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350z parts List Updated 28/11/20 in first post

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7 hours ago, Kingsley said:

You still got the Zed badges with the carbon surrounds that go on the wings? 

Yes - just have to find them in the boxes of bits, I'll have look today :thumbs:

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11 hours ago, leigh_boy said:

whats the gear stick like? and the heater controls?

Gear stick is not a pretty site, heater controls are good though :thumbs:

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13 hours ago, Lewis Schwier said:

Do you have the side glass, both sides?


I have should have the door glass for both sides but from a previous strip, I can get it out of storage and check it over if you need that, the rear quarter panels I don't have as you cant really reuse them as they have locators on them that get cut off when removed.

Let me know on the door glass :)

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7 hours ago, Rackers said:

Do you have the passenger side top seal, the one on the body of the car? 

I assume you mean the door glass seal? If so no, the rubbers on both sides were in very poor condition and therefore binned.

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5 hours ago, dutty said:

Hey fella,


You still have that Zunsport grille available? Does it still have all the fixings it requires?



It's still here  - no mountings - which are 4 long black self tappers thats all they come with AFAIK this one had one screw and 3 zip ties :shrug:

PM me if you want me to dig it out of storage :)

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2 minutes ago, Izzy350Z said:

What about rear bumper?

Thats gone as well, got a few smaller parts, engine ancils and some interior plastics left now.


All the suspension has now gone as well as the wheels.

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On 24/06/2019 at 14:58, Mike D said:

Hi do you have the OSF air duct its the plastic part fitted to the radiator core support?



Sorry missed this - I will look but don't think it is there.

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On 27/06/2019 at 17:23, Foo56 said:

What year is it? I’m after interior plastics (low centre console section/door & vent trim pieces) for my Hr.


Its a 54 so probably to early for you?


Door cards are here and some interior trim.

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