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  1. I managed to update my 2009 sat nav to the latest edition but this is as far as it went. Unfortunately there are no further discs for the 2009 sat nav. I have attached the copy from navtech for your reference. Also the same one is available from ebay as attached. I know this is frustrating to know there are no more updates after this disc for the 2009 370Z , but to be honest there are so many aftermarket satnavs on the market I would just use your phone it's much more accurate and you can enter post codes too ! I find the 370z a novelty of its quirky nature as with many things in life it gets outdated but not necessarily updated ! Its just one of those things you have to live with, there's more things to enjoy like driving the actual car itself !
  2. Thanks guys most informative but unfortunately I don't have the old cats as they were shot to pieces inside .
  3. Air fuel mixture re-mapping for correct mixture after hi flo cats and invidia n1 exhaust upgrade fitted ? Will this set fuel air mixture for correct emissions to pass mot ? My car is running very rich as exhaust tips show very black appearance. Advice needed on this thanks in advance.
  4. Bob did a very good job of fitting it so I'm guessing it hopefully is a tuning issue it does look like very black inside the rear pipes and could be running too rich we will see will keep you posted it's going in for checks in two weeks .
  5. I recently upgraded to an n1 invidia exhaust system fitted with HFC'S. Has anyone else had problems with emissions? It has been fitted with extended 02 sensor tubes aswell and still seems to be a problem. Obd2 cancelled out the engine check light and still problems. Could it be that it's running too rich a fuel mixture my exhaust colour is quite black ? It was also blasted couple of times to get cats piping hot too. Also would a remap be beneficial? Your advice would be greatly appreciated many thanks in advance.
  6. Thankyou everyone met up with guys from the club at jap performance car show last weekend quite common and nothing to worry about if my clutch ever needs changing then yes I'll consider replacing it.
  7. Hi all I'd like some reassurance having now owned my 370z since last November its always had this annoying rattle on idle up to around 1000 rpm . It disappears above 2000 rpm. I'm sure you had this issue many times on here , but I'd like to know what it is? Is it ok to run it like this indefinitely? Will it need repairing? Or will it be ok but just sounds annoying. I've heard many people mention various things but I'd like to see if anyone else has the same issue and what they have done to remedy it if they have done so and to put my mind at rest etc. Scott.
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