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  2. Jcurtis

    Drift experience/ training

    Might have to start hinting for Xmas
  3. Jcurtis

    Drift experience/ training

    Yeah would love a full session
  4. Jcurtis


    Looks an awesome day out....gutted I missed it!! Even if I would have overheated trying to get there haha.
  5. Jcurtis


    Hi guys, sounds like it was awesome, sorry I missed it...I spent the day swapping out my rad fans as the stock ones died on me :-(
  6. Jcurtis

    350z/370z Essex area meet?

    Just posted this for anyone interested..... There is also a drive out tomorrow from Freeport in Braintree tomorrow which I think I will attend. There will be a varied mix of cars. They are meeting up at 10:00 and heading off between 10:00 and 11:00. The drive ends in Westgate in Basildon.
  7. Jcurtis

    Essex Members?

    I'm down to attend...convoy is always fun
  8. Hi guys, Thought I would post this up just in case anyone fancies something different. I've never been before but it's just down the road and it sounds different to the usual Jap shows I'm used to....I'm giving it a go and booked in. Here is the link if your interested.....http://www.classicshowsuk.co.uk/classic-car-show-event-information/classic-car-show-by-date.asp?id=812 Cheers, James
  9. Jcurtis

    Nismoandy's new decals!!

    I like
  10. Jcurtis

    What ever happened to flyboy?

    Sorry to hear of the bad times but glad your back together and with us all again....welcome back
  11. Jcurtis

    350z Radiator Fan

    Hi guys, So after briefly over-heating (whilst stuck in the mud) on the weekend, I realized my drivers side radiator fan doesn't work. I performed the relay test which triggers the lights, wipers, rad fan etc and the drivers side fan does turn but extremely slowly. I was thinking of just taking the fans out and replacing with mishimoto units (and changing the aux belts whilst there) but I've come across this motor repair for the existing fan and I was wondering whether it is worth a shot first....has anyone done this?
  12. Jcurtis


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  13. Jcurtis


    Welcome aboard
  14. Jcurtis

    Engine Bay Clean Up

    Thanks buddy, I haven’t forgot your brace that you make, just need to be sensible as the Z goes to the body shop in a week.
  15. Jcurtis

    Engine Bay Clean Up

    Cheers Andy