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  1. Really enjoyed the show. Due to the smaller venue it was nice to chat to some fellow z owners whilst walking around. Sadly we positioned ourselves next to a group of numpties (they thought an Aston Martin vantage was a mustang....) halfway up the course who were commenting on how slow some cars were going up the hill. Probably one of our favourites was a miura s being driven by an old(ish) lady-probably worth 7 figures( the car not the lady) and people expect the owner to nail it up the hill! Nice one Andy. edit -it rained all night and on the way to the event-anyone got any aftersun for the burn??
  2. My mk1 has a red stripe on the front "bit" (technical term) but no stripe on the rear valance.Can't decide if i prefer the naked look, front and rear striped or just the single red stripe whether front or rear-regardless of these choices- Looking good!
  3. N1ck

    Mk1 370 nismo

    Rough idea....approx 119 sold 2013-2014 before mk2 came out. I did read somewhere that there were a few SORN and approx 100 remain OTR. Apart from shows I have only spotted 2 others, both at Japfest this year! I have never seen another on the road-which is why i opted for one rather than a Cayman or Focus RS. Have seen one in red, but think it may have been wrapped/repainted/foreign???
  4. I forced myself through most of the last series of The Grand Tour-it was simply tired,repetitive and 100% predictable. Didn't expect much from TG but it has been better than expected, though it still needs a bit of a refresh. Carfection has raised the bar IMO, TG needs to step up a gear to match. TGT just needs to end!
  5. Just got an Honor Play ( Huawei sub brand). £215 and really happy with it. My lad has a Huawei mate and is also really happy with it. We might not get the latest android OS? good 'cos they tend to bugger up the updates anyway! could have got a Galaxy 10 or similar for north of £800 with similar performance....
  6. F1 still class Monaco as a special event yet there are virtually no opportunities to overtake-other tracks suffer from this also, so why bother to "race" at these tracks? Oh, money....still love F1 and have followed it for years but i find myself waiting for the F2 to come around
  7. N1ck

    Tar spots

    Gtecniq tar and glue remover worked a treat for myself
  8. N1ck

    Bah Humbug

    I'll be honest, i'm sick of Christmas already. We've only had 12 days of November...... That being said, my daughter says she hates trying to decide what to buy me and did i have any ideas?? Funny you should ask i replied. So, it's time to lavish some love on Fat ass Nissy using someone else's cash for a change:-) I have one drying towel but more is always better! looking at getting a Chemical guys Wooly Mammoth. Is it a yay or a get a ( insert other here) instead?? Rather than going down the PW route, looking at the Kwazar 2l pump up super foamer- any good?? If so looking at the Bilt Hamber Auto foam?? Are these two a good combination? If nay to the super foamer, just get some Valet Pro citrus pre wash? or just get some anyway as well as the snow foamer combo due to it being so versatile?? I'm sure my daughter will be grateful for the suggestions and less so when she realises the ££££'s
  9. No! don't invite Nissan. They might persuade me to get my wallet out for a new Z....
  10. Back at the start of May I wondered if :- washing/tar removing/washing/fallout removing/washing/claying/washing and finally waxing was worth the bother Today is a glorious day, so decided to give the fat ass nismo some lovin
  11. A friend once side swiped a motorcyle police rider undertaking him and knocked him off. He said" As i watched him bounce along the grass verge on the motorway, i thought it's his fault!" After stopping to check on said rider the police rider admitted it was his fault. He then added "I'm still doing you for speeding though...."
  12. Its not tree sap, with the dry weather we have had its mainly just dusty. After i had used fallout remover, tar remover, clayed and then waxed( bilt hamber double speed wax) i expected the roof to be as clean and shiny as the bonnet. I just wondered if the fact its black and not white and the extra dust, was contributing to it looking " a bit S**t" ! especially when compared to the rest of the car. A paint cleaner ( panel wipe?) and seal( use my double speed wax??) Would hand polishing be worth the effort and if so what do you folks recommend? Thanks for the replies thus far.
  13. After purchasing a few products to maintain the Z I used the same methods and items on my wife's car. Mine is a pearl? white and hers is also white but has a black roof. She tends to park under a tree on the drive so the roof gets the brunt of all the rubbish dropping on it. Both cars are still looking great with the exception of the black roof. I don't want to go down the mc polishing route but wanted any recommendations for both product and method. Previously both cars were fallout/tar remover/clayed/waxed and both still shine and bead like a whatnot;-) except for the roof. I have some old Autoglym SRP lurking in the garage but not sure if it's what I need?? Any thoughts/tips greatly appreciated. Cheers.



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