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  1. Andre D

    New convertible roof required?

    may also be worth checking the elastic strips either side of the soft top if they are stretched/worn the roof wont go down, easy fix though
  2. Andre D

    roadster roof handle problem

    Hi guys, hope someone can help me with this little issue, so my soft top opens and closes fine, but having watched some videos online i discovered that when closed the release handle should but does not sit flush, it hangs down a little, its strange cause the roof seems to lock into place, no leaks or wind noise. im hoping to find a solution but cant see anything online, if anyone can advise me it would be most welcome thanks
  3. Andre D

    350z roadster roof rip

    I can honestly say i have not had a problem yet. i got my 56 plate roadster in december and no matter the temp if the suns out i drop the roof down and its worked 100%. I never heard of this temp thing before now, just hope my car dont find out
  4. Andre D

    Hi and first questions

    hi and welcome, cant really help with your questions, although i was advised to keep my rays and get lowering springs and 15mm spacers front and 25 rear to fill the arches without compromising handling. my roadster says hi.
  5. Andre D

    South Central Breakfast Meet 27th Jan

    that would be great mate thankyou, i'll pm you to arrange a visit to the legendary Z shed
  6. Hi if anyone has a standard airbox for the rev up engine and also an oem black gear knob please pm me thanks
  7. Andre D

    South Central Breakfast Meet 27th Jan

    Was fun and great to meet you guys. You made me feel really welcome. Thanks for organising Andy. Looking forward to the next one. Think i need to sort out that home made induction kit eh Keyser
  8. looking foe an oem gear knob if you have one kicking about, mine is metal and bloody cold to the touch in this weather
  9. Andre D

    WTB little plastic clip/pins

    Thats great thanks. Ordered 20 to be on the safe side.Also thanks for deciphering what i was trying to describe
  10. Andre D

    WTB little plastic clip/pins

    sorry i dont know what they are called but they are around the plastic covers in the engine bay such as around the battery cover etc, they just push in. i have some missing could do with say 10 so i have some spares but i will buy whatever is available.cheers
  11. Andre D

    South Central Breakfast Meet 27th Jan

    im in and i really dont mind where the venue is, dont get to drive my car enough
  12. Andre D

    New to the group

    Hi Bigmart and welcome great crowd on here, would be happy to drive up for a meet when the weather improves
  13. Andre D

    South Central Breakfast Meet 27th Jan

    sounds good to me, i clicked for notifications so i dont miss out on updates, look forward to meeting other zed peeps, hope im not the only roadster there lol
  14. Andre D

    My for sale post got approved then deleted?

    im a member of several forums not just car related but also watches, minimum post counts really do help. Although the well meaning members with small post count get screened out, it really does help keep the less well intended opportunists at bay, i have sadly heard of several people losing good money on fake products etc so much better the protection is there than not.