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  1. @andybp I see your true colours now - the little green eyed envy monster popped it's ugly head out, it probably had to pop out as you only have a teeny tiny little shed and it couldn't fit in there with your ego could it !!!!! I do not have someone to wash my hands when I've finished - I sacked him I do have someone that brings me coffee on a regular basis and cooks me nice meals that are waiting on the table for when I get in Of course if she is not busy in the house I find her CDO (like OCD but in alphabetical order) useful in the garage as she has been sorting out my new tool boxes - Pick hole in that then PS - I the first reply absolutely made my day so thanks for that
  2. Haven't you got better things to do than pick on my wife's hovering - it looks like they are in that pic, not sure if that's because they are, they fell out and got plugged in wrong (women aye) or its just the angle of the pic, either way I bet your good lady doesn't vacuum clean your garage
  3. The bushes are wearing and it allows the wheel out of line slightly - on Rays those spacers would rub - get an alignment check It will be out of camber Or the bolts moved
  4. @veeg33 Mine is Rustoleum light grey floor paint about £27.00 for 5l tin it's what was there before, it's quite highly rated and given the space I have to cover (it covers well) not over expensive, it's been down 4 years and is showing it, I tend to scratch chunks out so it's unfair as I drag engines and chunks of metal around but they mark the concrete so I can't say the paint is bad. The old Zed Shed had the 2 pack "Garage Doctor" stuff and it was very good but when I looked it up it was £80 plus a pack and it took 2 packs to do the old Zed shed - I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and a guy had some he hadn't used wanted £30 for 2 packs it was a bargain and it is very good stuff lasted as long as the Zed Shed (less steel dragging though) Prep - The Garage Doctor stuff comes with a floor scrub so I used that then swept washed wait until dry and apply. The Zed shed 2 first time I just swept and rollered onto the concrete. This time I swept but unlike @rabbitstew I didn't borrow the wife's dyson to clean, I borrowed the wife She used my home made cyclon/paint tin / industrial hoover to get the dust up (well women know how to use these things) I did use some degreaser on the bad oil patches just standard Gunk the rollered over it all. Seems fine and it's easy to mop spills up and sweep - definitely seal your garage floor with something This is my paint -
  5. So the main garage now looks in a state Hope to get that sorted over the weekend, But before we put everything in there I sold the old Jag rear and Viva front off the first Pop I bought, then I rolled in the second pop - Took the engine out That should be sold this weekend Then set about strengthening the bit that is not the actual chassis This - Found a bit that was detached fixed Some old box Welded in Then took the body off the chassis All in bits The chassis went last weekend to a guy building 3 Pop Rods over in Wales, he came with a van - and it fits That's great as all the stuff I sold has cleared space and reduced my investment in the Pop build significantly Just got to finish the Garage Re-furb and actually crack on with some tinkering on the cars Keyser Maximum Effort
  6. Well you may have noticed a lack of updates, This is because the Zed Shed was temporarily closed down for a refurbishment (I need more space ) So a massive clear out move a wall or 2 and I'll be sorted - I estimated 4-6 weeks also allowing for Simply Jap and the BBQ, however here I am 8 weeks later and it's still not finished!!! Really hoping that we can get it done over the coming bank holiday weekend and get back to normal, I have a list of Zed's waiting to drop in for bits and bobs and need to get on with my own things including the Radical Turbo setup change and of course Pop Z. On the Radical - The engine is back with it's new gearbox and we have fitted it, that's now waiting for some major changes and we currently don't expect to see any more track time this year unless it's a shake down run in the colder months, weather permitting - I'll keep you posted on that. I've had a massive clear out starting with the store and powder coat room all that got moved - I have so much stuff!!!!!! New Store room all clean and tidy including some fresh floor paint Then the new machine shop, the store has been shrunk and combined with the old powder coat room and the powder coat oven has moved to my sand blasting room - there are more plans for that as well All emptied out, to the right of the door is the added space Currently we are here - Store room Machine Shop Floor painted walls got a quick coat - could do with more but TIME!! Floor needs 48 hours and I can start moving back everything back in. Moving swiftly on ..............................
  7. Keyser

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    That looks awesome
  8. If you just need a 350z DE (54 plate) bonnet come and get the one that's been in my garage for a few months, It's on the south coast but if it helps you out you can have it Its blue but you could wrap it black or paint it
  9. Thanks for Coming That's if you did Great day loads of laughs had by all, we had the usual crowd and a few new ones. Plenty of food cooked to perfection by our favourite BBQ Chef @Beb Plenty of banter, a varied array of modified cars from various manufactures and a couple of "sensible family" cars on the drive, down the road, round the corner - my neighbours may have had problems parking yesterday The best doughnuts ever - The garden was full Overall another successful day Hope to see you all again next year All the best from Keyser and the Zed Shed II Crew PS Someone left 2 folding black chairs ............
  10. What a mad weekend, @Beb and I have both been busy at work but managed a Friday afternoon and then evening and into Saturday morning finally sacking it at 1AM then back at it 8AM Saturday, We had a deadline - "Race-night" was Saturday night - It's not a race it's just a bunch of big kids with Go-Peds, Go-Quad, electric scooters, petrol scooters and a host of other motorised kids toys belting round a Go-Kart track and generally having a laugh. We wanted to make our debut there but The Quad wasn't finished!! Sorry for the lack of pics but we were in a mega hurry - First the battery tray Carbon Fibre of course As soon as that was made Beb started installing the battery pack, speed controllers and a whole host of other electronic gadgetry to make it work. I started on the steering That's a start???? Steering column rake is 56 degrees Close enough Missed the bit connected to the wheels but that was next I then asked Beb what we were doing for a seat - he looked up from a pile or wires, batteries and circuit boards shrugged his shoulders and said "something" then went back to wiring ............................. A quick look round the Zed Shed and I found this old metal fold up chair Close enough - Angle grinder, welder and a drill later ........... Not quite race enough So we enlisted the help of Mrs Keyser and 20 mins later .............. Race seat covers The last picture I took before we frantically bolted it all together was the crash bar As I say we then bolted it together and threw it in the car arriving very late at "Race-Night" and even with one motor that arrived faulty we still got some track time in - the verdict bloody hysterical, it's not fast enough due to one motor the steering is a tad to sharp but you can't stop laughing while you are on it Few more mods a new motor and we will have another go I'll leave you with this pic from the video of the test ride down my drive Keyser Maximum Effort
  11. I will of course have to take the VX for a "test drive" before the service - make sure everything is working right
  12. Nice write up Maz We will no doubt see you soon - I can resist everything ....................... except temptation and cakes. cakes get me every-time
  13. Rear axel .......... Rusty hex bar Clean and cut onto the lathe to drill out so i get these welded onto another home made axel they go in the cross bar Then I added the motor mounts and tacked it all together So we are now to here More as soon as Beb and I get back out to the Zed Shed Keyser Maximum Effort
  14. Some more ................ How many AA batteries are not included? I'm keeping clear of @Beb as he spot welds and solders a very large number of these together!!! At least he seems happy in his work Mean while in the engineering department things got REALLY technical Best way to make a template is a dirty finger then I actually got the engineering blue out made this shaped it a bit and added a belt adjustment slider and eventually got to here assembled Finished bending the tube and welded the frame up temporarily, its just spot welded for now in case we need to adjust things later Size is good Next up front wheel mounts, this is how they did it but it's a known weak point my version is neater and made of a heavier metal Then we need axels, so I made some Then some more old scrap Cleaned up, cut and drilled more drilling add axel test before welding weld Make a hub carrier all tacked together Rear axel next ..............................
  15. Austin Allegro Then all new drives should be forced to use it for 3 months - crashes would be reduced and they would realise that whatever they drive now is better than what we had when we started
  16. Been so busy here!!! Radical engine went away for inspection, I had first and sixth gear left but could only use sixth as the primary that engages first was toast - basically I belw the entire gearbox to bits So new (2nd hand) gearbox fitted, complete engine check reviled one valve stem a few thou out of true most likely from the massive over rev from a 5th to 2nd gear change at 100mph That was replaced all valves re-lapped and the engine is back in the Zed Shed II I can't get the Radical in the Zed Shed due to a massive re-org going on, along with being mentally busy with my day job (gotta pay for all this somehow) not to mention the Beb Shed / Zed Shed Go-Ped/Go-Quad collaboration and a host of other commitments things have been MANIC!! Anyway what's been going on - I know you are all desperate to find out (or not ) Someone came in for a bonnet change - well he is always on it like a car bonnet I added some bits to the die we made for bending the Go-Ped frame Made a mount for the press Then tested it .... Still not happy So start again Pipe plates - these were off cuts ts so I did the rest Lathe work done - joined one side Then thought the other side would be an issue to join - came up with this Just weld through the holes re-made the holder and it now does this - Happy (at last) More coming ..................
  17. They have sat here for ages now I have 2 people after them If the other guy that PM's me does not take them I'll let you know ASAP mate
  18. Nice Ian I expect great things from you
  19. All that was done to mount the die onto my tube bending machine like so back to the mill to round it up we added a roller and we ended up with this lot added a metal holder fits together like so ........... metal goes fits On to testing first attempt Pretty darn good don't ya think? Yer so did I but @Beb Has CDO - it's like OCD but the letters are alphabetical as they should be When you bend Box the side walls expand at the side, the ridge on the die forces the middle to pus in to prevent it kinking out and the outside stretches Hard to see in the pics but it does, Now I spent a lot of time researching tube / box bending, what is happening is to be expected, one of the reasons that the frame we are copying has less distortion in the side walls is because they are using 1.2mm side wall we are using 3mm side wall - more metal more bulge, all that metal has to go somewhere!! The newer Go Quads have a thicker side wall no doubt as everyone increases the engine size etc they need more strength, you will notice in the newer (and faster green) ones they suffer distortion You notice the front corner has distortion - But Beb wants flat and I love a challenge so stay tuned for the Version 2 bender followed by the version 2 die and more ........................ Keyser Maxiumum Effort
  20. OK so now we have a die we need to mount it - Mounting plate with a bit of tube to hold it - cut weld together mount in lathe it's a tight fit! pilot drill drill bigger drill bore to 30mm Beb in action on the lathe - I'm training him up as a replacement to my old tool @buster remove tube move to milling machine we end up with - A lot of time consuming effort is going into this More coming
  21. Now for something more fun??? - Adults should not read on - this is for (big) kids only. This all started when @Beb invited me along for an evenings entertainment "Go Quading" along with some motorised scooters thrown in, these guys are insane, they have what is basically a kids scooter with an engine on the back, there are a few with electrical power including Beb's scary fast long board, brakes are an optional extra which most did not have They do 20 + MPH - I know your thinking that's not that fast - It is when you are sitting on an old style school chair on a go-kart track It is epic fun - so what does a Go Quad look like? - Great aren't they Now Beb has an idea to modify one and convert it to electrical power - I don't think it's because he is eco friendly I think it's more to do with how fast electric vehicles can go think Tesla S To that end he wanted me to copy the frame so we can start from scratch (yes I'm building one for me as well) and add battery packs and a motor. So I took a few measurements and went about building a die to bend box section no round bar big enough so take three bits of plate drill and bolt Attach to the lathe and machine - weld together machine some more I need a 30mm bore but dont have anything big enough to drill it or hold it so metal tube clean it up weld it to the die and bore to 30mm more in a mo ............................



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