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  1. Absolutely mad - I love it Keep up the good work
  2. Life has a way of slowing down the fun projects At least you managed a bit of progress, all my projects have been very slow this year! My track toy hasn't got as far as the dyno yet and we blew the engine the year before! Keep up the good work and keep the updates coming (when you can)
  3. The dedication shown here not to mention the attention to detail..................... its awesome
  4. annnnnnnnd I'm late to the party All causght up now though Amazing build sir Will be following along with intrest, please keep the updates coming.
  5. First post ammended with whats here and whats gone
  6. Yes I can see that is confusing - it meant collect from me here not posted but they have gone sorry.
  7. I think I have replied to everyone, we have an ordely queue going just waiting for yes/no answers before I move onto the next in line
  8. Loads of intrest I'll get round to the PM's in order as soon as I can, been asked for more info on the wheels. they were on @Beb Zed I think (I could be wrong) they are Rota GTR 18" Not sure of offset but they fit a 350z fine. J size estimate Rear - 9 - 9.5" Front 8 - 8.5" Currently running 235/40 on front and 265/40 on rear. Michelin Pilot Sports fonts have a few mm rears are close to markers. They are not perfect hence the price, few pics. On Bebs Zed More pics -
  9. Hi All, This lot has been in storage for over a year under tarps or covers in the Garage, need to clear some space for my new projects Mods - Took some pics a week or so back but didn't get round to posting so took a couple of pics today with new date hope that is OK. This is all for collection I can ship but the price goes up! Looking for offers to get it shifted ASAP More photos available just ask. Brebo Brakes full set - SOLD UpRev cable no licence but I used it for fault finding and code resets - SOLD Eibach Front and Rear Adjustable Anti roll bars with White line drop links - SOLD Full rear subframe with pumpkin and drive shafts - SOLD Steering rack - SOLD Set of HSD suspension origion unknown - SOLD Unknown Zorst no idea where it came from - SOLD Remaing Set of Rota Wheels £300 - Collection prefered can post at buyers expense Pumpkin on it's own £75 - Collection prefered can post at buyers expense Its vey heavy probably need a half pallet! Plus - 6 Litre LS 2 Engine with 350z Engine mounts and full Loom, needs headers, sump gearbox mount and prop shaft (basically a sikky kit) and good to go. £4000 Collected - Cheaper than an SC If you want more info on the LS PM me Keyser
  10. You sure it's oil? If you drove on a wet day and the water got in the disks it could literral be rusty water spinning out of the vents - thats why it would be in line with the disks. On the other hand you could have washed her and let the water stand a bit before driving, would be more likley to happen if she was parked up for a while before a good old wash as well. The big dots are when you stop - hopefully it will clean off if you get to it quickly.
  11. Very nice Steve - The things you miss when you turn to the dark side aye
  12. Morning all, hope you all had a great weekend, I’d like to say that I have already learnt a lot of ways to not fit a rear mount turbo, it’s been quite a learning curve already! We, Tim the co-owner has been helping where possible although Covid and his imminent house move are keeping him busy, spent the first day trying to come up with a suitable location for the turbo that allowed clearance, we also had the added constraint of trying to keep the original outlet. This is because the Hayabusa kit we have uses a specific design and modified turbo, Shaun at Big CC racing who supplied and dyno'd the original kit has had issues with boost creep when not using this design and length so we thought we would try and keep it. Location testing Decided that this was too high, obviously with any “race” car you want a low centre of gravity and the closer to the rear axle we can keep the weight the better. I eventually gave up trying to balance the turbo on blocks and hold it in place with bits of wire as we kept knocking it when testing the engine cover clearances. Eventually I welded a temporary mount up as you can see, we then added spacers to get the location right. This is what we settled on That was basically a weekends work. I ordered a few parts one of them being a new flange as ours was welded on to the turbo due to constantly blowing gaskets, this flange also has a built-in mounting tab. I then started on what will be the proper mount and it now looks like this. Then I made a start on the pipe work to get from the manifold to the turbo inlet There I was looking at how neat it was when it struck me that the pipes looked huge, well they looked like all the other turbo pipes I have seen which worried me as they were all on 3l and above V6 and V8 engines! I have a 1300cc engine, this lead me to a bit of research about the size of the pipe I should be using for the rear mount setup, I had already looked into long flow V short flow headers but not the actual size of the pipe. Yer it’s to big, although it will work it will most likely cause lag and we don’t want that! Velocity beats flow pre turbo on a rear mount setup, I stopped work on that and switched my attention to the outlet side. We decide to go for a new silencer as the Radical is very loud and our back box rattles as the baffles have come loose, I went for a Magna Flow from Profusion Exhausts as it is supposed to handle the hotter exhaust temperatures from a turbo setup. We went for the same size as the current silencer and ……….. It doesn’t fit Mainly because the outlet is now much further back the only way to get it in is transvers as per the picture origionally above it was straight out. The problem is the framework gets in the way. Something else to ponder on. Bugger it I’ll work on the cold side and get the inlet from turbo to plenum sorted instead! First pipe on Then I made a new pipe up and even managed to swage the end using my bead roller Remodelled the original inlet by cutting it and rotating the BOV 180 and re-welding, I also added a mount and extended it about 150mm or 6" for the old school amongst us the top pipe completed Just have to order a 90-degree silicone pipe to join them together Yayyy something done. I had an hour or two left of the weekend so I did some work on the manifold, it had split above the flange so initially we cut it off and tac welded a 90 bend into it but now we are going to use thinner pipe I cut that off leaving an inch or so to fit a reducer when it arrives, then I finished the welds Sanded it back And added a collar to make it stronger as this is where it split last time My stainless welding is not the best but I’m getting lots of practice! Loads more parts ordered and more to come soon. Keyser.
  13. Hello Again, Yes I’m back I’m sure you have all missed my updates and my apologies for dropping the ball on that, normal excuses apply mainly life, nothing to bad I’m pleased to say just hectic with work as Covid has caused many changes for us and we have had to restructure to accommodate them. Also, even though it is hopefully a decade away I have started making retirement plans ……………. Yes, I am that old! This has resulted in a company merger with another company I have worked with for about 15 years, the amount of paperwork, solicitor and accountants etc required to sort this is ridiculous! All the above has resulted in less time to do what I love which is playing with cars, but never fear I have been having some fun and although we have had no track days and only 1 meet this year I can’t leave you lot over these cold winter nights without something to look forwards to! Assuming anyone actually looks forwards to these update So a lightning catch up …………………….. The Bug. a recap. After the strip down and powder coating of the chassis I got round to doing all the rest of the bits, starting with the actual reason we own it the blown reversing box, Everything was cleaned Reassembled And mounted The custom undertray was powder coated and I added a protective edging My new plate had the grommets added Some more powder coating Sub assembly rebuilds Gator replacements Suspension rebuilds New dash installed and wired Along with the custom electrics box Shout out to Beb for the assist with the rewire – cheers mate Then it was done, here she is with the battery on charge at the beginning of last week Next stop was the MOT station And here she is outside Beb’s house on the way home from MOT (we bought this as a joint project) We have no idea what we will do with it but it was fun although Covid meant it wasn’t quite as “joint” as we hopped So there ya go all caught up on The Bug Next up we have this ……………. So join me as we continue in our so far futile attempts to show that we can build a better race car / track toy than the manufacturer Since adding the turbo charger to her, she has suffered huge heat issues we have melted wiring looms, exhaust parts and even the paddle shift magnetitic shifter in our first troublesome season. The plan is to try a rear mounted setup, and as I have loads of experience in this sort of work (this is my first attempt) I’m sure it will go well…………. Or not. Anyway, plenty of challenges to engineer my way in and out of and hopefully I will now have enough time to regale you with my antics, what else are we gonna do for socially distanced festive season? Great to be back Keyser
  14. Pure dumb luck is my guess The mad scientist has supplied made me some HUGE battery packs for one of our electrical projects, they may be yet another attempt on my life Thanks mate To be fair the posts are about 2 weekends behind where I am actually at as I missed a week posting, I usually post one week behind, but as I'm not getting every weekend in the Zed Shed you do catch up from time to time. Last weekend which was basically Sunday morning in the shed will be a very short post It's coming along though and plenty more projects waiting in the wings
  15. Morning all, As is now normal I’ve been to busy to post, I’ve been to busy to do anything! Ended up working this Saturday but got a quiet afternoon on Sunday so took the R8 out for a spin – That was fun, decided to go and find an ice cream in the New Forrest, beautiful surroundings gorgeous weather and I got to drive my toy Meanwhile back at the Zed Shed I am back on The Bug, Still lots to do but you have to start somewhere so I started at the back with the luggage rack as this holds the rear lights which all need replacing, Not impressed with the old light holders and it was more work to modify them than to just start again so they went Gone Bit of metal Number plate for size Mark it out Cut down Cleaned up the metal as I won’t be able to get at it with the sand blaster when the new mount is welded on. Missed some pics but all together it looks like this Then onto the front grill Its hammered So I cut the old mesh out and straightened the frame Then put in a new bit of mesh Now to remove the bearings (they need replacing anyway) and hub from the rear arms before sand blasting Hmm no idea how they come out, lets assume they work like any other hub and simply apply pressure Yup that works I found this crack in one of the hubs It goes all the way through so a new one has been ordered, the fact that it is a different colour to the other one leads me to believe it was also damaged in the crash that this Bug most definitely had at some point in the past. Then I stripped the reverse box Then the suspension strip down, but they are so small my spring compressor won’t fit them Here is a stupid idea, Yes, I ratchet strapped the spring to the top of the 30 Ton press then pushed the shock down Worked though That will let me clean this up Not sure if they will be painted of re-plated yet That’s all for now Keyser - Why is Monday so far from Friday, and Friday so close to Monday?
  16. A very good morning to one and all, I’ve been manically madly stupidly busy! Both with work overload and I’ve managed to get all those projects that spiralled out of control during lockdown back in some semblance of order So sorry I didn’t post last week far too much on, but to catch you up; I took the new shelf and tool holder that I made for the lathe apart I also took the back cover off as it is hammered Then I had to pop out shopping Got the vibrating sand sifter out – worked well I had this old spanner that is the right size for the Lathe tool holder, I thought I’d keep it with the lathe instead of keep taking a spanner from my set and leaving it with the late After blasting And powder coated Came up well, I did lash out on a new powder coat setup though, a proper one, I have been using a cheap Chinese one with OK results up until now but this came up at the right price and I do like powder coating so I thought why not It is so much better than the last one, even coat, better “dust cloud” and the powder sticks a lot better as you can control everything it has settings for recoat etc as well, it does not however have a stand or a back so another project coming soon The finish between the new gun and new oven was very good though! This is the back panel (again) And now Then I put the lathe back together Added the wire tune And the light The finished (at last) project Back on “The Bug” next Keyser - You never realize what you have until it's gone. Toilet paper is a good example.
  17. Morning all, Back to normal with work 5 days a week and only weekends to do all the normal stuff around the house associated with being an adult (I don’t do the adult thing very well ) Did manage to get the powder coat oven finished this weekend I put the top bar in and added stops, so it won’t fall out Then a nice big bolt to keep the doors shut Needed handles but the SMEG ones are different lengths So I cut them down pushed the end fitment out and put it back in the now shortened tube so I have matching handles Installed the thermometer Here she is all in place wired up and ready for a test before I decide if I need to anything else I do want to make some accessories like a middle shelf and some more hangers but nothing that stops me using it. For now, I added a cover That’s so I can sand blast the shelf from the lathe and get it powder coated, that will let me finish another project Keyser - “Facebook just sounds like a drag, in my day seeing pictures of peoples vacations was considered a punishment.” – Betty White
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