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  1. I'm going to convoy with you guys down to the show from Tesco, but I'll go park elsewhere when I get there. Hoping it's the same layout as last year so I don't have to park too far away
  2. Wish I still had my Z! Would snap these up! GLWTS!
  3. I would call you a traitor, but I can't talk anymore! Thank you all! Hopefully I'm going to get a bit more practice before the next show Might try and convince Stuggerz to edit some for me n all he's way better at photoshop!
  4. Looking forward to getting some critique when I upload some new pics =p at the moment I've just been playing with the basic options in lightroom and using photoshop to add logos etc
  5. Thanks, I need to learn more! I've had a look at the photos and videos the 50mm can produce on a 700d and I think it's what I'm after. But I'll obviously play with it first and if it isn't quite what I'm looking for than I'll check out a smaller lens
  6. DO NOT get any of these cheap superzoom lens, not unless you like wasting money. They are cheap for a reason and virtually everyone I know who bought one don't use them. Heavy, slow, poor image quality, if you even remotely care about image quality stay clear. Am pretty sure we are all familiar with the term 'buy it right or buy it twice' for cheap car mods/parts that look attractive for price but turns out tobe junk.... Same with lens, the kit lens are the best value lense around. But to get the next step up in image quality to have to step up your budget. If you have not got the budget yet for a better lens stick with your kit lens and practice taking more shots, that experience will get you better photos than any lens. All these shots below were taken with the kit lens that came with my mirrorless camera, the lens is worth about £50 on ebay. Again like cars, a pro driver who knows that they are doing well get around a track in a Golf GTI than a neeb in a £200k Ferrari, its not really about the equipment, it's the human factor that makes the difference. Amazing pics! I decided to avoid a superzoom and go for a 50mm prime instead. I want to practice more with city shots and thought I'd force myself to learn how to compose a photo instead of being lazy and having the ability to zoom etc
  7. Imgur is just as slow to upload, but I love the feature where it gives you the individual link for all the images in the album! made it so much easier to upload when I can just copy and paste the link!
  8. Thank you! I might try and steal some of Stuggerz to edit =p I'd love to have one of your car!
  9. Thank you! Unfortunately I didn't get as many pics as usual, but will try and take more at the next show Need to space the cars out a bit more next time so it's easier to get individual shots
  10. I'm going to give ebay a look at lunch! Good shout
  11. Thanks all for the advice! I knew I didn't know much and now I've got loads of numbers in my head Ideally I don't want to spend more than £150 odd so I might keep my lens and try the budget zoom options
  12. It leaves a giant Z shaped hole! Once I've found myself a new job with a better income I think I'll definitely be looking at a 370 The mx5 is fun and all, but I miss that feeling when flooring the Z! I'll give them a try thanks! What lens would you swap to when in London? a majority of my photos are probably going to be there
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