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  1. Sorry yes it will be a standard vlsd as I said I am not well educated on diffs. And yes I want an open diff for welding. Thanks
  2. I just took it out of my z I haven’t had the car long and am prepping it for a drift track car. Don’t know much about diffs but it’s come off a 2004 z.
  3. 350z open diff wanted . I have an lsd available for swaps
  4. Sorry mate didn’t know if they were similar.
  5. That colour is made with sunshine in mind. welcome looks mint.
  6. So many people sell a project car three quarters of the way through and all they are doing is bolting a ready made kit on and filling and spraying. this is truly awesome. I was proud of myself fixing and spraying my front bumper but now I’m going to go in a corner and sulk for a while.😁👍
  7. Cheap fibre glass kit no arches behind it. Car was road legal and already had them on. Now fully stripped inside and track only. No airbags traction all gone decat . work in progress.
  8. Hey not been on since 2015 ish but got a new z for drift / track. anyone know this one.
  9. Check battery terminals also give them a scrub and bit of grease. I had a bmw bought a new battery and it turned out nothing wrong with the old one just crap on the connectors.
  10. Sounds like battery. Z battery is pretty small so won't be a massive expense. Hopefully nothing more serious.
  11. Would be better for them to replace the badge and keep your business .
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