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  1. Yeah agreed, it's one of those tricky ones, where I don't think there is a clear cut solution. Perhaps I just need to enjoy the zed more....
  2. So I'm stuck with a dilemma..... I have a new job lined up however it comes with a much bigger commute approx 10k miles per year over 2k miles. Do I put the miles on the charged zed or buy a @*!# box which will take money from my zed spending fund?
  3. Lol, don't mind my sence of humour ..... if you have some I'm all ears. I know you keep eyes on the wanted section .... Let's face it it's rude not to if your a breaker. Tbh over the last couple of years I've noticed activities on forums generally become rather stagnant so I don't put a lot of hope in them as Facebook groups seam to be over taking which in its self is a bit odd ..... But not to digress too much .... lve seen some pig tails for sale from czp In the states which have caught my attention, I need some of the rubbish nissan bumper grommets too but I'll grab them new. I don't need a loom just the connectors or pig pails ..... I don't expect most people are willing to butcher a loom unless the shell is off to the scrap heap of you know what I mean. Just to put the cards on the table if you do have some just let me know what you want for them, I don't want to beat about the bush haggling for a price. Cheers
  4. Na, but he's like a whippet with a bum full of dynamite on wanted ads if there is something he has for sale lol
  5. As per title. Looking for a pair of headlight connectors to convert my 6 pin JDM arrangement to the common 8 pin setup.
  6. So long of the short of it I've got some UKDM facelift headlights but they are 8pin compaired to my JDM 6 pin harness. Now I've poked about the web and have a pretty good idea on wiring the pins but I'm stuck on exactly which connector I need to buy to convert my JDM loom from 6pin to 8 pin it looks very similar to a Deutsch connector but I'm not 100% sure if it is. Does anyone have a link to a pair of 8 pin connectors if you have done the mod already? Ideally I'd like to convert the loom to 8pin however is it better to unpin the facelift headlights and Rob the connector off the JDM headlight and do a switch or buy a connector and convert my current loom? Or do I simply swap all the hid ballast from my JDM lights over to the face lift? I have both sets of lights complete with ballasts it's just the connector that has thrown a spanner in the works .... Nothing is ever simple .... Yay JDM lol
  7. Thanks for the offer, but as manky as mine is at least it's colour matched Not having much joy finding a carbon jobbie atm just trying to resist the temptation to buy new in the hope one comes up. At least it's not an urgent thing just OCD
  8. That's a good point. Sorry it's for a 350. Problem with zmanalex is he's too faraway and third party shipping costs make it too expensive.
  9. I'm looking for either a temporary stop gap good condition KYO (Blade Silver) bonnet or ideally a Seibon vented bonnet. Ideally anywhere from midlands to the south coast as I appreciate that these items aren't possible to ship and would require collection.
  10. zeebez

    Carbon bonnet

    I'm interested, can you ping me a couple of pictures and prices please
  11. Well no joy with TMS said they were planning to break any more 350z's either
  12. Not last time I checked. But no harm in harassing them again. The colour code isn't helping my cause at the moment. I'll try and swing by their place on Monday and see what's the score.
  13. Still looking, anyone out there breaking with a ky0 rust free drivers side wing?
  14. I have a set of brake lights DE spec and a set of rear indicators for sale. Before putting them on eBay I'm putting them up here first. Both sets on good condition no cracks on lenses or mounts. Brake light one side is missing a location pin but doesn't effect fit at all. Brake lights £65 shipped ono Indicators £30 shipped ono
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