and didn't pick up any speed. It didn't seem to go up in revs so it wasn't like the clutch was slipping. Could this be the differential? Sometimes when I put my foot down there is a delay before the power kicks in like a second or so like it's sluggish. I really don't know how to explain this to garages and what they could check because I've had it checked over before and they haven't found anything wrong. Thanks, Toby
  3. Hi, Sorry these are now sold! Thanks, Toby
  4. I believe they were TORQEN, they do require some soldering or splicing. All cables are labelled and there is an easy to follow guide.
  5. TubbyZ

    What is this?

    Oh nice one thanks! Do you think it’s needed? cheers
  6. TubbyZ

    What is this?

    No idea where to post this as there doesn’t seem to be a general technical sub. Anyone know what this is? Found it rattling about in my front bumper after hitting a duck.
  7. For sale are these brand new smoked indicators bought from a member on here for £110 a few months ago. Haven’t had chance to fit them. Asking for £110 to make my money back. Thanks Toby
  8. It was sent through their online portal in which they now insist is the only way to send it.
  9. They sent me one letter, to which it was after I had sent the documents in already. On the letter it said ignore if the documents have already been sent so I did. Since then I didn’t receive any subsequent letters however they did say they sent another. Im with Churchill. cheers
  10. Hi guys, sorry forgot to mention I paid around a grand off at the start of the policy. I’ve rang them today and it’s because they hadn’t received my no claims discount therefor bumped my premium up to 4400. I sent this through months ago. Resent it today and all should be fine and however doesn’t think I’ll get the money back before Christmas which kind of f**ks me over a bit.
  11. It was a new policy. And to answer the person below I’ve delclared everything at the start. Really boggled me
  12. I checked my insurance portal and my premium has rose to nearly 4500 on the policy which seems rediculous as it was around 2200 when I took it out
  13. I am paying an annual premium split over twelve months, I don’t have a black box fitted either. Haven’t rang them yet as I’ve only just realised. Will get in contact tomorrow. Cheers for the replies guys.
  14. Hi, I’ve had my insurance for just over 2 months and my insurance has just gone up from 135 pounds a month to nearly 400 pounds this month. I’ve logged into my portal and my premium has nearly doubled. Can the insurance company do this? I’ve had no warning of increase and the money has been deducted from my account. I’m insured with Churchill. Cheers in advance
  15. Use Bing maps. I hate Bing with a passion but the maps is actually quite good!
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