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Breaking For Spares (350z & 370z)

Classifieds for Zeds being broke for spares.
Rules apply - please contact a Team member prior to posting.

As the cars get older more and more are being broken for spares. The Team acknowledges that the Forum Sales rules would be cumbersome for an almost full car, so The Team have created a sub-forum specifically for cars being broken for spares. This does not affect the Professional Traders who are breaking cars in their own sub areas.


  • Anyone wishing to break a car must sign up as a MEMBER TRADER at £25 per annum.
  • Limited to breaking a single car per year.
  • A minimum of one picture of the car in question must be posted (username not required in pics).
  • The Team suggests transactions be completed via PayPal, not as gifts, if you want the protection PayPal offers for disputes.